Blue Medora Expands SelectStar Monitoring to Big Data Analytics Clusters

Grazed from Blue Medora

Blue Medora, a leading innovator in IT operational analytics (ITOA) for enterprise cloud, database and infrastructure management, today expanded its SelectStar SaaS monitoring platform to support Apache Hadoop and Cassandra clusters.

SelectStar helps data operations and DevOps teams cope with the rapid changes in data platforms and analytics, including the costs, complexity and availability risks created by massive data processing demands from increasingly popular business-critical applications that leverage distributed architectures like Hadoop and Cassandra.

SelectStar presents a comprehensive view of thousands of health, performance and availability metrics for Hadoop and Cassandra clusters and nodes, as well as historical details for in-depth troubleshooting. With SelectStar, data operations professionals pinpoint and resolve issues faster using a dashboard of an organization's overall data health.

Zenoss Launches ZenPack SDK to Extend Hybrid IT Monitoring Reach

Grazed from Zenoss, Inc.

Zenoss Inc., the leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced the launch of its ZenPack SDK, a new portal that enables anyone to create ZenPacks, or plug-ins, that extend the capabilities of the Zenoss platform. ZenPacks can be created to extend functionality in monitoring serversnetworking systemsstorage systemsvirtual environmentscontainersconverged infrastructureapplications and more.

"The extensibility of our platform is a key difference between Zenoss and other solutions," said Marcus MacNeill, vice president of product management at Zenoss. "The new ZenPack SDK portal now makes it easier than ever for IT Ops and DevOps teams to customize and extend monitoring and analytics capabilities to cover just about any technology they can imagine."

The Zenoss IT monitoring and analytics platform was architected with extensibility as a key tenet, to meet unique requirements for the largest enterprise and service provider deployments. ZenPacks represent one pillar of this extensibility and enable Zenoss customers to extend their capabilities to monitor new types of systems and applications and to add advanced monitoring functionality for systems and applications that are already covered.

Liquidware Labs Announces the Release of Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 - Now with vGPU Monitoring Powered by NVIDIA GRID

Grazed from Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs, a leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced the general availability of Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 with a number of new features, including new virtual GPU (vGPU) metrics as well as dashboard enhancements, greater security and more. The company is demonstrating the software at Citrix Summit 2016 Anaheim this week (Booth #408).

"Stratusphere UX continues to lower the barrier of entry for the diagnostics and monitoring of end-user workloads" said David Bieneman, CEO, Liquidware Labs. "The solution's ability to focus on all users, machines and applications, while defining a quantitative metric for user experience, is the defining aspect of Stratusphere. And now, with more granular vGPU metrics and enhanced dashboard views, Stratusphere UX offers greater capabilities in support of trending, optimizing and diagnosing the challenges faced in next generation end-user workspaces."

Ixia Delivers Unprecedented Visibility into Virtual Data Center Traffic

Grazed from Ixia

Ixia, a leading provider of network testing, visibility, and security solutions, today announced that the company has extended the capabilities of CloudLens, Ixia’s recently announced integrated cloud visibility platform, with CloudLens Virtual Packet Broker (vPB). CloudLens vPB is a software solution that delivers visibility into virtual data center traffic for enterprises leveraging private cloud deployments to support and expand their business. 

Monitoring virtual machine (VM) to VM traffic (east-west traffic) in a virtualized data center creates a variety of challenges for IT and network administrators. One of the foremost challenges is the volume and transport of data to security and performance monitoring tools, virtual or physical.

5nine Software Announces Release of Simplified Management Solution for Windows Server 2016 and Nano Server

Grazed from 5nine Software

5nine Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner and leading global Hyper-V virtualization security and management provider, today released 5nine Manager v9.2, the popular management and monitoring solution for Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V Server 2016, including the Nano Server and Server Core installation options.

5nine Manager v9.2 extends management and monitoring for Windows Server beyond the standard operating system, which increases availability of Hyper-V infrastructures and reduces overall maintenance costs. Additionally, it provides the convenience and efficiency to remotely manage Nano Server’s virtualization capabilities using a streamlined graphical interface that deploys quickly and requires minimal resources.

SingleHop Introduces AI; New Saas Tool Provides Unprecedented Control and Management Over Hybrid Server and OS Environments

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SingleHop today announced AI, a first-of-its-kind, free, SaaS platform for remotely monitoring, managing, and patching servers and operating systems no matter where they are hosted - any cloud and any provider. Using advanced automation and predictive intelligence technologies, AI aggregates data from disparate server environments into one, simple-to-use, unified portal and suggests next steps, enabling IT staff to take immediate action across their entire server ecosystem. This dramatically reduces time spent on routine and repetitive tasks and speeds completion of critical actions. Account registration is now open at

With the execution of one line of code, SingleHop makes what is often a multi-month process of specifying and deploying expensive monitoring and management systems a less than 60-second process. The free solution is managing tens of thousands of servers at initial rollout and is designed to scale exponentially.

Opsview New IT Monitoring Solution Improves Time to Insight by 50 Percent

Grazed from Opsview.

Opsview, an enterprise IT systems monitoring company dedicated to making the lives of system administrators (sysadmins) easier, today announced the availability of Opsview Monitor 5.0. Opsview Monitor 5.0 delivers a new intuitive UI, dynamic dashboards and flexible reporting features, as well as a new Knowledge Center, which all combine to empower IT teams to achieve more with their existing resources. Version 5.0 product highlights include:
  • Flexible and configurable dashboards help sysadmins see and present the right information
  • Intuitive and fast navigation allows sysadmins to quickly gain insight and take action
  • Executive-level views arm IT executives with valuable data to drive decisions
  • Service-level reports inform business leaders of service uptime and ensure alignment with IT

Opsview Monitor 5.0 is ideal for existing Opsview users who want to take another step up in efficiency and service uptime, freeing more IT resources for critical IT projects that support the business. With 5.0, Opsview has improved the time to insight by 50 percent.

The Dynamic State Of Cloud Computing Monitoring And Evaluation

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Walter Bailey.

Monitoring and evaluation in cloud computing are essential processes. They determine whether a company’s applications on the cloud are effective, safe, and efficient. They also help eliminate failures in cloud computing’s functions, ensuring that business processes are not negatively affected or vulnerable.

So far, several providers have developed different cloud monitoring tools. In many instances, the intention is to create benchmarks for functions. These tools are also utilized to detect bottlenecks in cloud applications. Even then, whether these monitoring applications deliver the desired results to buyers and businesses remains to be seen...

Apica Introduces Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Support for Eucalyptus On-Premise IaaS Clouds

Grazed from Apica.  Author: PR Announcement

Apica, a leading load testing and performance monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today announced its performance monitoring resources are now available for data centers utilizing on-premise IaaS from Eucalyptus Systems. Customers can test their web and mobile applications launched in Eucalyptus cloud environments for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak loads. This announcement extends the capability of Apica’s performance monitoring and testing services to Eucalyptus customers, while allowing the company to offer a more comprehensive solution to the market.

“By enabling organizations to leverage pre-existing hardware to create their own on-premise Infrastructure as a Service clouds, Eucalyptus is an appealing partner for organizations looking for flexibility, compatibility and durability to build, test, and launch web and mobile applications,” said Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica. “Eucalyptus customers now have the advantage of Apica’s load testing and monitoring solutions to optimize the performance of their applications and avoid the load delays or other performance issues that could put a damper on their next big release. Our solutions will help customers fully realize the benefits that come with deploying their own on-premise cloud.”