Nutanix CEO smacks down VMware exec over claim it's a new Enron

Grazed from The Register.  Author: Simon Sharwood

The ongoing spat between VMware and Nutanix has flared again, with the latter company's CEO Dheeeraj Pandey hitting Twitter to smack down Lee Caswell, Virtzilla's veep for Products, Storage and Availability.

This round of the spat between the two appears to have started with a since-deleted Caswell Tweet pointing to this story titled “Nutanix is a ‘once-in-a-decade’ opportunity, says Goldman Sachs”.

ZeroStack Wraps Up 2016 with 10 Key Milestones

Grazed from ZeroStack

ZeroStack, the world’s first cloud-managed datacenter company, announced today that it achieved several significant milestones for its Cloud Platform during its first full year on the market. The milestones span both technology and partnership achievements, and demonstrate ZeroStack’s rapid growth and leadership in the cloud-managed datacenter space. 

Technology Milestones

  • In March, ZeroStack announced the first on-premises, cloud-managed software. ZeroStack was the first on-premises cloud vendor to leverage a growing trend toward cloud-managed infrastructure.
  • In June, ZeroStack unveiled its zApp Store, a new source of single-click, downloadable application templates for users of ZeroStack’s Cloud Platform. The App Store enables single-click onboarding of over 20 workloads including Jenkins, Cassandra, Hadoop and Spark.

How the Internet and Cloud Computing Improves Lead Generation

Every business owner understands the importance of generating business leads. They also know that the internet and cloud computing can help with this activity, but don't always know how this can be achieved. Below are some of the ways the internet and cloud computing can help with any businesses lead generation efforts.

Online Directory Enquiries

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