Cloud Computing: Why OpenStack Works

Grazed from Datamation.  Author: Sean Michael Kerner.

The last two years have been very eventful for Jonathan Bryce. Bryce is the Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation, overseeing a project that has become highly influential since he helped create it two years ago.

Today at the OpenStack Summit, Bryce took the keynote stage to detail the progress and the path forward for the open source cloud computing platform.

OpenStack was jointly created by Rackspace and NASA. Now there are over 180 contributing companies and over 6,000 individual members. The core OpenStack code base has also grown in the last two years...

OpenStack Summit: Open Cloud Platform Gets Big Push

Grazed from PC Magazine.  Author: Michael J. Miller.

One of the more interesting trends in cloud computing is the emergence of OpenStack, a set of open-source projects to set up public and private cloud computing solutions. This was originally set up by Rackspace Hosting and NASA, but now has grown into a full platform run by the OpenStack Foundation and held its own summit this week.

Troy Toman, senior director for cloud compute engineering at Rackspace and a director of the OpenStack Foundation, said the major projects within OpenStack include Nova, an open-source cloud computing fabric; Glance, for managing server (virtual machine) images; and Quantum, for providing "network as a service" functions. The last one is an API for dynamically configuring virtual networks, effectively a method of software-defined networking (SDN), and is a big part of the latest release of OpenStack, known as "Folsom." (Companies such as Nicira, which is now becoming part of VMware, have been driving this.)...

Cloud Computing: NetApp adds clustering technology to OpenStack

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Mikael Ricknäs.

NetApp has contributed Data ONTAP 8 Clustering drivers to OpenStack, giving service providers and enterprises better resources when building private and public clouds based on the platform, it said on Monday.

The addition of drivers for Data ONTAP 8 Clustering to OpenStack Folsom, the latest version of the open source cloud platform, allows organizations to automate management of NetApp storage pools, or clusters, and to scale the cloud infrastructure. That will in turn allow enterprises to increase storage efficiency and reduce disk and power needs, the company said...

Cloud Computing: Cisco releases OpenStack distribution

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Brandon Butler.

Further showing its commitment to the OpenStack project, Cisco has rolled out a free distribution of the open source cloud management platform, which it will package other services on top of, including virtual networking and high-availability features.

Cisco becomes one of a growing group of OpenStack member organizations that have released distributions of the open source code, joining the likes of Linux-distribution companies Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical and Ubuntu, as well as Rackspace and OpenStack pure-play vendor Piston Cloud Computing. The news comes as OpenStack backers meet this week at the semi-annual OpenStack Summit held in San Diego. Cisco VP and CTO of cloud computing Lew Tucker, who is also vice chairman of the newly formed OpenStack Foundation, says the value of the Cisco edition of OpenStack is around services that will be integrated into Cisco's OpenStack distribution, especially virtual networking...

OpenStack 'clock is ticking,' Forrester analyst warns

Grazed from PC Advisor. Author: Brandon Butler.

The OpenStack cloud computing project needs to get a move on it, says Forrester analyst James Staten. Specifically, he says member organizations need to start seeing a return on their investments, or else may become disinterested.

More than two and a half years old now, the OpenStack project has gained significant momentum in the past year, in large part because big-name companies such as VMware, Red Hat and IBM have joined the likes of Rackspace, Cisco, Dell and HP to contribute more than $10 million to the project. Despite the investments, Staten points out there have been relatively few "enterprise-ready" OpenStack-powered products on the market. Canonical, SUSE, Rackspace and Morphlabs are some of the companies with OpenStack distributions so far, he notes. Meanwhile, Rackspace and HP are two of the biggest companies to use the OpenStack code to power their own clouds...

New OpenStack clouds mean something for everyone

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If there isn’t an OpenStack cloud you fancy, wait a second, there’s more — a lot more — in the pipeline. Cloudscaling, Metacloud and Dreamhost will all preview their take on the open-source cloud this week at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego.

Don’t fret if the OpenStack clouds now available from Hewlett-Packard, Rackspace, Internap and a handful of private-cloud-centric startups don’t suit your need. There will be more options to choose from very shortly. This week at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego, new flavors of the open-source cloud will be unveiled by Cloudscaling, Dreamhost and Metacloud, among others. Here’s a roundup of some of the noteworthy news:...

Cloud Computing: Top 8 questions for the OpenStack Summit

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Barb Darrow.

If the OpenStack Summit is anywhere near as dramatic as the events leading up to it, it will be a really good show. As the open-source cloud effort transitions from a Rackspace-dominated move to a true community effort, here are 8 big questions.

To say there’s been a lot of build up to this year’s OpenStack Summit would be an understatement. The drama around VMware’s application to join the OpenStack Foundation and the delayed acceptance of that bid got tongues wagging. It’s only natural, as OpenStack transitioned from a Rackspace-dominated project to a multi-vendor effort with participation from IBM, SUSE, Cisco, HP and pretty much the rest of the known tech universe with the notable exception of Amazon...

OpenStack Folsom Adds Network Automation, Block Storage and Hyper-V Support

Grazed from OpenStack.  Author: PR Announcement

OpenStack Folsom, the sixth release of the open source cloud computing platform, saw a 65 percent increase in contributors, as well as the addition of Networking and Block Storage services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility. While work was underway to establish the new OpenStack Foundation, the thriving community once again delivered the release on-time and with all planned essential features.

OpenStack Folsom automates pools of compute, storage and networking resources, now including emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions via OpenStack Networking plug-ins, to build private and public cloud infrastructures without vendor lock-in. OpenStack Networking currently includes plug-in support for Open vSwitch, the Ryu open source network operating system, standard Linux bridge networking and commercial solutions from Cisco, Nicira, and NEC, with others in development. Written by more than 330 contributors, the Folsom release features a continued focus on stability and extensibility, while adding considerable new features like Networking, Block Storage and Hyper-V support. The community also made significant progress with localization efforts, introducing a new translation framework for the software, user-facing guides and documentation.

Ixia Validates Virtualized Data Center Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies at Vmworld 2012

Grazed from Ixia.  Author: PR Announcement

Ixia, the leading global provider of converged IP and wireless network test solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate the most comprehensive test solution for next-generation virtualized data center infrastructures in Ixia booth #413 at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco from August 26-30. Ixia will also demonstrate a proof of concept where Ixia virtual ports (IxVM) are being used to test an OpenStack (Cloud OS) environment.

Application virtualization in a cloud environment is a compelling solution with economic, flexibility, and capacity benefits for enterprises of all sizes. The shared and distributed nature of cloud computing components, however, makes it extremely difficult to predict requirements and optimize performance. A new, more specialized testing approach is required in order to measure the true capacity and quality of virtualized applications and infrastructures.a

Rackspace Launches OpenStack-based Private Cloud Software - Enables Businesses to Install,Test and Run Private Clouds in Minutes

Grazed from RackSpace.  Author: PR Announcement

Today, Rackspace Hosting, the open cloud company, announced the release of Rackspace Private Cloud Software, powered by OpenStack – making it simple and easy for companies to install, test and run a multi-node OpenStack based private cloud environment. The software, code named “Alamo,” uses the same OpenStack compute platform, Nova, used to run Rackspace clouds and is available as a free download from the Rackspace website. This software is based upon Rackspace’s experience in deploying and operating OpenStack-based public and private clouds in a variety of environments including in Rackspace’s own datacenters as well as in external datacenters. The Rackspace Private Cloud is backed by an optional support offering.

The Rackspace Private Cloud Software combines the capabilities of public cloud with the customization, reliability and control advantages of a dedicated environment. Customers now have a simple way to install an OpenStack-based private cloud in their own datacenter, at Rackspace, or in a colocation facility.