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Cloud Computing Won’t Kill IT, But It’ll Definitely Transform It

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Robert Shaw.

Around the country, many corporate and small business IT professionals are downright scared about the future of their careers. Due to slow adoption in the corporate world and general unfamiliarity with administrating cloud services in the small business sector, the IT field has yet to undergo any massive shifts. But IT workers shouldn’t count on that pattern holding forever.

According to Gartner’s research director, Bryan Britz, “Public cloud adoption is accelerating and public cloud services do, and will, cannibalize IT services spending in the coming years.” In other words, more and more companies are likely to ditch their Exchange servers, Active Directory deployments, on-premises line-of-business applications, onsite data storage, and all of the administrative and personnel overhead associated with such infrastructure...

Optical Archiving in the Cloud - Sustaining the Data Monster

Grazed from Author: Yasuhiro Tai.

Online applications such as Facebook and Twitter, paired with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have given us everywhere access to our content and content sharing capabilities. They have also enabled wonderfully convenient solutions to help us communicate and stay connected whenever and wherever we decide. But they have simultaneously created a multitude of nightmarish issues for the IT managers that are responsible for the care and feeding of these data monsters.

Because of appealing characteristics such as low cost/GB and anytime/anywhere access, the internet is being used more and more to store data and run applications, replacing traditional tangible servers with private, hybrid and public cloud computing. As a result of this trend, Gartner has predicted that more than one-third of global digital content will ultimately be stored in the cloud by 2016...

Tax and Accounting Firms Embracing the Benefits of Cloud, Mobile Technologies

Grazed from CloudTimes. Author: Saroj Kar.

Cloud computing is changing how accountants do their business. It is a fairly simple and straightforward model of how technology continues to find solutions to improve business functions. Cloud computing providers have already provided a lot of services to meet the needs of accounting firms and accountants. Most of these services against internal company applications and accounting solutions that accountant can work with their clients.

According to the 2012 CCH Technology Survey, an independent nationwide survey of more than 400 accounting professionals, conducted by ORC International for CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, found that cloud and mobile top the lists of emerging technologies benefiting the tax and accounting profession in productivity and the value they can deliver to clients...

Gartner's state of cloud security: Outages are bigger risk than breaches

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Brandon Butler.

Security remains a chief inhibitor to enterprise adoption of cloud computing resources and one Gartner analyst says the biggest concern should not be that data could be compromised in the cloud, but rather that there may be a cloud outage that could lead to data loss.

There's a perception, says Gartner cloud security analyst Jay Heiser, that the most significant risk in using the cloud is that sensitive data can be leaked. But there's been little evidence of that, he says. Sony suffered a compromise of potentially tens of millions of customers in 2011 related to its cloud, and there have been a handful of other breaches of personally identifiable information being leaked from the cloud...

Japan is most cloud ready Asia Pacific nation, ACCA says

Grazed from CloudTech News. Author: James Bourne.

A week after VMware released its Asia Pacific Cloud Index Survey, another report has come up from the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) claiming Japan is the most ‘cloud ready’ nation in the Asia Pacific region. Japan’s ranking is unchanged from last year at number one, with South Korea leapfrogging Hong Kong and Singapore into second place.

Hong Kong and Singapore, according to the VMware survey, were the most cloud-knowledgeable Asia Pacific nations, with nine out of ten IT professionals in Hong Kong claiming to have a strong knowledge of virtualisation and 82% of respondents in Singapore having a strong cloud knowledge...

Australia and NZ fall behind in cloud race

Grazed from The Register. Author: Natalie Apostolou.

Australia and New Zealand’s limited international connectivity has cast a shadow over both market’s cloud computing competitiveness against their Asian neighbours. According to the Cloud Readiness Index (CRI), an annual study produced by the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), Australia has slipped three positions in the rankings due to its perceived limited international bandwidth, where it ranked second last.

While Australia scores highly in data privacy and data sovereignty its overall competitiveness in the cloud stakes sees it trail Japan, which secured top ranking followed by Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore Taiwan and New Zealand...

Efficiency Makes the Cloud King

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Editorial Staff.

Whether we're discussing your personal health, business or cloud computing, efficiency is the name of today’s game. Let me walk you through a few examples. In Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, he examined extensive research on how human beings are actually constructed for long distance running. He compares our physique with that of a cheetah, versus a rabbit, and discusses the need for endurance over speed when running is part of your survival – hunting or escaping, for example.

Our legs and our lungs are efficiently designed to support those objectives. Similarly, so is the African Wild Dog, the most efficient hunter in nature. They live in packs of 6-20 and instinctively understand that when their numbers dip below six, their ability to hunt effectively – and therefore survive – decreases. They maintain harmonious packs with very little in-fighting and competition, and hunt in a methodical, organized fashioned. When chasing prey, they run a relay-style race, alternating which dogs take the lead and which pack members drop back to rest while on a long chase...

Big Data Tradeoffs: What Agencies Need To Know

Grazed from Gov.Aol. Author: Wyatt Kash.

The power of big data – like cloud computing and mobility – has emerged as a transformational technology force, but one that poses a host of planning questions for senior government agency officials. Peter Mell, a senior computer scientist for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, devoted many months assessing the potential and the pitfalls of big data for NIST. He recently shared what he learned and what executives need to understand about big data in an interview with AOL Government's Wyatt Kash.

Mell outlined some of the misunderstandings and tradeoffs associated with large scale data sets agencies are likely to encounter as they move beyond classic relational databases. He also talked about the importance cloud computing plays in facilitating big data analytics...

Cloud Computing - Status Quo on Policy Challenges, Data Privacy, Security and Free Flow of Information

Grazed from CloudTimes. Author: Xath Cruz.

Cloud computing service providers are steadily increasing their reach as they continue to provide service outside of their home markets while using service delivery models that require the transmission of information across borders. In this article, we examine the hurdles that face cross-border cloud computing, particularly with regard to main policy challenges including data privacy, security, and the need to maintain free flow of information. We also delve into the challenges faced by developing countries as they try to participate in the cloud computing market.

Definition of Cloud Computing

Due to the fact that cloud computing has entered the lexicon and has been used to define an eclectic range of services offered over the internet, it can be difficult to differentiate the cloud from other related IT services. However, there are already kinds of cloud related services that are familiar to consumers, such as web based email, file storage, and financial management programs....

Thanks, Cloud Computing, For Shaping Our Future

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Durba Sengupta.

When people are infatuated with the latest gadget on the market, they may fail to remember that somewhere beneath the surface someone is working on its next replacement and, unmistakably, with a bulk of more advanced features which one cannot even think of right now. When in 1999, BlackBerry made its breakthrough entry and pushed a new phrase, “mobile cloud”, in the dictionary, people were skeptical about its purpose. They used to carry a huge mobile phone in the pocket just to check inbox and send e-mails from time to time. But now, even college students prefer to buy a cell phone with a push mail feature.

That is how technology teaches us new things, changes our habits and way of living. The cloud is the latest addition to this list of life-changing technologies and, as morning shows the day, current cloud happenings shows a brighter future for all of us...