Cloud Computing: Riverbed AWS re:Invent Survey find that Reliability Still Top Concern

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

Riverbed Technology (RVBD) has released the results of a survey conducted at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference earlier this month. In surveying 122 people responsible for IT management and application development management at large enterprises, the company turned up some interesting data that shows the top four concerns related to public cloud platforms.

The top concern, as indicated by 90 percent of survey respondents, is reliability. But the other top three concerns aren't all that far off in terms of percentage. Of the respondents, 88 percent indicated performance as a top concern, followed by security at 86 percent and cost at 84 percent...

Look Before You Leap: Cloud Vendor Reliability

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From the look of things, most individuals and businesses will have found solace in cloud computing, either due to personal pressure or public demand. In spite of the concerted efforts to outline the challenges and shortcomings of cloud computing, everyone knows that cloud computing is the ‘big bad wolf’ that’s going to swallow us all at one point. As a result, before you get in with both feet, it is advisable to appreciate the characteristics which indicate whether your vendor can deliver.

Changes in technology are bound to affect the ability of numerous vendors in the future, but the relativity of changes is of utmost important: if your vendor is not reliable as yet, they may never be!...

99.9% Cloud Computing Uptime? That 0.1% Costs More Than You Would Think

Grazed from Midsize Insider.  Author: Doug Bonderud.

Reliability has long been a supposedly stalwart benefit of cloud technology--the ability to offer always-on service for midsize and enterprise companies. But while 99.9-percent cloud computing uptime sounds like a great number, recent studies show that the costs associated with that 0.1 percent of downtime are far higher than many admins realize. Nonetheless, cloud adoption proceeds full steam ahead, with providers like Google making the case that shirking the cloud is bad for the environment. So what's an admin to do, fight for the right up time, or be energy conscious?...

Are Cloud Reliability, Security Still ‘Open Issues’?

Grazed from Wired.  Author: Mike Barton.

In a new report, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) notes 23 “open issues” regarding the cloud computing, including computing performance, cloud reliability, economic goals, compliance and information security.

reports that issues highlighted in NIST Special Publication 800-146 (PDF) “are traditional distributed computing topics that have remained open for decades” but have become more relevant since the emergence of cloud computing. “Other issues appear to be unique to cloud computing,” says the document...

Infinitely Virtual CEO to Explore Cloud Computing Reliability and Security at Prestigious Public Sector Conference

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IT professionals in educational institutions and government agencies need to be confident that the data they move to the cloud will be secure and that the systems safeguarding that data are reliable. At the Cloud Computing in the Public Sector Conference, to be held in Miami on April 16-17, Infinitely Virtual CEO Adam Stern will explore how public sector organizations can ensure high-level security and reliability as they increase their investment in cloud-based IT operations.

Infinitely Virtual is a leading provider of virtual server cloud computing services and a strong proponent of advanced security and backup in cloud computing systems...

Researchers improve cloud computing reliability

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A group of Cornell University researchers, with the support of NSF and Microsoft, develops methods to improve the reliability of cloud computing and are testing their work in a piece of real cloud.

Cloud computing is a cheaper alternative for storing and processing quickly vast amounts of data. However, as cloud computing applications become larger, potential errors of the system also grow. A Cornell University research team, composed of Ken Birman, professor of computer science; Hakim Weatherspoon, assistant professor of computer science; and research associate Robbert van Renesse, is working on strengthening cloud reliability in hopes of minimising these errors...

The 4 biggest threats facing the cloud

Grazed from Fortune.  Author:  JP Mangalindan.

Earlier this week, portions of Amazon's cloud computing service crashed, impairing Foursquare, Netflix and Instagram as well as millions of users. While service was quickly restored, it marked the second major incident of its kind in the last six months -- and that is raising concerns with some.

Putting parts or all of your company in the cloud -- the oft-used term to describe large, remotely hosted data sets and applications -- is typically far more cost-effective than relying on traditional servers and internal IT departments. But, incidents like these can also bring a cloud-hosted company to its knees...

Reliability remains Asia's SMB cloud worry

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author:  Liau Yun Qing.

In an interview with ZDNet Asia, Serguei Beloussov, chairman and CEO of Parallels, noted that the extent of cloud computing adoption among SMBs in the Asia-Pacific region is related to the spread of Internet connection. "If you look at Singapore, every SMB has a Web site. However, if you look beyond Singapore to Indonesia, for example, that would not be the case," Beloussov said.