Optimize your Printing Environment with UniPrint Infinity Version 10

Simple & Secure Go Hand-in-Hand with UniPrint Infinity v10

Whether it's in the Cloud or on-prem, enterprise print management often sucks up time and resources, budget, and even puts your data security at risk. We understand what a headache it can cause, and UniPrint is here to help!

With UniPrint Infinity’s newly released Version 10, you can optimize your printing workflow and experience fast and reliable printing across all types of computing  platforms through a single PDF-based UPD and management platform.  So, whether you are deploying in the Cloud, VDI, server-based, mobile, serverless, or traditional environments, our single management platform can help scale your workflow, reduce costs and help manage your everyday print-related challenges that slow your users down, all from one centralized location.

UniPrint is giving you an opportunity to check out a test-run of version 10 with their upcoming information session on August 30th, 2018.

WHEN? Thu, Aug 30, 2018 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CDT

Some of the features you'll get a sneak peak at include:
  • One centralized web-based management console
  • Improved productivity tools such as administrative levels
  • Expanded Cloud printing tools
  • 100% redundancy
  • Serverless Printing

ThinPrint Mobile Print is Citrix Ready Verified

Grazed from ThinPrint

ThinPrint today announced that its ThinPrint Mobile Print has been verified as Citrix Ready. The new ThinPrint Mobile Print is the first managed and secure mobile printing solution for businesses and complements existing unified endpoint management solutions, such as XenMobile, to deliver secure iOS and Android printing. ThinPrint Mobile Print completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with XenMobile, to provide managed and secure mobile printing on iOS and Android devices.

The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance workspace, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix.

Customers can be confident that ThinPrint Mobile Print has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix and can be trusted to work effectively with XenMobile to integrate iOS and Android devices into a company's existing print infrastructure so that employees can easily access and use all current network printers.


ThinPrint Launches the First Managed and Secure Mobile Printing Solution for Businesses

Grazed from ThinPrint

Print management expert, ThinPrint, today announced the availability of its new product ThinPrint Mobile Print. The new software enables companies to integrate iOS and Android devices into their existing print infrastructure so that employees can easily access and use all current network printers. User authorizations are automatically inherited from the Microsoft Active Directory or from the print server and can be additionally extended or restricted as required for mobile users. ThinPrint's close cooperation with the leading mobile device management (MDM) providers ensures seamless interaction for companies with enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems in use. The included secure pull-printing feature, which allows users to authenticate themselves directly at the printer, rounds off the solution perfectly.

Many companies use an MDM or EMM system to securely manage their mobile devices and distribute apps. However, if employees want to print with their iPads, iPhones or Android devices, they quickly reach the limits of mobile productivity. The new ThinPrint Mobile Print software is the solution. It can be integrated into EMM or MDM systems to enable secure mobile printing with iOS and Android devices. Employees can print from iOS and Android apps on their tablets and smartphones to any existing network printer in the enterprise, regardless of which printer models from which manufacturer are in use. The existing user rights are inherited from the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or from the print servers but can be modified if required.

5 Reasons You Still Need a Printer

With the ongoing and extensive advancement in technology, the mobile and wireless products continue to improve, and many people feel that a printer is a "dinosaur" and is no longer needed. However, with the ability to print detailed graphics, documents, photos, spreadsheets, and more, and the improvements to wireless and cloud printing, there are a variety of excellent reasons why you should still have a printer in your home, office, or business. 

Here are some examples: 

1. Mobile Devices 

Mobile phones and other devices are a significant part of most people's everyday lives nowadays, whether for business or personal reasons. Therefore, manufacturers of wireless inkjet printers are making printers that are compatible with mobile devices so that you can print directly from them by connecting via Bluetooth or wirelessly. You can then print directly from the handheld device.