The Advantages Of Modern Technology

Today, technology is an important part of day to day life because it is utilized at large scale by people of all ages. There are a lot of technologies that people utilize on a daily basis. Some of these include mobile phones, televisions and other kinds of gadgets. Yet, there are a lot more technologies that people use in order to simplify their lives. A few centuries ago people did not have access to a refrigerator or a small, compact or even cordless hoover. All of these modern technologies have revolutionized the way people take care of daily tasks. Besides that, technologies are also used in the medical field, the business field and so on so forth. In other words, it is easy to say that technology is vital to people's lives.

Devices of all kinds with various functions have slowly taken a big part in people's daily life, and that comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them are obvious, while others are definitely taken for granted. Below there are some important advantages that technology provides to people.

How technology can help your business to save money

In the competitive world of business, it is vital that you have plenty of funds to support your grand ambitions. Otherwise, you could be forced to take out a hefty loan, scale back your plans, and even declare bankruptcy. If you are determined to avoid this, you need to make sure that you are always bringing in more money than you are handing out. Striking the right balance will be much easier if you evaluate your outgoing costs and identify any areas where you could be saving money. Luckily, technology provides you with plenty of opportunities to cut your costs. Below are four examples that will help you to feel inspired.  

Technology can help you to take control of your finances

First and foremost, technology can help you to take control of your finances. This is an essential part of running a successful business and is not something to be overlooked. Instead of rifling through messy piles of receipts and invoices, digitizing your information will help you to avoid mistakes and make more accurate predictions. Online banking is also a great idea if you want to keep a close eye on every transaction that is taking place. In addition to this, you can use excel to create databases that represent outgoing costs such as your monthly wages. Just make sure that you visit excel semi pro before you move forward with this plan. That way, you will have all of the necessary information at your disposal.

Ex-NASA CTO on cloud computing, zero-gravity and Glass-like tech in 2006

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

No offense to the others — they’ve been great — but this week’s Structure Show podcast might be favorite one yet. Barb Darrow and I spoke with computer wunderkind Chris Kemp, who’s currently co-founder and CEO of cloud computing startup Nebula, about his time as CIO and CTO at NASA, and the crazy things he saw and did there. Oh, and he has some thoughts on OpenStack — which his team at NASA helped create — as well.  Here are some highlights. But if you’re into cloud computing or even space exploration, you really should listen to the whole thing. Seriously.

On the complexity of walking into NASA, as a twenty-something, having worked primarily with normal IT systems: “Literally every technology that has ever been sold has been bought by NASA, and NASA has invented a lot of technology that has never been sold. So it’s really difficult to communicate just how diverse and federated and interesting the infrastructure is at NASA.”...

Cloud Computing: Ready-to-Wear Technology Sets to Drive the Growth of Internet of Things

Grazed from SiliconAngle. Author: Saroj Kar.

Consumers are adopting technology faster than ever. We witnessed the rapid mainstreaming of devices such as Apple’s iOS devices, Microsoft Kinect, and Android devices etc. Wearable devices will be next, but right now they are far from the mainstream. Wearable devices or wearable computing have enormous potential for uses in social networking, commerce, health and fitness, navigation, entertainment and media.

Right now, the most desired in wearable computing is Google Glasses, a research project in a fairly advanced technology that incorporates augmented reality. But will Google become the undisputed leader in the wave of wearable technology or will it in serious competition with other players such as Apple? Rackspace Hosting announced the results of a comprehensive study on the use of ready-to-wear and its impact on consumers and technology companies...

Cloud Computing: Google Buys a Quantum Computer

Grazed from The New York Times. Author: Quentin Hardy.

Google and NASA are forming a laboratory to study artificial intelligence by means of computers that use the unusual properties of quantum physics. Their quantum computer, which performs complex calculations thousands of times faster than existing supercomputers, is expected to be in active use in the third quarter of this year.

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, as the entity is called, will focus on machine learning, which is the way computers take note of patterns of information to improve their outputs. Personalized Internet search and predictions of traffic congestion based on GPS data are examples of machine learning. The field is particularly important for things like facial or voice recognition, biological behavior, or the management of very large and complex systems...

Cloud computing to change education

Grazed from ITWeb. Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud computing has the power to change the way students learn and the way staff teach, especially in rapidly transforming regions such as Central and Eastern Europe. To prepare students for a world based on technology, education institutions across the region are adopting Microsoft Office 365 to serve a variety of their cloud computing needs.

Goals met through their focus on technology include:

  • Improved communication. Office 365 enables students and staff to communicate across timezones and countries with the click of a mouse. As more and more young people become accustomed to real-time communication and “always on” technologies, Central and Eastern European schools are using Microsoft Lync Online to enrich their learning environments and student outcomes...

Cloud Computing - Essential to the Internet of Things

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Lindsey Nelson.

The basic idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) is inter-connectedness. Where machines with internal sensors are wirelessly connected to the internet and constantly deliver data. For the true power of the IoT to be realized, the utilization of cloud computing is a mandate.

Machine to Machine technology and the Internet of Things is the way the world is going. Already you see things like “smart cities” and “smart sensors” in utilities becoming a common practice, rather than a scene from a 1980s futuristic film. Cloud computing is fundamental to the IoT because of the interconnectedness I mentioned earlier. How? Let’s start with an example...

Cloud Computing: IT shops will become consultants instead of tech managers, says EMC's CIO

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author: Lucas Mearian.

As with their user forum last year, EMC's Forum Boston 2012 on Friday emphasized cloud infrastructure technology, big data and business intelligence products.  This year, however, EMC made it clear to its customers that there should be a sense of urgency about deploying IT as a service via a cloud infrastructure, a sentiment not supported by everyone at the conference.

During a keynote speech, EMC CIO Sanjay Mirchandani said cloud computing and big data is experiencing uptake faster than any past technology.  Mirchandani cited a recent Gartner survey that showed 78% of companies plan to pursue a private cloud strategy by 2014, while another 17% indicated they might pursue a cloud strategy and 5% said they would not.  "And cloud computing transforms us -- IT," Mirchandani said. "We become more consultative as opposed to classic IT management."...

Data Centers: The Front Line in Cloud Information Warfare

Grazed from Data Center Knowledge. Author: Rich Miller.

Corporate data centers are the front line in an escalating battle between electronic attackers and defenders, and must be vigilant about defending their perimeter, cybersecurity guru Winn Schwartau told industry managers in his keynote address this morning at the Data Center World Fall 2012 conference. That’s especially true for leading cloud computing data centers, he said.

“I maintain that cloud computing is critical infrastructure, and we have not taken appropriate steps to protect it,” said Schwartau, who called out a leading cloud provider for its downtime and architecture...

Huawei helps enable cloud computing

Grazed from Author: Editorial Staff.

Huawei will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of ICT solutions at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, including solutions for data centres, cloud computing, enterprise networking, unified communication & collaboration (UC&C), video conferencing and telepresence. According to a statement, the company places a particular focus on desktop cloud applications and the different application of cloud computing in different industry scenarios.

"This includes some of our latest solutions developed to provide enterprises with components of a data centre that are able to run and process at a reduced cost, saving on both CAPEX and OPEX in the long term," says Dong Wu, VP, Huawei Enterprise, Middle East...