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Zenoss Launches Next-Generation SaaS Platform for Intelligent IT Operations Management

Grazed from Zenoss

Zenoss Inc. announced Zenoss Cloud, the intelligent IT operations management platform. The company's next-generation cloud-native offering enables companies to eliminate IT outages and optimize cloud and on-premises systems as they undergo digital transformation, a business requirement for the survival of most companies across all industries.

Vendors across many segments have long endeavored to help prevent IT service outages and improve overall IT performance. These vendors have taken different approaches, including infrastructure monitoring, artificial intelligence operations (AIOps), log analytics, and more. Some approaches collect performance data from systems directly, some rely on events, some rely on logs, while others rely on data sent from agents. Zenoss Cloud represents the first platform that encompasses all of these approaches.

Key to successfully achieving this strategy was developing the unique ability to collect and analyze all types of structured and unstructured data in the same context - widely considered the holy grail of IT operations management. Zenoss Cloud introduces the first operations data plane that streams and normalizes all machine data, uniquely enabling this emergence of context for preventing IT service disruptions in complex, modern environments.


Operational and Financial Benchmarks for SaaS Companies

Grazed from GeoNexus.  Author: David Crankshaw.

If you are building a SaaS startup, you know exactly how well you are doing on your key metrics.  But then you wonder (and get asked), how well am I doing compared to other SaaS companies? And more importantly, if I knew the metrics of other SaaS companies, would I adjust my strategy?

Each year Pacific Crest, an investment banking firm that specializes in SaaS firms, conducts a survey of key operational and financial metrics.  The survey participants included 155 companies from around the world (but mostly from the U.S.). About a third (58) of the companies were small with under $2M in revenue.  David Skok, at his For Entrepreneurs blog, published the results of the 2013 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey. It’s a long post with fascinating detail. Here are eight graphs from the survey. See Skok’s article for the rest...

Insurers begin looking to cloud for IT operational efficiencies

Grazed from BusinessCloud News. Author: Jonathan Brandon.

Global insurance IT budgets are projected to grow at a 6.5 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) with total IT spend reaching $109bn by 2017. Moreover a growing portion of the investment will be going towards cloud computing technologies among others according to research and analysis firm Ovum.

Charles Juniper, senior insurance analyst, financial services technology at Ovum, believes insurers are beginning to prioritise IT investment once again following a lull in spending brought on by the global economic slowdown, with many firms targeting legacy systems modernisation, online channels, and fraud detection systems as key spending areas...

CSC Selects VMTurbo Operations Manager to Deliver Against Increasing Demand for Cloud

Grazed from VMTurbo.  Author: PR Announcement

VMTurbo, the leading provider of intelligent workload management software for cloud and virtualized environments, today announced that CSC, a market leading cloud service provider, selected VMTurbo as an operations management solution for its public, private and hybrid cloud offerings. CSC is utilizing VMTurbo Operations Manager to automate intelligent resource allocation and workload placement decisions – ensuring service availability, operational efficiency, and optimal utilization for commercial and government enterprise cloud customers.

“Service level assurance is at the heart of CSC’s value proposition to enterprise cloud customers and VMTurbo’s intelligent placement of workloads and ability to allocate resources based on application performance and business priorities enables us to provide reliable commercial and government cloud services,” said Eli Almog, chief technology officer for CSC Cloud Services. “CSC BizCloud and CSC CloudCompute, both VMware vCloud Datacenter Services, provide infrastructure as a service for doing real business on the cloud. We did a thorough competitive analysis and determined that VMTurbo’s sophisticated analytics engine and its API integration to vCloud Director and Cisco UCS made it the right choice for CSC’s enterprise cloud.”