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Cloud Veterans Launch TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform

TriggerMesh, a company developing serverless and FaaS management solutions, announced their official company and product launch. TriggerMesh is offered as software-as-a-service and enables the deployment and management of functions on Kubernetes clusters enabled with Knative as well the management of event triggers across Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Azure.

TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform allows developers to automate the deployment and of functions from their favorite version control system on the TriggerMesh cloud powered by Knative. The developers benefit from:

VMware and Google Preview a New Plugin Unlocking More Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Written by David Marshall

VMware and Google have announced a preview of a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) plugin for VMware vRealize Orchestrator, and support for GCP resources in VMware vRealize Automation.

The vRealize Orchestrator is used to automate other VMware products like the vSphere virtualization platform and the vCloud suite.  This new GCP plugin for vRealize Orchestrator is said to provide customers with a consistent management and governance experience across on-premises and GCP-based IT environments.  As an example, Google and VMware said a user would be able to use Google-provided blueprints (or build their own blueprints for Google Compute Engine resources) and publish them to the vRealize service catalog.  This means a user could select and launch resources in a predictable manner that would be similar to how they would launch VMs in their on-premises VMware environment, using a tool with which they are already familiar.  

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition Now Available on Google Cloud Platform to Drive Enterprise-Grade Data Backup and Protection

Grazed from Cohesity

Cohesity, a leader of hyperconverged secondary storage, today announced that Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition is now available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing a new, cutting-edge enterprise-grade solution for backup and recovery of applications that use Google Compute Engine. As a result, Cohesity now offers data backup and protection for a wide array of public clouds, empowering enterprise customers with an incredibly efficient and easy-to-manage solution for secondary data workloads across multi-cloud architectures.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition on the Google Cloud Platform delivers web-scale platform attributes such as unlimited scalability and resiliency for backing up applications running on Google Cloud Platform. The integrated solution provides enterprise-grade backup of applications that use Google Compute Engine (GCE), the infrastructure-as-a-service component of GCP, addressing a growing market demand.

Announcements at Google Next 17 and price cut on IaaS

Grazed from IT Blog.  Author: Marius Sandbu

So the last couple of days I’ve been watching closely on the keynotes at #GoogleNext, where Google was showing alot of the new enhancements to their platform. So a couple of weeks back they also introduced a new relational database service which is geo syncronous as well called Spanner

Now up until now Google has been one of the cheapest providers when it comes to regular IaaS, but now they have also announced commited use discount as well which will cut the IaaS cost even more. Let me give you an example.

Price cut on IaaS

Google's Preemptible Cloud VMs Just Got Cheaper

Article Written by David Marshall

This week, Google announced that it is lowering prices on its preemptible virtual machines (VMs) to help businesses gain even more affordable options within the Google Compute Engine.  Although the market rate for using Google Compute Engine is by many measures already a fair price, it still may not be practical for some smaller organizations. 

Companies looking to gain entry into the Google Compute Engine but who don't have the budget or don't need the full power of Google’s cloud infrastructure now have a better choice.  They can go with Google's preemptible VMs, a much cheaper alternative to Google's typical cloud platform.  And now, they can do so even cheaper.  Thirty-three percent cheaper to be exact!

Preemptible VMs are like any other Google Compute Engine VM, with two big caveats: They cannot run for more than 24 hours and Google can preemptively shut down the VMs if they need the capacity for other purposes. 

Puppet Labs Announces Integration with Google Compute Engine

Grazed from Puppet Labs.  Author: PR Announcement.

Puppet Labs, the leading provider of IT automation software for system administrators, announced today that its flagship commercial product, Puppet Enterprise, is fully integrated with Google Compute Engine.  Puppet Enterprise customers can freely and immediately download the Google Compute Engine module from Puppet Forge.  Using Puppet Enterprise, system administrators can rapidly deploy and scale Google Compute Engine cloud applications in response to the quickly changing needs of the business at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.

Puppet Enterprise’s unique approach to IT automation uses a declarative, model-based technology, which enables system administrators to define reusable configurations of services and applications.  Puppet Enterprise then automatically creates and enforces these definitions across any deployment environment, from on-premise to thecloud, and across any operating system, from Windows to Unix to Linux.  By automating the management of their infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise, atypical IT organization will see a 10x boost in productivity, a 75% reduction in applications’ time-to-production, and a significant reduction in service outages.

ScaleXtreme to Support Google Compute Engine

Grazed from ScaleXtreme. Author: PR Announcement.

ScaleXtreme, a leading provider of cloud and server management products, announced coming support for Google Compute Engine. As part of this support, ScaleXtreme customers will be able to monitor, manage, patch and automate deployment of Google Infrastructure-as-a-Service servers.

“We’re excited to see Google give public cloud computing customers additional choices in who to partner with for infrastructure,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “We built ScaleXtreme to handle multiple clouds simultaneously and along with internal enterprise infrastructure. Google Compute Engine, along with services like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, HP Cloud Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and VMware vCloud powered services is making multi-cloud infrastructure a reality for customers, and ScaleXtreme has given customers native support for all these platforms.”