Network Automation

Cloud Computing: The Future of Data Centers Lies on Automation

Grazed from CloudTimes. Author: Saroj Kar.

Cloud computing is the evolution and divergence of many seemingly sovereign computing trends including SaaS, PaaS, XaaS, IaaS, virtualization, distributed computing, Web 2.0, storage, grid computing and more importantly Data Center automation.

IT organizations can no longer afford to use manual or practices of a disparate set of tools to manage physical and virtual resources infrastructure. These approaches are costly, error-prone, leaving few free resources to focus on innovation. The revolution of cloud computing means going to think about keeping the business on the basis of services that provide necessary functionality and automation is one of the criteria among them...

Heirloom Computing Partners With CloudBees to Move Mainframe Workloads to the Cloud

Grazed from Heirloom Computing. Author: PR Announcement.

Heirloom Computing Inc. today announced a new partnership with Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider CloudBees to speed the transition of mainframe workloads to the CloudBees PaaS. With the partnership, Heirloom will help IT managers lower costs and modernize their COBOL-based mainframe workloads by deploying them to the cloud, utilizing Heirloom Elastic COBOL and the CloudBees Platform. Deploying Heirloom’s Elastic COBOL on CloudBees is simple – watch this short video for a demo:

Heirloom Computing is on a mission to efficiently modernize the world’s business-critical enterprise software applications. Heirloom seamlessly migrates legacy systems to private and public cloud computing infrastructures, enabling IT departments to reap the cost benefits of cloud computing and satisfy user demands for applications accessible via web browsers and mobile devices...

OpenStack Folsom Adds Network Automation, Block Storage and Hyper-V Support

Grazed from OpenStack.  Author: PR Announcement

OpenStack Folsom, the sixth release of the open source cloud computing platform, saw a 65 percent increase in contributors, as well as the addition of Networking and Block Storage services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility. While work was underway to establish the new OpenStack Foundation, the thriving community once again delivered the release on-time and with all planned essential features.

OpenStack Folsom automates pools of compute, storage and networking resources, now including emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions via OpenStack Networking plug-ins, to build private and public cloud infrastructures without vendor lock-in. OpenStack Networking currently includes plug-in support for Open vSwitch, the Ryu open source network operating system, standard Linux bridge networking and commercial solutions from Cisco, Nicira, and NEC, with others in development. Written by more than 330 contributors, the Folsom release features a continued focus on stability and extensibility, while adding considerable new features like Networking, Block Storage and Hyper-V support. The community also made significant progress with localization efforts, introducing a new translation framework for the software, user-facing guides and documentation.