Does Cloud Hosting Have any Effect on SEO?

The days of your website being restricted to a physical server are long gone, with people now considering the switch to cloud hosting. Many can reel the benefits of cloud hosting off the top of their head, though not everyone is certain if such a move will positively impact their website's search engine page ranking. For businesses, the bottom line of any change to their website is getting more customers, improved visibility and revenue, whereas anything else is just a fringe benefit.

"In today's increasingly competitive world, something as simple as where your website is hosted can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of your business, and it is important that you gain the competitive advantage by making the right choice", according to an SEO specialist from Domains4less.

If you're considering a move to cloud hosting, then you need to understand how it will interact with your website's SEO. This brings us back to the question:

How does cloud hosting affect your website's SEO?

How Moving to the Cloud Can Improve SEO

Increasingly, cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, with large numbers of businesses of all sizes making the move over to the cloud. The greatest advantage of the cloud is that there is no need for a physical infrastructure when you move over to the cloud as it is an online hosting service, where you can run applications and store data purely online.

Not only is this helping many businesses to save money, it is also allowing for more efficient SEO strategies and helping businesses to improve their online presence and SERPs ranking...

Could Moving to the Cloud Be Beneficial for Your SEO?

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, with many businesses of all sizes migrating to the cloud in order to save money and become more efficient. With the cloud, it’s possible to store data online without the need for a physical server, making it easier and cheaper for businesses to collaborate with others and save on costs when it comes to data storage, employing staff and a number of other things.

But, can switching to the cloud improve your business’ SEO strategy? It turns out that yes, it can. The level of collaboration within the cloud has made it much easier for businesses to access better SEO services and professionals...