Excelero Launches from Stealth with NVMesh 1.1

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Excelero, a disruptor in software-defined block storage, is launching out of stealth today and announcing version 1.1 of its NVMesh® Server SAN software for exceptional Flash performance for web and enterprise applications at any scale. Funded in part by Fusion-io's founder David Flynn, Excelero enables enterprises to deploy next-generation data centers modeled after the standard hardware-based hyperscale IT architectures of technology giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google. With NVMesh, customers can leverage the full performance of NVMe flash at data center scale, with predictable application performance and astounding price/performance levels for even the most demanding applications.

NVMe holds the promise of unlimited performance for hyperscale environments, but current inefficient storage and application architectures suffer from low utilization rates - as little as 25%.  In nearly three years of development, Excelero has achieved 11 patents or patent-pending innovations for the ability to virtualize the NVMe devices and unify the capacity into a single pool of high-performance storage - to flexibly provision storage to applications as they need it.

Mellanox Announces Multi-Host Technology, Enabling Next Generation Compute & Storage Rack Design for Scalable Clouds and Data

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Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of end-to-end interconnect solutions for servers and storage systems, today announced Mellanox Multi-Host™, an innovative technology that provides high flexibility and major savings in building next generation, scalable Cloud, Web 2.0 and high-performance data centers.

The new technology enables designing and building new scale-out heterogeneous compute and storage racks with direct connectivity between compute elements, storage elements and the network, better power and performance management, while achieving maximum data processing and data transfer at minimum capital and operational expenses. Mellanox Multi-Host technology is available today in the company’s line of ConnectX®-4 10/25/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, and in OCP-based boards as part of Facebook’s recently announced Yosemite platform...

Rackspace Taps Brocade for Leaner, Greener Cloud SANs

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Cloud computing's runaway popularity is leaving providers in a bind. While it's generally a good problem to have, accelerating growth -- 200,000-plus customers and counting in Rackspace's case -- can lead to complexity in the data center, not to mention outsized power bills. Rackspace, the San Antonio, Texas-based provider of cloud computing services, turned to Brocade and its Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN interconnection platform to help implement an upgrade storage architecture that can grow with the company while promoting energy efficiency.

Brocade's tech is also helping the company squeeze a little more precious rack space out of its data centers. Sean Wedige, CTO of Rackspace Enterprise Solutions at Rackspace, said in a statement that his company worked with Brocade and EMC to "to design a SAN fabric that was easy to grow and manage, while providing the flexibility to allow our data center technicians to connect any device to any switch in the fabric."...

What is Cloud Storage - NAS vs SAN

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When it comes to your business, no detail can be overlooked. Storage in the cloud is no exception. In my last post, What is Cloud Storage?, I wrote about cloud storage in general. Here I want to go through the two main options for cloud storage, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network).

What is Cloud Storage -NAS

NAS is generally used for file-level computer data storage but NAS provides both storage and a file system. In fact, NAS is useful for more than just general centralized storage provided to client computers in environments with large amounts of data. By providing storage services, NAS can enable simpler and lower cost systems such as load-balancing and fault-tolerant email and web server systems...

What is Enterprise Storage area network (SAN) in Cloud Computing?

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While configuring system architecture IT professionals may not give storage the recognition and importance it deserves. In turn this could affect performance and future costs. Today enterprises realize the value of storage and go in for enterprise SAN as a cost efficient, reliable way to store and access data.

Storage can be direct attached storage, network attached storage or storage area network (SAN). SAN lies in between DAS and NAS; DAS forming the underpinnings of the storage system and NAS overlaying SAN. Enterprise SAN takes the concept a step further in the form of centralized storage under common management and security but connected to a number of computer systems to permit data sharing...

Opscode Enterprise Chef cooks up broader cloud computing capabilities around storage and networking

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Opscode has extended the capabilities of its Chef IT configuration and automation platform beyond just compute to cover networking and storage infrastructure in a new release called Enterprise Chef. The firm also announced it is working with Microsoft to better integrate Chef with the widely used Windows PowerShell tool.

Available immediately, Enterprise Chef builds on the existing capabilities of Chef for automating the provisioning and configuration of servers, based on reusable definitions called cookbooks and recipes that are written using the Ruby programming language...

Cloud Computing: New SAN Solution by Infortrend Targets Mission-Critical Data Center Applications

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Infortrend Corporation today announced the new EonStor DS G7i Series' dedication to mission-critical Tier III data centers. The G7i SAN storage solution delivers high-availability RAID storage to SMBs and enterprises whose business operations heavily depend on the reliability of their IT environments, such as companies who generate their revenue through online business models. Providers of cloud services and software as a service (SaaS) place heavy emphasis on the security and dependability of their storage, which is why their IT departments rely on the 99.982% availability of Tier III data centers, as opposed to Tier I and Tier II options, which have numerous points of failure and require shutdowns for maintenance.

The EonStor DS G7i Series is designed specifically to match the needs of aggressive and complex applications housed in Tier III data centers. VMware VAAI-Ready and boasting high-availability product design features such as RAID controllers, CacheSafe technology, and hot-swappable components ensure that stored data is safe in the event of an untimely power outage or drive failure. The "scale as you grow" flexibility of the G7i series allows companies to scale up to 240 disk drives through high-density expansion enclosures, including Infortrend's 4U/48-bay JBOD...

Cloud Computing: Cisco Raises the Bar for Storage Networking

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As trends such as cloud computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things generate rapidly increasing amounts of data for organizations and users to process and store, IT functions face an ever-increasing demand for better data storage systems capable of coping with these trends. To help them, Cisco today announced new solutions for storage area networks (SANs) that deliver higher performance, scalability and reliability than other competing systems.

The new solutions include the Cisco® MDS 9710 Multilayer Director, which delivers three times the bandwidth of any storage director in the industry. Cisco also announced the Cisco MDS 9250i Multiservice Fabric Switch, which improves efficiency by performing important storage networking services in the SAN fabric. "As the leading IT service provider inNorway, we look to Cisco as a key technology partner to support us in the process of consolidating and upgrading data centers. We require storage networks to support the next generation services and level of availability our customers demand," said Jo Marius Pedersen, SAN specialist, EVRY...

HP upgrades, rebrands old Lefthand Virtual SAN Appliance in cloud computing initiative

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HP has announced virtualization solutions aimed at enhancing the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments. One of them, the HP StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance (VSA) is an enhanced and rebranded version of an old LeftHand product. The others -- HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect and HP Multitenant Device Context, are important firmware upgrades to HP's FlexFabric core 12500 data center switch.

"This is a significant announcement reflecting our evolution of our converged infrastructure," said Kate Davis, product marketing manager, HP storage. The HP StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance is an upgrade of the old LeftHand Virtual SAN appliance, which has been on the market since 2007...