ComputeNext Launches Cloud Training Program for Channel Partners

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Cloud services brokerageComputeNext launched a new training program for the channel, calledCloudEd, which aims to help cloud resellers migrate wary customers to cloud-based solutions.

Created by ComputeNext’s director of channel development Dan Moore, CloudEd offers video tutorials for channel professionals partnering with the ComputeNext platform as well as an optional, free general cloud certifications provided by CompTIA...

10 recommendations for cloud partners

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One of the top market analysts in the world Tiffani Bova, VP of Gartner Research, has comprised a list of essentials for channel partners who are in tough with the transition to the cloud. The noted analyst delivered her top 10 list to an overflow audience at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and said it’s not too late for the channel to embrace the cloud phenomenon. Before Bova unveiled her must-knows for the channel she told the crowd to ask themselves these hard, soul searching questions:

1. What kind of partner should I become?
2. Should I invest in cloud services?
3. Do I have the rights sales and technical skills?
4. Will our products and services resonate?
5. Can you think 2020 instead of 2015?...

Microsoft-Rackspace Partnership To Provide Better Cloud Service; Is Amazon Next?

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Microsoft and Rackspace are going to team up to provide a better experience to users with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. The Microsoft-Rackspace partnership will provide assistance to the companies using Azure. They will be presenting a guide to make them get the best out of data storage, processing, database and other services.

Microsoft needs no introduction to be precise. Rackspace Hosting Inc is a data center service company known for its top-tier technology support. The company is also known for its customer support. The reputation of the company can give Microsoft a significant boost while competing with Amazon as far as the latter’s web service is concerned...

IBM thinks Box, grabs cloud mindshare

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Today’s announcement of a tie-up between cloud collaboration vendor Box and venerable computing giant IBM gives new insight into a broader strategic direction for both vendors.  In Box’s case, this is its second partnership with a big name in enterprise software in as many weeks. Earlier this month it joined forces with Microsoft to announce Box for Office Online, which allows direct editing of Office files shared in Box.
The partnership with IBM brings Box APIs into enterprise apps and web services as well as linking IBM analytics, social, security and cloud capabilities into the Box platform. The two companies will also jointly market solutions and there’s a big emphasis on bringing vertical solutions to market in fields such as healthcare, financial services, retail, engineering and research, and the legal profession...

IBM and Box team up to “transform work in the cloud”

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Tech giant IBM and enterprise cloud storage provider Box have announced a wide-ranging partnership, aimed at content management and social collaboration to improve the enterprise cloud and digital push.

The two companies aim to integrate their existing products and services to develop new solutions across multiple verticals, from medicine, to engineering and academia.  Among the developments proposed, Box will integrate with IBM’s enterprise content management solution, as well as collaborating to integrate Box into IBM’s business email and social collaboration platforms, IBM Verse and IBM Connections. IBM will leverage Box’s platform and APIs in its iOS applications, while Box will for the first time enable customers to choose a partner’s cloud platform for data storage...

Cloud Computing: Toshiba, Microsoft Team Up for IoT

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Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo) and Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Washington) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together on solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Toshiba plans to combine its ApP Lite processors, sensors and memory components—and equipment based on them—with its own cloud-based data storage. Microsoft will provide its Azure access and data analytics cloud services to the team effort.

Toshiba plans to start delivering IoT applications for multiple market segments in 2015. Azure is a cloud computing platform from which Toshiba will use private line services called Azure ExpressRoute and advanced analytics known as Azure Machine Learning. Jagdish Rebello, senior director of cloud and computer electronics at IHS Inc., says the deal between Toshiba and Microsoft is a good first step for the two companies to come together and develop solutions that work seamlessly to drive efficiencies and reduce the barriers to IoT deployment. But, Rebello adds, to be effective, it’s important for the two firms to get other players into their ecosystem...

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Cloud Computing: NetSuite partners welcome closer Microsoft integration

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 NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson is known for his, shall we say, frank assessments of the business decisions of his enterprise resource planning (ERP) software competitors. During his keynote this year through at the annual SuiteWorld user conference, Microsoft was moved from the foes category to the friends.

After all, it would have been awkward had Nelson launched his usual broadside at Microsoft – and then had CEO Satya Nadella pop up on the video screen to greet SuiteWorld attendees. In fact, NetSuite and Microsoft will be working together a lot more closely in the future...

NetSuite and Microsoft Team Up in the Cloud

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NetSuite, the cloud business software company, announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft that will tie its products closely to both Office 365 and the Azure cloud computing service. The plan calls for Microsoft to integrate NetSuite’s cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software that companies use to track their financial, supply chain and other operational data, to Office 365, the cloud-based office suite.

Additionally, Azure will become NetSuite’s preferred cloud platform for building custom software enhancements to NetSuite. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson announced the tie-up in a speech in San Jose, Calif., at the company’s SuiteWorld conference. Nelson said the partnership was the result of a series of meetings with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella...

Intel and CoreOS Collaborate to Democratize Cloud Computing

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A powerful trend sweeping through today’s data centers can be summed up in a single word: Containers. Container-based virtualization allows you to package applications and the required software libraries to create units of computing that are scalable and portable. Today, Nick Weaver shared Intel’s vision for containers and the mainstream democratization of sophisticated cloud computing at CoreOS Fest in San Francisco. If the level of the engagement at the conference is any indication, I expect the industry to join us on the path toward broad scale deployments of advanced, easy to consume, hyperscale technologies.

The container concept is a central feature of hyperscale cloud technology. Hyperscale technologies promise to make software developers more productive, data center infrastructure more efficient, and IT resources easier to deploy and consume. It is not hyperbole to say that broad proliferation of hyperscale cloud technology could have an impact on data centers that is similar to the impact that virtualization delivered years ago...

Cloud Computing: Rackspace offers Akamai content delivery network service

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols.

If you really want your web pages to impress, you need to get them in front of your viewers' eyes as fast as possible. So it is that Rackspace, the managed cloud company and one of the OpenStack cloud parents, has announced the availability of Rackspace Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Of course, while you can just roll out a cloud with enough servers, rolling out a CDN isn't that easy. You need low-latency storage, such as that provided by SanDisk's new Fusion ioMemory PCIe flash storage cards, data-centers across the country, and multiple tier-one network connections. Rackspace has the data centers, six throughout the world, but it didn't have the connections...