FTC, SEC put emphasis on cloud-based networks

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The Federal Trade Commission wants to upgrade its computer networks and software, and the key focus is the cloud — something the Securities and Exchange Commission has used for years, according to Federal News Radio. Federal Trade Commission CIO Bajinder Paul said the agency is interested in how cloud computing can swiftly bring operational capabilities to employees, create a path for innovation and aggregate acquisition initiatives across the agency, according to the report.

Paul said the agency wants better cloud-based data analytics tools to take advantage of enterprise applications that bring in more data. SEC CIO Thomas Bayer said his agency already uses 50 cloud-based applications.

Cloud Computing: Comcast boosts Internet speeds

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After last week's item about Comcast, I was deluged with responses from readers who, like me, received a letter from the company saying we had to upgrade our cable modems in order to get the most out of our Xfinity Internet service. As I wrote in the column, my old Docsis 2 modem was delivering the Internet at the advertised rate of 25 megabits per second, and when I asked Comcast, I was told I didn't really have to upgrade to a faster Docsis 3 model.

On Friday, I got a robocall with the same message about the need to upgrade - which I thought was odd until I learned that earlier that day, Comcast had quietly doubled the maximum speed in California for its (and my) Performance Internet plan to 50 Mbps. Knowing that my Docsis 2 modem could only handle speeds up to 38 Mbps, I bought a Docsis 3 model at Target for $70, and now I am getting the faster service...

Cloud Computing: Pertino Simplifies Extending VPCs Across WANs and Between Providers

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Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the cloud era, today announced a modern approach to WAN-based VPC using its Cloud Network Engine service. As cloud adoption increases, so does the demand for extending VPC over the WAN to connect public cloud servers across different regions and providers and with remote servers and users. Today's WAN-based VPC solutions are very complicated and inflexible, creating significant friction with the dynamic and elastic cloud infrastructures they connect. The Pertino Cloud Network Engine enables IT and DevOps professionals to build secure, cloud-based VPCs in minuteswithout configuration or hardware that work anywhere with any public cloud provider.

According to IDC, worldwide spending on Hosted Private Cloud services is set to surpass $24 billion in 2016, and analysts "anticipate that virtual private cloud will be the predominant operational model for companies wanting to take advantage of the speed and lower capital costs associated with cloud computing."...

Testbed will help clouds and networks shake hands

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Stephen Lawson.

A network testbed being constructed just south of San Francisco will help carriers and vendors develop standards for better cloud services, the CloudEthernet Forum says. The group's OpenCloud Project, announced on Monday, will combine commonly used networking and computing equipment with live traffic from service providers' commercial networks. It's the first place researchers will be able to test new technologies designed to make cloud services more reliable and easier to set up and manage.

As enterprises put cloud-based services to work in conjunction with their own assets, it's become hard to set up fast, reliable connections among all the components being used, according to CloudEthernet Forum President James Walker. Cloud providers may try to deliver a certain level of performance, but they don't own the networks that link them to their customers, said Walker, who is also an executive at carrier Tata Communications...

AT&T, IBM, Others Team on Elastic Cloud-to Cloud Networking

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Scientists from AT&T, IBM and Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) announced a proof-of-concept technology that reduces set up times for cloud-to-cloud connectivity from days to seconds. This advance is a major step forward that could one day lead to sub-second provisioning time with IP and next-generation optical networking equipment and enables elastic bandwidth between clouds at high connection request rates using intelligent cloud data center orchestrators, instead of requiring static provisioning for peak demand.

The prototype was built with contributions and expertise from AT&T, IBM and ACS, and the work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Government's DARPA CORONET program, which focuses on rapid reconfiguration of terabit networks. "The program was visionary in anticipating the convergence of cloud computing and networking, and in setting aggressive requirements for network performance in support of cloud services" said Ann Von Lehmen, the ACS program lead...

Big Switch aims to control the cloud with SDN product

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Jim Duffy.

Big Switch Networks this week is unveiling an SDN controller designed to bring Google-like hyperscale networking to enterprises. The software, called Cloud Fabric, runs on bare metal switches and allows users to build cloud “pods” where racks of servers, switches and applications can be grouped logically to serve a specific function, such as an OpenStack private cloud (, Hadoop big data cluster, or a virtual desktop infrastructure.

This is in contrast to operating, provisioning and monitoring each individual business application, such as SAP or Oracle or Microsoft Office, as its own silo. Cloud Fabric works with Big Switch’s SwitchLight operating system on spine switches, and SwitchLight OS on leafs. Optional components are an OpenStack plugin and SwitchLight virtual switches on leafs...

Packet Inspection Technology And The Cloud

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Syed Raza.

Cloud computing technology is transforming our environment, workplaces, as well as organizations by provisioning massive quantities of computing power available to even the smallest companies on a pay-as-you-go basis. The exponential adoption of cloud is a welcome change, however, like coin having two sides, the innovations that have made cloud computing possible also have a slightly darker side.

As a foremost, we send e-mails, surf the Web, exchange messages and post comments to blogs, we inevitably leave a digital trail. At every stage of the communication process, no matter how many servers it passes through, established security parameters and protocols act as a watchdog, monitoring the flow of data. This, however, depends on the security tools and preferences...

The Road to the Cloud Runs Through the Network

Grazed from EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet.  Author: Arthur Cole.

The cloud is emerging as one of the key drivers of network modernization in the data center. Across the board, enterprises are beefing up internal infrastructure to make it easier to provision server and storage resources for stakeholders, and the best way to do that is with a top-flight network.

Private cloud needs drive network infrastructure upgrades in the data center

According to Infonetics, the average spend for enterprise networking upgrades was $1.1 million last year, and if current trends hold, 2014 should see a healthy 20 percent gain. While wireless LAN technology is a top priority, most CIOs report that the need to build private clouds is paramount. This upgrade is being fueled by two main factors: the need to provide services and applications directly to users to stem the flow of data to public clouds, and the desire to ultimately build hybrid networks that can provide both the ease of use and scalability that emerging, data-driven industries require...

Routing All Travel Through the Cloud

Grazed from New York Times. Author: Quentin Hardy.

Cloud computing and mobile technologies change more things than you think. Besides connecting people and devices, or making software operate together more efficiently, they give companies new ways to seek dominance. On Thursday, Concur, which sells expense-accounting software for business, said it had entered a partnership with United Airlines to enable direct travel bookings on United’s website. Book a flight for work, and it will automatically be entered on your expense form.

Any corporate travel site that connects to United’s system also will offer whatever preferred rates the company has negotiated, and not United’s published fares. It is the kind of thing Concur and other cloud-based expense systems, like Oracle’s PeopleSoft product, already do when an employee makes a purchase on a corporate credit card...

NephoScale Launches New IaaS SSD/10Gbps Hybrid Compute Cloud Service

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NephoScale is excited to announce its new SSD/10 Gbps Hybrid Compute™ cloud service. This service is breaking new ground in IaaS with a combination of higher levels of performance and lower pricing than currently offered by competitors. "With the addition of this new innovative cloud service NephoScale is changing the game in IaaS cloud computing with an unmatched combination of price and performance," said Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale.

"By developing our own advanced software-defined-networking (SDN) and Hybrid Compute™ technology, and extensively leveraging open source software and commodity hardware, NephoScale is continually pushing performance levels up while driving costs down, thus giving our customers the best of both worlds in cloud computing," Templeton adds...