Nerdio ITaaS Adds One-of-a-Kind Security Analytics Solution from Observable Networks

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Nerdio, a pioneer in ITaaS technology, announced today it has partnered with Observable Networks, an emerging leader of advanced threat detection services, to offer a one-of-a-kind security analytics solution with the Nerdio ITaaS platform.

Nerdio's VDI-powered platform delivers a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated IT environment for the private cloud, complete with unlimited virtual servers, virtual desktops, the complete Microsoft suite, security, disaster recovery, and more. Observable Networks has customized this offering for Nerdio, combining specific functionalities from its leading-edge products for the Enterprise and the Cloud to provide actionable insights and measurable security results.

Nerdio ITaaS Integrates Kaseya VSA for Comprehensive Centralized IT Management and Monitoring

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Nerdio, a pioneer in ITaaS technology, announced today it is integrating Kaseya's remote management and monitoring (RMM) solution, VSA.

Nerdio's platform fully automates the provisioning and management of entire virtual desktop-centric IT environments -- all from a single admin portal. Nerdio's three-click approach takes previously cumbersome and time-consuming IT tasks and makes them virtually effortless.

Kaseya also utilizes a single, centralized management console to offer proactive, user-defined monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs, and applications. It enables instant notifications about problems or changes system-wide, so that IT professionals can minimize disruptions and keep their organizations running efficiently.

CSC and Virtual Clarity Accelerate Digital Transformation of Enterprise Clients to IT-as-a-Service

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CSC, a global leader in next-generation IT services and innovative cloud solutions, and Virtual Clarity, a leading provider of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) transformation strategy and leadership, today announced an agreement to jointly help enterprises accelerate their transformation to leading cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Under the terms of the agreement, CSC will make an undisclosed investment in Virtual Clarity to accelerate the company's leading transformation consulting services targeting the Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, and Manufacturing industries. Virtual Clarity will become a Strategic Affiliate of CSC and will collaborate on joint go-to-market pursuits with CSC.

Virtual Clarity has significant knowledge and experience in helping global clients solve large, complex business problems and building lasting value for customers and partners. Its ClearTransformation service enables companies to accelerate business innovation, overcoming the inertia of legacy IT by transforming the traditional IT operating model to nimble IT-as-a-Service.

dinCloud Springs for New Data Center Features

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dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud, today announced enhancements to its IT as a Service cloud orchestration platform, dinManage. Through this console, dinCloud customers can manage network and security parameters as needed across dinCloud's suite of enterprise offerings including hosted workspaces and hosted virtual servers.

"Our goal with all of our cloud offerings is to empower our customers by giving them more direct control of their infrastructure," said Walid Elemary, vice president of product development, dinCloud. "Continually adding features and functionality that allow our customers to perform functions directly, and without the assistance of dinCloud support, provides them with a deeper sense of security, and the ability to easily clean up rights and roles, based on their system utilization."

IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Market 2019 - Demand from Public Sector Drives the Growth

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ITaaS is an IT operational method, providing an enterprise with the required amount of hardware, software, and support. Nowadays, companies have been using the ITaaS model to increase the usage of virtualization as it is not limited to cloud computing technology models such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Various benefits associated with the ITaaS model include the simplification and standardization of products and services delivered by IT, reduced cost of consumption, increased IT efficiency, and improved financial transparency, which leads to an increase in business agility and flexibility at the same time.  Analysts forecast the Global IT-as-a-Service Market to grow at a CAGR of 31.0 percent over the period 2014-2019...

Cloud Computing: Amid Challenges, Partners Embrace IT as a Service

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The transformation of the technology channel continues to accelerate with the shift to cloud services, according to a Canalys survey of channel partners worldwide. A huge majority (96%) of the 352 respondents say they already deliver some of form of “IT-as-a-service”, including managing customer assets on-premises, off-premises hosting or public cloud services.

For most, this still accounts for less than a quarter of revenue. But by 2017, the research firm says, almost two-thirds expect IT-as-a-service to account for more than 25% of revenue. “Product resell is still the most important business model for over 60% of channel partners,” Rachel Brindley, research director, Channels, at Canalys said in a statement. “But they rate the importance of their managed services to their businesses very highly, just behind reselling products.”...

In Public Cloud Computing Warfare, Is ITaaS the Key to Peace?

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The gloves are off in a fight for public cloud computing dominance. In the last two weeks, several cloud leaders have announced changes to their pricing structure in a bid to woo enterprise and midsize IT professionals who still have doubts about a shared cloud solution. There is another option: IT-as-a-service (ITaaS), which leverages IT resources in cloudlike form without resorting to full-on, distributed deployment. Some experts call it the answer to public cloud computing. Can it really make peace?

A Pressurized Environment

According to an April 2 ZDNet article, lower prices combined with higher availability make public clouds an attractive option for many companies; so attractive, in fact, that IT departments may find themselves under pressure from C-suite executives and shadow IT guerrillas who desperately want cloud access. One possible answer is to meet halfway through the use of ITaaS...

IT Goes On-Demand With Outsourced ITaaS

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Walt Strubbe.

For a sector driven by rapid change, it’s always discouraging to hear IT catch blame for being a corporate bottleneck. Yet it’s a refrain growing all the more common with the widespread adoption of SaaS, IaaS and other cloud-based service offerings that enable IT circumvention.

And it’s one that continues to push IT leaders to redefine their strategies and policies. One way IT can retain the control and compliance it needs and still give end users what they want is to operate “as-a-Service,” a movement the industry is calling IT-as-a-Service, or ITaaS...

IT as a service: How to succeed as an IT broker

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Simplifying IT service delivery doesn't mean going on autopilot Offering services should be intuitive and easily self-served, yes, but there must also be established mechanisms to fix problems or improve upon services, stresses Ian Clayton, senior vice president of operations at U.K.-based G2G3.

A common method for improvement is something IT organizations generally lack, he said -- in part, because they do not regularly engage the business. "IT brokers need an engagement mechanism, so they can listen to changing needs and they can convert them into [the technology]," Clayton said...

The Role of Cloud Automation and IT-as-a-Service

Grazed from Wired. Author: Jason Liu.

As a software company CEO, I have the opportunity to meet regularly with IT leaders from some of the world’s largest brands and leading IT organization innovators. Based on these conversations, it has become clear that IT organizations continue to struggle with the centralization of company-wide computing needs in the journey toward providing IT-as-a-Service. It’s also clear that cloud is both part of the solution and part of the problem.

For the past 18 months or so, one of the recurring anecdotes that I’ve heard has been around line of business staff engaging the public cloud to run projects without first engaging IT...