Cloud Computing: Workers Want Remote Access, Better VPNs

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Jeffrey Burt.

Greater worker mobility is one of the key trends—right up there with cloud computing, big data, the Internet of things and bring-your-own-device (BYOD)—that are changing the way corporate IT works. With more employees working outside of the office, IT administrators are under increasing demand to make sure that those workers have consistent and reliable access to the corporate networks.

According to a recent survey conducted by cloud networking vendor Pertino, making sure that network access is always available is not only important to the workers—who say they are more productive and happier with a more remote, flexible schedule—but also to their companies, which benefit from that higher productivity. Pertino surveyed 991 U.S. employees who have at least a four-year college degree to get a better read on how they're working and what they need...

Cloud Computing: Can your network handle big data?

Grazed from TechPageOne. Author: Michael O'Dwyer.

Companies both large and small are investing in big data. The smart ones prepare well and upgrade their information technology infrastructure to ensure their networks can handle the increased traffic. Others find themselves scrambling to improve their networks, as critical processes slow down or halt. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, there are so many infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings on the market that can handle big data workloads across several networks that most businesses should be able to find a product that fits their strategy, says Joy Taylor, chief executive officer of TayganPoint Consulting Group, a Lambertville, N.J.-based strategic management consulting firm.

“Today, [this means that scalability] and fast response time are no longer a challenge for companies looking to implement a big data strategy,” Taylor says.“The types of solutions readily available today for big data analytics allow SMBs to [use] the growing volume of data to drive competitive advantage — something that was cost prohibitive in the legacy world (prior to the cloud).”...

Verizon launches private IP cloud interconnect service

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Larry Dignan.

Verizon on Wednesday launched a secure cloud interconnect service that aims to tether multiple services together using private Internet Protocol addresses. With the move Verizon aims to be the secure connect between its own cloud, Microsoft Azure and private clouds run by Equinix. Verizon's Private IP service will be available direct in Equinix's 15 data centers around the world.

Verizon's approach is notable as it aims to use its core strengths as a telecom provider to carve out a cloud computing niche. Verizon also owns Terremark, a major cloud computing player. In a statement, Verizon noted that eliminating security concerns as enterprises tether multiple services together could speed adoption...

Cloud Computing: Dell Announces New Networking Solutions Including the Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch

Grazed from ITNewsOnline. Author: PR Announcement.

Dell recently announced new networking solutions to help customers deliver faster results, maximize efficiency and modernize and transform operations in scale-out and cloud-based environments. New products introduced include the Dell Networking Z9500, an energy-efficient, highest density per rack unit, and only pay-as-you grow 10/40 GbE data center core switch available today.

The new Active Fabric Controller and efforts to accelerate Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions into the sector through industry consortiums and collaboration with industry partners such as Red Hat also can help customers transform and modernize data center infrastructures...

CloudEthernet Forum Launches Open Cloud Project

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

The CloudEthernet Forum unveiled the Open Cloud Project at Interop this week, and the industry organization is working with the MetroEthernet Forum to make it happen. Together, the two organizations are hoping to create an open test and iterative standards development program for service providers, vendors and over-the-top cloud services providers.

Included in the new project is a dedicated proof of concept test laboratory in Silicon Valley, which will provide ongoing testing and support for the iterative development of CEF's CloudE 1.0 open cloud environment. According to CEF, the Open Cloud Project will also provide the basis of future compliance and benchmark testing...

HP Bridges Wired-Wireless Gap with Cloud Managed Networking

Grazed from TomsITPro. Author: Bill Olivier.

Hewlett Packard has announced a cloud managed software-defined network (SDN) that will improve mobile end user experience and help businesses simplify network management and possibly increase retail revenue, according to the company. The new solutions announced today at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas cover both wired and wireless networks.

The HP Cloud Managed Network Solution includes IEEE 802.11ac wireless access points (AP) and software-defined network applications. According to HP, it is a unified wired and wireless network solution that is combined with SDN. HP's wireless AP models 560 and 517 are based on IEEE 802.11ac standards will provide end users up to three times faster speeds over 802.11n...

Cloud Computing: Cisco rival Arista Networks files for IPO

Grazed from Reuters. Author: Editorial Staff.

Arista Networks Inc, which makes network switches for large data centers, filed for an initial public offering on Monday, the latest in a string of cloud computing firms tapping investor enthusiasm around the technology. Arista's filing comes a week after data storage provider Box Inc filed to raise up to $250 million in one of Silicon Valley's most highly anticipated IPOs of the year.

Box rival Dropbox is expected to file plans for an IPO in the coming months. Santa Clara, California-based Arista listed Morgan Stanley and Citigroup as lead underwriters to the offering in its IPO filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. The company, whose competitors include Cisco Systems Inc, said it would raise $200 million from the offering, but the final size of the IPO could be different...

Cisco's New $US1 Billion Cloud Computing Plan Is Ingenious But Risky

Grazed from BusinessInsider.  Author: Julie Bort.

Earlier this week, Cisco dropped a bombshell when it vowed to spend $US1 billion to build a brand new cloud service that competes with similar services from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, HP, IBM, VMware, and others.  Cisco is calling it the Intercloud.

With the Intercloud, Cisco is joining all the other enterprise tech companies who are chasing the cloud market.  That’s because companies today are using the cloud instead of buying new computers and software for new IT projects. They spent $US131 billion in 2013 on the cloud, Gartner says. They will $US174.2 billion in 2014 and $US235 billion by 2017, predicts market research firm IHS...

The Latest in High Performance Cloud Computing: Limestone Networks Announces LSN Cloud

Grazed from PRWeb. Author: PR Announcement.

High Performance designed with enterprise customers in mind, LSN Cloud was built to provide high availability, performance and scalability. Using technologically advanced network equipment and hardware, including Intel SSD drives for speed, Juniper rack-level switches, Cisco core routers, Supermicro chassis with redundant power and dual Intel Xeon E5 series hypervisors, LSN Cloud is ready for the most demanding business applications.

LSN Cloud is located in a Tier 3+ state-of-the-art data center where it uses Tier 1 fiber carriers for optimal data transmission. Located in the former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the data center is a stone fortress with government-grade security features and maximum failover...

Cloud Computing: Can Networks Keep Up?

Grazed from Peak10. Author: Ken Donoghue.

There is strong evidence that cloud computing and cloud storage will experience big growth spurts this year. The cloud has more to offer than ever before, and competition among providers for mindshare is producing highly differentiated products with real appeal to businesses of all sizes and types, particularly in the mid-market.

Three contributors stand out. The cloud offerings have matured mightily over the past few years, particularly in the area of security and compliance, making the cloud more attractive all around. Maturity in the cloud storage arena has been accompanied by a massive expansion in data generation and data analytics; it all has to go somewhere...