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IDERA Introduces Mobile App in Uptime Cloud Monitor Release

Grazed from IDERA

IDERA, a provider of powerful database productivity tools, today announced an update to its Uptime Cloud Monitor product that improves mobile monitoring capabilities, adds support for more versions of SQL Server and Windows Server, and extends support of a variety of Microsoft Azure virtual machines, servers, and databases.

IDERA Uptime Cloud Monitor provides essential monitoring tools and capabilities that help IT professionals identify and address cloud infrastructure and application issues. This latest update allows users to monitor servers and websites in real-time and receive push alert notifications any time, any place with Uptime Cloud Monitor's mobile applications for Apple iOS and Android.

"As organizations migrate more infrastructure to the cloud, Uptime Cloud Monitor gives IT administrators an end-to-end view of all their systems, eliminating blind spots between on-premises data and the cloud," said Robert Anderson, vice president of product management at IDERA. "Our new mobile capabilities extend these monitoring capabilities to iOS and Android devices so IT can identify and react to potential issues before they become serious problems -- anywhere they go."

Fuze Expands Global Footprint in Latin America and Launches Multi-Language Desktop and App Experiences

Grazed from Fuze

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications solution provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced its expansion in Latin America with a new data center in Brazil in response to increased demand from enterprise customers. In conjunction with the announcement, the company also unveiled the availability of its desktop and mobile app experiences in three new languages: German, French, and Spanish.

The latest Fuze data center is designed to improve call quality for Fuze users in the region, reduce latency for connectivity to Fuze products and services, and extend Fuze's global reach through carrier relationships. With this expansion in Latin America, Fuze builds upon its existing nine data centers worldwide across four regions.

itopia Debuts Native Mobile App for Cloud Workspace Management at IT Nation 2016

Grazed from itopia and IT Nation

Empowering IT service providers and MSPs to capitalize on the move to a cloud-first, mobile-ready world, itopia today introduced its Cielo app, the IT and telecom industry's first native mobile application for cloud workspace management. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the app empowers channel partners to provide customers with on-the-go management and technical support from virtually anywhere at any time.

Available now at no additional charge to itopia partners, the Cielo app simplifies and streamlines the support cycle for IT service providers and MSPs while dramatically improving the user and customer experiences. The new app is also proven to help technicians make better use of their time and manage support costs by reducing -- and in many cases eliminating -- the need for onsite trouble-shooting resources.

VCE Launches New VxRacks for Cloud, Mobile Apps

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Chris Preimesberger.

VCE, a highly successful company conceived by EMC, Cisco Systems, Intel and VMware five and half years ago, made news May 4 at EMC World 2015 here by announcing a new line of hyper-converged data center systems called VxRacks. The company said these new server-storage packages will enable enterprises and service providers to more easily manage the deployment of next-generation scale-out cloud, distributed and mobile Tier 2 applications.

VCE VxRack systems enable users to start with dozens of servers and scale to thousands with up to 38 petabytes of storage capacity while delivering high performance/value per IOP. Most importantly, VCE offers its proven methodology of pre-engineered, preconfigured factory-built infrastructure with single-call lifecycle support to VxRack Systems, providing owners with the same VCE customer experience...

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Cloud Computing: South River Technologies Launches WebDrive Mobile App

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer, has announced the launch of its WebDrive mobile app for iPhone and iPad applications. WebDrive is designed to make accessing files on a multitude of cloud services and corporate web servers more convenient and efficient.

WebDrive for iOS enables users to access all of their files, presentations and videos through one simple app, rather than requiring an application for each storage service. This creates a simple way for users to access, share and view all of their content...

Cloud Computing: Microsoft rolls out Skype for Windows Phone 8 and Outlook Web App updates

Grazed from CloudPro. Author: Jane McCallion.

Microsoft has taken the wraps off updates for two of its customer-facing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products: Outlook Web App and Skype for Windows Phone 8. Outlook Web App, the enterprise-focused version of its cloud email service, now sports a delegate access configuration feature. Even though you're off having a good time, it's still business as usual in the office. The feature allows users to give permission for others to check their inbox and manage their calendar while they are away.

In a blog post introducing the delegate access feature for Outlook Web App, three members of the Office 365 team wrote: “Let’s say you're about to go on vacation and ... you've decided to turn work email off on your phone and leave your laptop at home for this trip...

Cloud Computing: Domo's Mobile App Is Winning Rave Reviews From Customers Across All Industries

Grazed from MarketWired. Author: PR Announcement.

Domo, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is redefining the business intelligence (BI) market, is making waves with executives across all industries for its mobile app. Available via the iTunes Store, Domo's mobile app works the way its customers do.

Josh James, Domo founder and CEO, says, "Users have been conditioned to believe that mobile applications are less functional than desktop apps. At Domo, we believe that mobile should outperform what the desktop experience delivers. From the beginning, we've focused on completely resetting expectations. In addition to making our mobile app on par with our desktop application, we're adding new capabilities that deliver a surprisingly more insightful, intuitive and user-friendly experience."...

Cloud Computing: 9 Ways Parallels Access Makes Your iPad Better

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Thomas Claburn.

Mobile and desktop devices tend to be thought of as distinct things, but the boundaries between them have blurred considerably in recent years. It's not just that devices can share data through cloud services and can run virtual machines. It's that we're starting to treat devices as interfaces for computing, rather than computers themselves. Our devices may be capable of handling local computation, but that's becoming a separate consideration. Parallels Access, a new app for iPad, exemplifies this trend. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Parallels made a name for itself creating software to let Mac users run Windows.

Access allows iPad users to run applications on remote OS X and Windows computers through Apple's tablet. Sorry, no Android. There's plenty of software that provides computer-to-computer remote access, such as Chrome Remote Access, TeamViewer and VNC. And mobile devices can do this too, through apps like LogMeIn Ignition...

Securing data with Authentication as a Service in the cloud, mobile era

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Dan Sullivan.

Incidents of international cyberespionage, attacks on financial institutions and intellectual property thefts help maintain a steady stream of news about information security. Passwords and logins are not the raw material of headline grabbing stories, but they are the security issues IT professionals must face daily. The rise in adoption of cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile computing has increased the complexity of managing users and their identities.

Security practitioners have spent decades developing methods for strong authentication to mitigate these risks that are easy to use and as secure as possible. Single sign-on (SSO) systems allow users to authenticate to a central application one time and then automatically authenticate to other applications and systems...

Cloud Computing, Big Data and Smart Mobile Apps will Drive IT Spending in 2014

Grazed from CloudTimes. Author: Saroj Kar.

Forrester released the data of its annual survey on IT spending worldwide and detects areas with higher spending, including apps and tablets. Forrester Research annual report on worldwide IT spending split the amount of 2.06 trillion dollars spent this year from businesses and governments between hardware, software and services related to information technology world. CIOs and IT decision-makers plan their biggest software spending increases in mobile applications and middleware, analytics, security, and collaboration software.

Software registered largest share of tech spending in 2013 and companies will continue to spend in this segment particularly on smart and cloud computing in 2014. While investment in legacy applications (both desktop and server) begins to languish, most investment moves towards cloud computing solutions, SaaS solutions development and towards the smart computing, i.e. Big Data and mobile application development...