Midmarket Businesses in the Americas Make Bold Move to the Cloud

Small and mid-sized businesses across the Americas are making bold moves to the cloud as a way to compete with larger enterprises, according to a new report published today by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

The ISG Provider Lens Cloud Transformation/Operation Services & XaaS Report - Pan America finds many large enterprises are struggling to exchange their "legacy crown jewel" IT systems for more innovative business models. But smaller businesses see the cloud as offering them easily available and affordable tools, including analytics and cognitive computing, the report said.

"Infrastructure costs and access to technology were once barriers to competition, but the cloud allows access to a broad range of software, platforms and services," said Esteban Herrera, partner and global leader of ISG Research.

Datrium and Pivot3 Challenge Leaders in SDS/HCI Market


WhatMatrix, the independent technology comparison and analysis site, today announced the publication of its second SDS/HCI Landscape analysis report. Over and above providing a snapshot of the current landscape of the burgeoning SDS/HCI market, the latest report includes new use case analysis highlighting the top performers dependent upon specific areas of expertise, such as Data Services, Storage and Server support and Management. The WhatMatrix landscape report provides a valuable alternative view of this technology segments with its unmatched technical focus and free participation for any vendor. 

The report, authored by category consultant Herman Rutten, highlights the SDS/HCI market has gained in maturity, with customer numbers rising across the board. The ‘best' solution is also very subjective. Although many SDS/HCI solutions appear similar at first glance, they have their own set of pros and cons that differ depending upon an organization's unique situation and requirements. The Landscape Report is designed to assist organizations in that process and to eliminate the unknowns.

"SDS and HCI solutions have now reached a maturity level that makes them a viable alternative to traditional 3-tier enterprise storage systems. Nutanix and VMware continue to lead the pack in terms of market share. However, on the technology side they are challenged by new entrants in the report - such as Datrium and Pivot3 - to keep their solutions simple and feature rich at the same time," explained Herman Rutten, category consultant at WhatMatrix. "Having thoroughly analyzed the 12 vendor solutions included in this report, it is abundantly clear that the consideration of use cases is critical to the selection process."

The report also identifies the latest key trends: 

  • Meshed architectures
  • NVMe in hybrid and all-flash compositions
  • Erasure Coding without compromise
  • Native end-to-end encryption

As with all information and analysis from WhatMatrix, the full report can be downloaded free of charge - with no registration required.


Chaos Sumo Releases Industry Report on AWS S3 Blind Spots and New Data Lake Use Cases

Grazed from Chaos Sumo

Chaos Sumo, a cloud-based log data retention and analytics service for object storage, today released the findings of The State of Object Storage 2018 Report: The Emergence of the AWS S3 Data Lake. As object storage such as AWS S3 continues to gain widespread enterprise momentum, with over 70 percent of companies reporting to use it today, it offers untapped opportunities for promising new use cases such as historical log analytics, and application and media hosting. More than one third of respondents in a recent survey, conducted by Chaos Sumo in December-January 2018, are also looking to object storage to streamline and enable data lake usage for historical trend analysis and machine learning. The study also found that the top barriers preventing S3 innovation are the lack of tools today that enable data access and visibility, and costs of moving data around in order to analyze the growing volumes of disparate object storage data with accuracy and scale.

"The current inability of businesses to perform consistent, longitudinal and easy trend and predictive analysis in object storage, including log analytics, is resulting in critical business information being thrown away or archived in an inaccessible manner," says Thomas Hazel, founder and CTO of Chaos Sumo. "This hidden culprit - the increasing costs of storing data for real- or near-time analysis, is the core impediment to doing more with the growing amount of data stored in object storage such as AWS S3, and Chaos Sumo is here to tackle this head on."

ThoughtWorks Highlights Security, Microservices and Container Ecosystem Explosion in Technology Radar

Grazed from ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks, a global technology company, today issued the latest Technology Radar, an assessment of trends significantly impacting software development and business strategy. The Technology Radar sets out the current changes in software development - things in motion to pay attention to based upon ThoughtWorks' day-to-day work and experience solving their clients' toughest challenges.

"With the threat landscape still evolving, our latest edition of Technology Radar continues to focus on security and innovative approaches," said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO of ThoughtWorks. "In addition, we are seeing exciting growth and investment around microservices, opening up new opportunities for developers to create more maneuverable architectures. And the explosion in container ecosystems is helping reduce the friction of reliably building and deploying applications to the cloud."

CloudPhysics Provides Insight Report for vSphere Users

Grazed from the VarGuy. Author: Editorial Staff.

CloudPhysics, a data-driven insight provider, is offering VMware (VMW) vSphere users a free Datacenter Insights Report to help them discover operational hazards within their IT infrastructures. The report, which was produced by CloudPhysics’ data scientists, is expected to help vSphere users gain an understanding of any hidden issues within their infrastructures and to highlight the negative impact of leaving risks unattended.

CloudPhysics’ global data set currently has more than 50 trillion points of machine metadata from data centers around the world, according to the company. Among the results of its insight report, CloudPhysics found that:...

Cloud Computing: Identifying Innovations in Storage Technology

Grazed from ChannelPartnersOnline. Author: TC Doyle.

Video. Mobility. Cloud computing. In the world of information technology, these are just three of the hottest trends today. While each offers transformative business benefits to the organizations that invest in them, they create an institutional challenge that is giving fits to CIOs everywhere.

They produce massive amounts of data — information that must be stored, optimized and leveraged in new ways. Fortunately, the technologies and best practices used for storing, managing and leveraging data have improved significantly in the last few years. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to solve a CIO's problems today, there are more options and capabilities to choose from than ever...

Global Mobile Computing Devices Market Report

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Mobile computing devices have made headway in the Electronics industry in the last decade. Devices such as smartphones and tablets have become indispensable to most people across the world. Companies are increasingly encouraging their employees to work from home or other remote locations to ensure that employees are accessible during work hours.

On a similar note, there are organizations that are also implementing bring your own device policies, allowing employees to bring their personal mobile devices and connect them to the company's network. All of this has been facilitated by mobile computing devices. The analysts have conducted an in-depth research on select mobile computing devices and forecast the respective markets to grow at the following CAGRs during the period 2012-2017...

Government Cloud Market By (Deployment & Applications) Worth $18.48 Billion By 2018

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The report, “Government Cloud Market By Agency (Federal Cloud, State and Local Cloud, Defense & Military Cloud), By Delivery (Saas, Paas, Iaas), By Deployment (Public, Private, Hybrid, Community) Global Advancements, Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013 – 2018),” has defined the adoption trends of the cloud solutions in government organizations. This comprehensive report offers a detailed analysis and forecast of the global government cloud market. It also highlights the drivers and restraints for this market, along with the insights on trends, opportunities and challenges.

Browse more than 139 market data tables, 103 figures spread through 345 pages and in-depth table of content on “Government Cloud Market":

Cloud Security Alliance Big Data Working Group Releases Report On Big Data Analytics For Security Intelligence

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The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data Working Group today announced the release of Big Data Analytics for Security Intelligence. The new research report details how the landscape of security analytics is changing with the introduction and widespread use of new tools and opportunities for leveraging large quantities of structured and unstructured data. The initial report also outlines some of the fundamental differences from traditional analytics and highlights possible research directions in Big Data security.

"The goal of Big Data analytics for security is to obtain actionable intelligence in real time," said Alvaro Cardenas, industry expert and lead author of the report "Although Big Data analytics holds significant promise, there are a number of challenges that must be overcome to realize its true potential. We have only just begun, but are anxious to move forward in helping the industry understand its potential with new research directions in Big Data security."...

Growing Focus on Cost Mitigation Spurs Demand for Cloud Computing Services, According to Report by Global Industry Analysts,

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Against a background where companies are coerced into recalibrating their communication applications and network infrastructure into cost-effectively supporting distributed information, cloud computing is growing in importance. Tough economic conditions have additionally reinforced the need to upgrade network infrastructure in a cost-effective, yet compelling way. While there remains an overwhelming tendency to resort to cuts in capital expenditure during periods of economic and financial crunch, companies are fast waking up to the fact that arbitrary scaling back of IT spending is not necessarily the most rewarding in the medium to long term, thus inspiring more thoughtful, and complete plans.

Against this process of re-evaluating platform strategies, devising innovative ways of creating competitive advantages, and strict monitoring of IT expenditure (both capital and operational), poised to benefit are technologies that reduce expenditures and step up competitiveness...