IBM Systems Help Clients Embrace Next Generation of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social Technologies

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As organizations look to take advantage of the emergence of cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that this trend is driving interest in IBM systems in geographies around the world. In fact, a recent IBM study illustrates that four technologies - Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social - are no longer just buzzwords but have become key ingredients of enterprise software development and IT infrastructures. Seventy percent of enterprises are now using Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social and 75 percent of enterprise decision makers now consider these technologies as strategically important to their organizations, up from 66 percent in 2012. [1]

"IT infrastructure is crucial to meet the demands of clients in this new era of computing," said Stephen Leonard, General Manager, Sales, IBM Systems & Technology Group. "A new generation of IBM systems is helping clients modernize their IT environments for emerging big data, cloud computing, mobile and social technologies. Clients are migrating from non-IBM systems to infrastructures based on these IBM systems and the results they are seeing demonstrate that the right infrastructure does matter."...

Cloud, smart mobility drive tech M&A in Q2

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Cloud and smart mobility have been responsible for about 42% of technology deal, with the global technology M&A rising by 57% to $52.4bn this year, a new report revealed.  The latest report from Ernst & Young revealed that the disclosed value of M&A deals rose by 70% to $119bn during the second half of 2014, while the value dropped 21% in 2Q14 compared to Q1.

Ernst & Young Global Technology Industry Transaction Advisory Services leader, Jeff Liu, said: "Global technology M&A is on course for a blockbuster year in 2014. Technology companies are cash rich, and interest rates are low...

VC investors hot for the cloud, mobile and robots

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Venture capital fundraising has picked up steam in the U.S., with cloud computing, mobile technology and robotics getting solid backing. U.S. technology companies are looking at a strong investment climate with global investor confidence in U.S. companies up significantly for the third year in a row, according to the 2014 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey released by consulting firm Deloitte & Touche and the National Venture Capital Association, a trade group for the U.S. venture capital industry.

"For the past three years the U.S. has seen a significant increase in investor confidence, continuing the trend which began to take hold in 2012," said Jim Atwell, a managing partner at Deloitte, in a statement. "Improving capital market conditions lifted the pace of initial public offerings, fed by a strong lineup of new and innovative companies like we see on the Technology Fast 500 list, along with increased investor confidence both in the ability to fundraise, as well as to achieve favorable returns on investment."...

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VC investors choose cloud computing, mobile tech

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Venture capital investor confidence is on the up and up, and they're setting their sights on the tech world, according to a new survey by the National Venture Capital Association and Deloitte.  The two firms released the results of their annual Global Venture Capital Confidence survey on Wednesday, which shows that investors are increasingly being drawn to top categories in the tech industry, including cloud computing, mobile tech, and robotics.

"It's very positive results on the market overall, and very positive on tech," Jim Atwell, national managing partner for Deloitte's Emerging Growth Company, told CNET. "Tech companies are the sectors that have the most confidence the most excitement around them."...

Mobile cloud services bring user convenience, but at what cost?

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The combination of mobile devices and the cloud provides a vision of what computing may look like in the future. One of the most compelling reasons for individuals and enterprises to store data with mobile cloud services is continuous, ubiquitous access. Users who store files with cloud storage services can have immediate access to them anytime, anywhere and from any device -- assuming they have network connectivity.

 Millions have already taken their data to popular consumer-oriented mobile cloud services such as Dropbox, and some have taken the further step of synching many of their work files to those services. This leaves enterprise IT professionals wondering: How secure are these consumer services? And how can employees be restricted from using them?...

Microsoft: Riley v. California ruling will advance cloud privacy

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A recent landmark US Supreme Court ruling on the legality of searching a mobile phone without a warrant is a ‘historical moment’ for defenders of privacy rights according to Microsoft general counsel & executive vice president, legal & corporate affairs Brad Smith. This case focused on whether police can search a suspect’s cell phone without a warrant during an arrest.

David Leon Riley was arrested on August 22, 2009 after a traffic stop, which resulted in the discovery of loaded firearms in his car. The officers subsequently seized and searched Riley’s phone and its contents, and the officers charged him with an unrelated shooting that had taken place several weeks prior to his arrest based in part on information found during that search...

Cloud Computing: Verizon and VMware Expand Strategic Relationship to include Mobile Security & Enterprise Mobility Management

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As organizations use the power of mobility to transform business operations, Verizon Enterprise Solutions and VMware today announced an expansion of their strategic relationship to include mobile security and enterprise mobility management solutions. Driven by a shared vision for how enterprises will enable the mobile cloud era, Verizon will now provide its enterprise clients in the U.S. greater choice by offering the comprehensive AirWatch(R) by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management Platform as part of Verizon's mobile device management portfolio for on premise deployments.

The mobile cloud era represents one of the greatest tectonic shifts for IT in the past decade. VMware and Verizon share the vision that organizations need the right solutions delivered by trusted technology partners to enable the modern workforce to work at the speed of life. These solutions will be designed to allow employees to access all of their personal and corporate applications and information securely across any device, virtually anywhere at any time, while enabling businesses to run more effectively by providing unprecedented device choice and flexibility...

Amazon Fire Phone Signals Beginning Of Unlimited Cloud Storage

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Amazon’s announcement of details of its Amazon Fire Phone on June 18 promises to disrupt not only the economics of the smartphone industry, but also the use of cloud computing for backup and archival purposes more generally. In Wednesday’s unveiling of Amazon’s first phone, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos noted that the Amazon Fire Phone will offer unlimited, cloud-based photo storage for pictures taken from the phone’s 13 MP camera.

As noted by MG Siegler, the Amazon Fire Phone’s offer of unlimited photo storage outstrips its contemporaries because Apple’s iPhone cloud storage limits are capped in conjunction with a customer’s limits on iCloud. Whereas Android offers unlimited photo uploads to Google+, it does so at lower resolutions than that of the original image...

Security concerns slow bank adoption of cloud and mobile

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Concerns over security are creating a barrier to the deployment of technologies such as cloud and mobile by UK banks, a survey has claimed. In Fujitsu’s ‘Financial Services Landscape’ report - which surveyed 176 IT decision makers at a range of financial sector firms - respondents indicated that uptake of digital technologies was slower than previously expected.

For example, although the number of companies to roll out cloud computing across their organisation had doubled from two years ago, it still meant that only 16 percent of banks have done so. Meanwhile, 20 percent do not see cloud as an ‘enabler’ for their business at all. “This presents cause for concern. While security should be a priority for any IT deployment, it shouldn’t be the blocker standing in the way of a technology with the vast potential of something such as cloud,” the report claims...

Cloud, Mobile Collision Underline Critical Role of MSPs

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Technology worlds are colliding, causing the Perfect Storm for organizations that aren't prepared and creating tremendous opportunities for solution providers that are. Data is being generated at a breakneck pace and organizations are in dire need of storage, access and security solutions. Much of this data-generation is coming from the communications and easy sharing of information on mobile devices.

That is only going to increase moving forward and, as a result, businesses are turning to cloud computing to meet their needs. This intersection of mobile device usage, management and integration with the adoption of cloud computing is putting solution providers in the catbird seat. In fact, many managed service providers already have begun transitioning their business models for this new opportunity by reinventing themselves, focusing on the user experience rather than server monitoring, and have learned how to upsell services in the era of cloud and mobility...