SWIM.AI Introduces SWIM EDX, Software Delivering Real-Time Intelligence and Digital Twins at the Edge

Grazed from SWIM.AI

SWIM.AI, the edge intelligence software company, today exited stealth and announced the general availability of its edge software solution, SWIM EDX, delivering edge intelligence and real-time business and operational insights. Current business intelligence solutions require large volumes of time-series data to be reduced, streamed to the cloud, stored, cleaned, analyzed and then modelled - at great expense and often with significant delays. By applying analytics, self-training digital twins and edge computing, SWIM EDX allows manufacturers, infrastructure providers, enterprises, cities and IoT vendors to analyze and take immediate action on fast edge data. In addition, the company today announced key additions to its management team, including Simon Crosby as chief technology officer, Simon Aspinall as chief sales and marketing officer, and Ramana Jonnala as chief product officer.

"Edge devices and data volumes are growing exponentially, leaving enterprises swamped," said Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst for Constellation Research. "That data, however, holds insights that can truly transform production, efficiency and a multitude of other factors. Being able to analyze that data, and therefore predict system performance on the fly puts enterprises ahead of the game."

Oracle Software Chief Thomas Kurian: 10 Strategic Cloud Computing Insights

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Bob Evans.

As cloud computing surges into the mainstream of business-technology strategies and deployments, plenty of questions are still swirling around regarding security, time to value, public versus private, lock-in, cost, and more. For businesses, these questions are reasonable as cloud adoptions grow rapidly around the world and increasingly essential workloads move from their traditional on-premise home to the cloud.

For the tech industry, the novelty of specialized and niche cloud products is beginning to lose favor as businesses look to avoid the costly habits of the past: purchasing lots and lots of point solutions from lots and lots of incompatible vendors requiring lots and lots of integrators and money and time to stitch it all together...