Cloud Computing: Amazon Go - RFID Wins, Google Loses

Grazed from EETimes. Author: Rick Merritt.

With a simple video, Amazon has set in motion a chain of forces that could drive RFID into the mainstream and help Amazon pull further ahead of Google. It’s just one move, and nothing may come of it, but it sends out many ripples. The video creates expectations among consumers that they should be able to avoid check-out lines. It puts big grocery chains on notice that they need to figure out how to use RFID tags to create such stores before their competitors do.

Grocery stories won’t want to make this move. It will cost a lot to get items tagged, buy scanners, and figure out how to deal with inevitable conflicts when customers complain that they were charged for the wrong items. But the ones that do it will have a significant competitive advantage. However the struggles come out for grocery stores, RFID wins. It moves from use in the industrial Internet of Things to the consumer world big time...

GlobeRanger debuts iMotion Stratus, cloud computing for RFID solutions

Grazed from GlobeRanger. Author: PR Announcement.

GlobeRanger, a global provider of RFID, sensor and asset management solutions, releases iMotion Stratus, the cloud-based version of its award winning iMotion Edgeware Platform. iMotion Stratus delivers the features of the iMotion server-based platform from the cloud, easing deployment and enabling global capability. It provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) avenue for companies to begin utilizing RFID technology without the upfront costs of RFID software and the servers to run it.

The GlobeRanger solution enables economical small initial deployments with ability to scale up as needed - from a single location to thousands of locations globally. It integrates seamlessly with iMotion server-based and network appliance-based deployments to allow the best-suited technology for the specific application to be used, whether an on-premise server or cloud-based...