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Cloud Computing: 'Blockchain' - The Possibility Of Creating The Worlds Biggest Super Computer

Grazed from MobileNapps. Author: Editorial Staff.

As typical as it is, our devices and gadgets stand idle for the most part of the day, the need for computing resources is rapidly growing. Big IoT systems, machine learning and deep complex algorithms are deployed in systems and domains which demand better cloud servers and better bandwidths to supply the specific needs of businesses and enterprises.

What is the most efficient way of utilising the potential computing power that is in idle mode? Blockchain is the possible solution. A distributed ledger that is currently gaining favour across several domains could be the solution in providing a system that enables participants to share and borrow resources on computing, and definitely, make money while at it...

Cloud Computing: Cray’s latest supercomputer runs OpenStack and open source big data tools

Grazed from TechCrunch. Author: Ron Miller.

Cray has always been associated with speed and power and its latest computing beast called the Cray Urika-GX system has been designed specifically for big data workloads. What’s more, it runs on OpenStack, the open source cloud platform and supports open source big data processing tools like Hadoop and Spark.

Cray recognizes that the computing world had evolved since Seymour Cray launched the company back in the early 1970s. While the computers they are creating remain technology performance powerhouses, they are competing in an entirely different landscape that includes cloud computing where companies can get as many computing resources as they need and pay by the sip (or the gulp in the case of Cray-style processing)...

IncrediBuild Seamlessly Transforms Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines into a Super Computer

Grazed from IncrediBuild

IncrediBuild, the leading development acceleration solution provider, announced today at Microsoft's //build/ conference that it is now a Microsoft Azure Marketplace certified vendor. This new integration into the Microsoft Azure platform dramatically impacts development speed in the cloud.

As a direct result, developers will be able to launch an IncrediBuild Azure virtual machine, thus saving time on any prior configuration, allowing them to seamlessly scale to hundreds of cores regardless of the VM size limitation.

Nimbix and Bitfusion Deliver Industry's Most Affordable High Performance GPU Resources in the Cloud

Grazed from Nimbix an Bitfusion

Nimbix and Bitfusion today announced the immediate availability of its new combined solution to offer more choices to application developers looking for high performance GPU accelerators on an on-demand basis. The Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, now integrates Bitfusion Boost to offer lower cost accelerator resources for developing compute hungry machine learning, analytics, and photorealistic rendering algorithms.

The solution uses Bitfusion Boost's software defined compute technology to enable higher horsepower virtual GPU instances with costs significantly lower than anywhere in the cloud. The solution will also permit the combining of interesting CPU-memory-GPU configurations in the future. A developer will be able to combine the largest memory machine with an unlimited number of GPU nodes together to form a single powerful instance capable of handling a much larger job than before.

SDSC Upgrades Cloud Computing and Storage Services

Grazed from HPCWire. Author: Editorial Staff.

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, has made significant upgrades to its cloud-based storage system to include a new range of computing services designed to support science-based researchers, especially those with large data requirements that preclude commercial cloud use, or who require collaboration with cloud engineers for building cloud-based services.

The upgrades to SDSC Cloud, which debuted in late 2011 as one of the first large-scale academic deployments of cloud storage in the world, offers a unique storage service to educational and industry partners. The object-based storage system provides a highly scalable solution with flexible access methods and enhanced durability, while providing exceptional performance using high-speed 10 gigabit (Gb) connectivity at a fraction of the costs of other service providers...

Cloud Computing: AI Supercomputer Watson Goes West As IBM Courts Tech Hotshots

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Robert Hof.

IBM’s Watson became famous in 2011 when the artificial intelligence-driven supercomputer handily beat the two best players ever on the TV game show Jeopardy. During a demonstration on Sept. 21 of what it has learned since then, it played another role: expert debater. Asked to present an argument that “Wikipedia is reliable,” it pored over some 4 million entries in the crowdsourced encyclopedia.

In nearly natural-sounding English, Watson presented several reasons why it should indeed be considered reliable, concluding politely, “I hope I have convinced you to support my view.” But more significant than the demonstration, which was a scripted version of what Watson is actually doing in IBM labs, was the setting: one of the biggest tech startup conferences of the year in San Francisco...

Google Continues to Challenge Amazon in This Important Cloud Computing Market

Grazed from Fool.  Author: Andrew Tonner.

Given the lucrative economics, competition in the red-hot cloud-computing market among many of the space's most powerful incumbents will probably remain fierce for a long time. Attempts to redefine the fabric of computing from leading companies such as and Google befit their sky-high ambitions. In one recent example, Google unveiled a new cloud-computing product in its ongoing attempt to steal market share from Amazon.

Supercomputing showdown

Last week, Google announced the public release of its pre-emptible virtual machines, or VMs, a cloud-based supercomputing product that offers a number of benefits both to Google and its cloud-computing customers. At their most basic, VMs allow customers to affordably run advanced supercomputing tasks at steep discounts to current alternatives. However, the discount comes with a catch, and that's why the term "pre-emptible" deserves some attention...

Cray: Cloud forecast bleak as supercomputing storm closes in

Grazed from CBROnline.  Author: James Nunns.

Cloud has a significant role to play in business; Nyberg doesn't question this, but he believes that it has its shortcomings.  "What a lot of companies are finding is that once you get above a certain utilisation rate, it's actually cheaper to own the machine yourself."

Believing that almost all of Cray's large machines in industry, and to some degree in research and academia, could be described as private cloud resources, he says: "Once you reach a certain utilisation level, those things flip over and you're starting to hear that more and as the cloud market matures a lot of organisations start moving over towards it and experimenting and discovering exactly that."...

Cloud Computing: ConnectX launches first space-based supercomputing company

Grazed from Examiner.  Author: Victoria Ross.

Ericsson, the Swedish telecom provider, has purchased a majority stake of a platform in service provider Apcera. It has done this because, “Cloud technology is disrupting the global ICT infrastructure market, and service providers must modernize to provide more value to their customers,” according to its press release to CloudTech on Friday.

Closer to home, LA based ConnectX, the space-based supercomputing company, unveiled in a press release on Friday its bold mission to unlock the value and insight of all Big Data by creating the first space-based supercomputing platform...

Cloud Computing: Want to Snapshot Your Supercomputer?

Grazed from HPCWire. Author: Tiffany Trader.

Nimbix, Inc., one of the original HPC cloud vendors, sought to usher in a new era of heterogeneous cloud computing with the unveiling of its JARVICE platform in November. The platform-as-a-service offering uses high performance cloud hardware to create Nimbix Application Environments (NAEs) for high throughput batch processing. Once the environments are created and deployed to JARVICE, runtimes can be executed in the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (NACC).

Nimbix has always emphasized heterogenous computing through acceleration hardware such as the latest NVIDIA GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, Texas Instruments DSPs, and FPGAs, and JARVICE puts this technology to work in cloud with the benefits of bare-metal performance...