SUSE Acquires OpenStack IaaS and Cloud Foundry PaaS Talent and Technology Assets from HPE

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SUSE has entered into an agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to acquire technology and talent that will expand SUSE's OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution and accelerate SUSE's entry into the growing Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market. The acquired OpenStack assets will be integrated into SUSE OpenStack Cloud, and the acquired Cloud Foundry and PaaS assets will enable SUSE to bring to market a certified, enterprise-ready SUSE Cloud Foundry PaaS solution for all customers and partners in the SUSE ecosystem. The agreement includes HPE naming SUSE as its preferred open source partner for Linux, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry solutions. In addition, SUSE has increased engagement with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, becoming a platinum member and taking a seat on the Cloud Foundry Foundation board.

Mirantis moves out of OpenStack BS-as-a-Service market

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A wise person once said: The only thing that is constant is change. Open source cloud solutions like OpenStack are challenging companies to come up with new business models to innovate. It was high time for pure play OpenStack company Mirantis to make the right move in the right direction, at the right time.

In September, Mirantis announced that they acquired TCP Cloud, a company that specializes in managed services for OpenStack. The news stirred the beehive as Mirantis was stepping on some partner toes and it was also moving away from the ‘pure play OpenStack company’ model.

The real value lies in people and not technology

Inspur Joins OpenStack Foundation as the Newest Gold Member

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Inspur, China's leading cloud computing total solution provider, announced today that OpenStack Board approved Inspur as Gold member of the Foundation, reaffirming the company's commitment to industry collaboration and open standards.

The OpenStack Foundation is the community that promotes the global development, distribution and adoption of the OpenStack cloud operating system, and serves more than 30,000 Individual Members from over 170 countries around the world. Enterprise members are divided into platinum member, gold member, corporate member and other supporters. At present, above 150 global enterprises provide code contributions, product integration, market promotion and capital support for OpenStack open source community.

Pure Storage Simplifies OpenStack Deployments

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Pure Storage announced expanded support for OpenStack and new solution offerings to simplify OpenStack deployments.  Pure Storage provides block storage for OpenStack environments with a comprehensive Cinder driver and native replication and snapshot features.

As part of the company's ongoing mission to innovate and improve the speed and efficiency of OpenStack deployments, Pure Storage has developed solution offerings with other companies, including Cisco Systems and Breqwatr, Inc. These solutions ensure customers seeking to deploy cloud services no longer have to choose between future cloud deployments and today's infrastructure. In fact, customers can easily deploy OpenStack today and be operational almost immediately.

Sureline Systems Announces OpenStack Support With SUREedge Migrator 4.7.1

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Sureline Systems, a leader in enterprise-class virtual, cloud, physical, and container migration and disaster recovery solutions for application mobility, today announced SUREedge Migrator 4.7.1 for migration from traditional infrastructure to OpenStack environments in on-premises or Cloud targets. Customers are able to migrate existing physical servers or virtual machines from any hypervisor or cloud to OpenStack with automated transformation resulting in fast, secure, and efficient onboarding.

The OpenStack cloud operating system is fast becoming an important alternative for large enterprises wishing to avoid vendor lock-in with multi-hypervisor support while being able to tailor the OpenStack environment to meet their specific needs. SUREedge Migrator allows organizations to migrate complete workloads to new infrastructure inside a data center, from data center to data center, to public clouds, between clouds, or from a cloud back to on-premises. Version 4.7.1 delivers the already feature-rich SUREedge Migrator capabilities including; ease of deployment and management through a powerful UI, automated transformation of the workload to the target environment, efficiency and security with deduplication, compression and encryption for any data going across a WAN, and no impact on the production server during the migration process.

Platform9 Announces Hybrid Cloud-as-a-Service for OpenStack Community

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Platform9, the open source-as-a-service company making cloud infrastructure easy, today announced that it has made significant contributions to OpenStack to enable hybrid cloud management by integrating with public cloud endpoints. These extensions enable OpenStack APIs to be the single, open standard for managing cloud infrastructure across private and public endpoints, and enables developers to focus on solving core business problems and not worry about configuring and managing backend infrastructure. These extensions are immediately available to the OpenStack community.

Cavium to Showcase Highly Optimized Platforms for OpenStack Deployments at OpenStack Summit 2016

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Cavium, Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, cloud, wired and wireless networking, will showcase highly optimized platforms enabling OpenStack deployments based on Cavium's award-winning ThunderX, LiquidIO and FastLinQ Ethernet adapter product lines during OpenStack Summit being held in Barcelona Spain October 25 - 28.

OpenStack is the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds. Enterprises use OpenStack to support rapid deployment of new products, reduce costs and improve internal systems. Service providers use OpenStack to give customers reliable, easily accessible cloud infrastructure resources, supporting technologies including VMs, bare metal and containers.

Internap Supports OpenStack Community Development as an OSF Infrastructure Donor

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Internap Corporation, a provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services, today announced a collaboration with the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) as an Infrastructure Donor for the community. Internap will provide cloud resources to the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) to support the automated testing of OpenStack projects. Internap is also participating at the OpenStack Summit, taking place October 25 – 28 in Barcelona, where top game developer CrowdStar will deliver a keynote about its shift to a containerized environment using Internap’s OpenStack-based bare-metal cloud. Internap will also present details about the next phase of its OpenStack expansion for bare-metal cloud services.

The OpenStack Infrastructure Team will utilize Internap’s OpenStack-based cloud services for testing, automation and continuous integration. The OpenStack Infrastructure Team tests each commit twice before it lands in the codebase, which translates to 2,000 tests per hour and more than two million tests during the Newton six-month development cycle. Internap’s contribution provides critical infrastructure at scale to execute these tests and advance software stability and reliability. Internap is one of only four public clouds utilized by the OpenStack Foundation as an “Infrastructure Donor” as a result of its contribution of significant levels of reliable, interoperable cloud resources to the community.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Bringing Agility and Innovation to Software-Defined Infrastructure

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SUSE today announced SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7, the latest enterprise-ready OpenStack platform for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service private clouds. Powered by newly released OpenStack Newton, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 includes new Container-as-a-Service capabilities along with non-disruptive upgrade capabilities to avoid downtime and service interruption. These enhancements offer customers the ability to accelerate innovation and improve agility to deliver value faster and overcome the shifting challenges of today's business environment. 

"SUSE is delivering the full value of OpenStack, helping customers mix evolution with revolution and build a software-defined infrastructure that propels their business forward," said Joseph George, SUSE vice president of Solutions Strategy. "SUSE OpenStack Cloud is uniquely positioned to assist customers to take full advantage of rapidly evolving technology trends such as containers and DevOps for the development of new cloud-native workloads. It also enables them to migrate more mission-critical workloads to their cloud. SUSE is committed to incorporating the best technologies to benefit our customers, making SUSE OpenStack Cloud the fastest to deploy, configure and manage, helping accelerate the delivery of real business benefits."

Cavium QLogic Accelerates Cloud Deployments with OpenStack Integration

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Today, Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise and cloud data centers, announced that it is showcasing technologies available for its FastLinQ™ line of 10/25/40/50/100GbE Ethernet adapters that accelerate the deployment of OpenStack by delivering the ability to orchestrate and manage an OpenStack configuration for hybrid and public cloud deployments.

QLogic technologies like the Plug-in for Mirantis® Fuel for automatic SR-IOV configuration across multiple OpenStack nodes and QConvergeConsole (QCC) for OpenStack physical and logical topology maps enable hyperscale, private/hybrid and telco cloud deployments with Cavium QLogic Ethernet NICs to be accelerated with OpenStack...