Q&A: Elliot Pearse Talks About HostPresto and What Makes a Good Web Hosting Company

Good web hosting can be an art form, like a fine wine, where only the highest quality ingredients and knowledge gained through experience can create a perfect blend that will provide you with the high quality product you expect, and deserve.  But trying to read between the lines to find a good, affordable web hosting solution can be a challenge.  CloudCow recently spoke with Elliot Pearse, managing director of HostPresto to learn more.

CloudCow:  How long has been going and how did you get started?

Atlantic.Net Talks Cloud Hosting, HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

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If your company is in the market for a Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, or HIPAA-Compliant Hosting provider, you may have already come across Atlantic.Net.  I recently sat down with the company's VP of Marketing, Adnan Raja, and asked him some questions about the company and their services.  

VMblog:  Tell us a little bit about Atlantic.Net and its history.

Adnan Raja:  Atlantic.Net was founded in 1994 by Marty Puranik as an ISP. Under Marty's leadership, Atlantic.Net has led the way in changing and adapting to new technologies, consistently introducing new services and solutions. Atlantic.Net is now a market leading cloud hosting provider, specializing in on-demand, private, and hybrid cloud hosting solutions. We operate our own SSAE 16 SOC 1 SOC 2 datacenter facilities, with presence in six international data centers.

VMblog's Expert Interviews: Kentik Talks Funding, SaaS & Big Data Network Visibility

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Since launching its ground-breaking SaaS-based network traffic analysis platform a year ago, Kentik has been making nice progress in the industry.  The company provides Kentik Detect, a cloud-based network visibility and analytics solution that delivers unprecedented depth of insight into any network.  Kentik processes tens of billions of data records per day, equipping service providers and enterprises network operations teams with actionable insights that enable them to make quick, cost-effective decisions.

The company just announced a Series B round of funding -- a nice sum of $23 million.  To dig in a little deeper into that funding news and to find out what they have planned going forward, I spoke with Kentik's co-founder and CEO, Avi Freedman.  

Q&A: Mirantis Fuels Collaboration with Intel and Google via OpenStack and Kubernetes

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Mirantis has been very busy in the past year pushing OpenStack innovation.  Having raised nearly a quarter billion dollars in financial backing from VCs and some of the world's largest technology companies, Mirantis has announced a collaboration with Intel and Google to modernize OpenStack by running the cloud software in Docker containers managed by Kubernetes. 

I spoke to Mirantis' Chris Clason, CTO, Cloud Platform Engineering Group, to learn more.

VMblog:  Why did you decide to work together?

VMblog's Expert Interviews: Infinio Talks About Accelerator 3.0

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Yesterday, Infinio announced the General Availability of version 3.0 of Infinio Accelerator, which helps to bring unprecedented storage performance to VMware environments.  VMblog followers and VMware community members may already be quite familiar with Infinio, but from what I've already witnessed in a recent briefing, this 3.0 release is set to further Infinio’s reputation for delivering high performance storage acceleration for VMware environments.  I was amazed at the raw performance improvements coming out of this release.  VMware datacenters will be quite pleased. 

The solution is certified as VMware Ready and operates with VMware Storage Policy-Based Management.  And Accelerator 3.0 will serve the needs of organizations looking to deliver never before seen storage performance for next-generation applications supporting financial, healthcare, and scientific industries; as well as help IT departments with more traditional needs of back-office databases, enterprise applications, and virtual desktops dramatically reduce storage costs.

After the announcement, I reached out to Sheryl Koenigsberg, head of marketing at Infinio, to find out more.

VMblog's Expert Interviews: Aviatrix Talks Cloud Native Networking

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Cloud native networking pioneer Aviatrix Systems recently announced its new Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking 2.0, a solution that's built from the ground up for AWS, Azure and Google.  The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and was founded back in 2014.  To find out more about the company and its technology, I spoke with the company's newly hired CEO, Steven Mih.  A technology veteran and evangelist himself, Mih joined Aviatrix to lead the company into its next phase of growth, building on the momentum of the company's recent GA launch and a $10M Series A funding round led by Ignition Partners and Formation 8 announced in September 2015.

Q&A: Mirantis Talks About OpenStack Appliances

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Mirantis, the pure-play OpenStack company, recently announced Supermicro and QCT as the latest Certified Rack Partner to offer Mirantis Unlocked Appliances. These turnkey, rack-based appliances ship with Mirantis OpenStack pre-configured to run in production environments and are easy to install, deploy and operate at scale.

I asked Jim Sangster, senior direct of Solutions Marketing at Mirantis, about why customers now seem to be embracing dedicated OpenStack appliances for building clouds instead of running off-the-shelf commodity servers.

VMblog:  OpenStack appliances have been the downfall of a number of startups - why are they working now?

VMblog's Expert Interviews: CloudPassage Talks about Security and Compliance in the Cloud

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Whether new infrastructure is spun up in the cloud or whether new applications are launched in a rapid development environment, companies should be implementing security best practices and compliance checks as early and often as possible.  But, is that happening?  To find out more about compliance in the cloud and beyond, I recently spoke with Bart Westerink, senior director of security and compliance at CloudPassage, to dig in deeper and find out what we need to know.

VMblog:  To kick things off, give us some background on CloudPassage and tell us what type of problems you're solving?

Bart Westerink:  The migration from traditional servers to agile, elastic infrastructure is putting a huge strain on enterprise compliance efforts. Servers and workloads that spin up automatically and on-demand make it difficult to manage and verify access controls, user privileges and security configurations. Implementing continuous monitoring and logging, while maintaining an accurate inventory of systems are also huge challenges. Compliance teams are being forced to expend lots of manual effort to keep up, which threatens to erase the business benefits of moving to agile infrastructure in the first place.


Interview: Mellanox Covers Exascale Computing, the Cloud and Big Data

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As the technology world stares down exascale computing the need for faster and faster interconnect solutions is critical for delivering the requirements of super low latency and high throughput. Mellanox offers end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet products aimed at the cloud and Big Data. We caught up with Eyal Gutkind, Senior Manager, Enterprise Market Development of Mellanox, to learn more.

insideBIGDATA: What products does your company offer the Big Data sector?

Eyal Gutkind: Mellanox Technologies offers analytics and file systems accelerations for Big Data deployments, using Mellanox 40Gb/56Gb Ethernet and InfiniBand solutions. With Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), Mellanox enables an efficient data transfer mechanism that allows applications, such as IBM BigInsights, to increase customer data ingress rate by more than 35 percent and analytics data processing by 50 percent compared to other data transport solutions...

Interview: Q&A with Mirantis Talking about OpenStack and Open Sourcing Vendor Certifications

Mirantis, the number-one pure-play OpenStack vendor, recently announced an initiative to “open source vendor certifications.” To find out more about what that means, spoke with the company's VP of Marketing, David Fishman.
CloudCow:  If you would, please tell CloudCow readers what you mean by “open sourcing vendor certifications?”
David Fishman: Large companies have historically used certifications to build artificial competitive barriers against smaller, disruptive vendors. As a result these smaller companies, who may have otherwise superior technologies, find that they’re not “certified” to run on the products of larger vendors. We’re already seeing these kind of “closed-door open source” plays happen in OpenStack; the goal of this initiative is to level the playing field. The objective is to provide the OpenStack community with a standard, open, set of tools that vendors can use to self-certify the compatibility of their solutions with the upstream OpenStack codebase. Any vendors can set up their own internal testing labs, link those labs to the community-driven OpenStack continuous integration system, and dynamically expose the results of their certification tests in a publicly available dashboard.