Electric Cloud Brings Native Pipeline Automation to Mainframe, Microservices Environments

Grazed from Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud, the leader in Adaptive Release Automation, today announced a new version of its flagship ElectricFlow DevOps Automation platform, which includes enhanced capabilities to better manage, deliver and report on applications in both microservices and zOS mainframe environments.

"Today's applications are complex - from mobile, distributed, cloud, microservices, to mainframe - often all at the same time," said Carmine Napolitano, CEO of Electric Cloud. "Delivering these applications smoothly and ensuring everything works together can cause a lot of anxiety and friction. The new functionality in ElectricFlow helps eliminate toolchain and process silos among these various groups. This means that mainframe teams can now fully participate in a company's digital transformation efforts. It also means it's both safe -- and easy -- for developers and downstream operations teams to adapt to and adopt modern technologies, like microservices."

Comprehensive Mainframe Integration

Cloud Computing: CA Technologies Joins Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project to Advance Innovation on the Mainframe

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

A Technologies CA, today announced it is a founding Platinum member of The Linux Foundation’s new Open Mainframe Project. The project is designed to create a collaborative environment among top industry leaders and academic institutions to drive both improvements and enterprise innovation on the mainframe. The project will initially focus on reinforcing four key areas: scalability, availability, performance and security.

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development. As a founding Platinum-level member of the Open Mainframe Project, CA Technologies participation will help fuel innovation by participating in a neutral forum to drive support for Linux tools, associated hypervisors and open source components...

Mainframe: A Resilient Model for the Modern Cloud

Grazed from SysCon Media. Author: Jose Castano.

Technology is moving at a blistering pace. In today's era of data-centric, complex environments where the lines between business and technology are becoming increasingly blurred, organizations are moving beyond virtualization to cloud computing to meet new challenges and keep up with the pace of change. Critical investments are needed to keep companies competitive, and chief among these technologies is cloud computing. In fact, Gartner expects cloud computing to become the bulk of new IT expenditure by 2016. The bottom line is, if you're not already looking at cloud as an essential investment, you're risking your survival into the next era of computing.

The emerging cloud-based model of computing requires systems that can provide very fast response times to huge volumes of requests. And, mission critical services such as healthcare, finance, transportation, public utilities, and other industries require very high levels of availability, security and other industrial-strength capabilities. Those attributes, qualities and requirements make the mainframe the ideal platform for such mission critical cloud-based workloads...

Cloud computing still has a mainframe lining

Grazed from AFR. Author: Trevor Clarke.

For all intents and purposes the Australian cloud computing market appears to be thriving. But while the pundits continue to claim it’s the way of the future, tech infrastructure run on businesses’ premises is far from dead. Analyst firms like IDC say the domestic cloud-computing market has become a billion-dollar industry and is likely to break through the $2.5 billion mark in 2017.

Over 80 per cent of the firm’s survey respondents say they are using one form or another of cloud computing. These are promising numbers. Anecdotal evidence in the form of enterprise chief information officers publicly espousing their support for using the cloud, including public cloud services, abounds. And, egged on by true believers, there is a steady stream of “we now have a cloud-first policy” emanating from government policymakers across Australia...