Untangle Bolsters AWS Licensing Options with Pay as You Go Availability

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Untangle announced the availability of Pay As You Go (PAYG) options in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its NG Firewall software. This new licensing structure for public cloud deployments will bolster Untangle's public cloud offerings following their AWS Bring Your Own License (BYOL) announcement this spring. Untangle's Firewall as a Service provides customers with integration to a cloud ecosystem that provides value-added services like centralized management, proactive alerting and threat intelligence.

This additional offering for AWS builds on Untangle's commitment to providing SMBs with the simplest user experience for installation, configuration, management and reporting, while providing new options for cloud-connected networks to safeguard their users, data and devices. NG Firewall in AWS helps organizations maintain a consistent security posture across dispersed locations. By moving from a firewall onsite to one located in the cloud, organizations can easily scale without being limited by hardware.

Hillstone CloudEdge is Microsoft Azure Certified and Available in Azure Marketplace

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Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of network security solutions, today announced that the Hillstone virtual firewall solution, CloudEdge, based on its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology, is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace in standard and advanced editions. Azure Marketplace offers integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services to make it easier to build and manage enterprise, mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT) applications faster and more efficiently. The Hillstone virtual solution integrates with multiple security services, including firewall security, application identification and threat protection, to ensure security for cloud deployments.

Features and benefits from Hillstone Networks include:

Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline Revolutionizes Data Access for Cloud Applications

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Progress today announced the release of Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline, a data access service that provides simple, secure access to organizations’ cloud and on-premises data sources for hybrid cloud applications, such as CRM, data management platforms or hosted analytics.

According to Gartner, “In 2017, forward-thinking IT organizations will realize that rigid data architectures will not scale to meet the needs of a competitive, growing digital business. Technical professionals must utilize the lower-cost, flexible, componentized data management and analytics platforms that are emerging to enable their enterprises to be successful into the digital business era.”

Industry's First Fully Integrated, Threat-Focused Next-Generation Firewall From Cisco

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As global companies embrace new digital business opportunities, cybersecurity is regularly cited as a top concern impeding growth and innovation. To give businesses the confidence to pursue digital opportunities to enable growth, Cisco has made security a top priority and is today announcing innovations to its flagship Next-Generation Firewall. The goal: to deliver leading protection to keep organizations safer.

Cisco's first fully integrated, threat-focused Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) marks a significant departure from the focus of legacy NGFWs on application control. By focusing instead on threat defense, Cisco will help organizations better manage and minimize risk. Think of it as legacy NGFWs protecting "homes" by securing windows and doors, whereas Cisco's approach is to identify, detect and protect against would-be burglars no matter how they try to gain access to a property.

Fortinet Delivers On-Demand, Pay-As-You-Go Virtual Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Fortinet -- a world leader in high-performance network security -- today announced enhancements to its existing FortiWeb-VM Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to include on-demand, pay-as-you-go offerings. FortiWeb-VM for AWS helps AWS enterprise customers secure their cloud-based Web applications and meet PCI DSS compliance requirements.

FortiWeb-VM for AWS can now be utilized seamlessly on an hourly or annual subscription basis, complementing existing Bring Your Own License (BYOL) options. When procured via AWS Marketplace for on-demand delivery and integrated metering, billing, and payments, AWS customers can now consume "security-as-a-service" in the same simple and elastic manner as they would with the AWS infrastructure itself. A significant benefit of the new on-demand, pay-as-you-go model is scaling the solution to meet immediate needs, while still offering predictable cost models. The new AWS Marketplace annual subscription options potentially allow CAPEX savings of up to 40 percent when compared to hourly pricing over the same 12 month period...

All You Need to Know About Windows Firewall and Cloud Computing Services

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In this world of computers and connectivity, viruses and Trojans are always an issue. They come in all shapes and sizes and may be extremely difficult to decipher. Windows firewall provides protection against viruses and anti hacking services. It is a component software of Microsoft Windows that provides packet filtering. Firewalls continually navigate through programs to ascertain whether there are any viruses or intruders in the system.

A few years back, most individual computer owners and businesses did not know about the advantages of Windows Firewall especially with reference to the Internet. But nowadays, nobody can ignore firewall services. It acts like a barrier against all types of infiltrators, and also provides security to a computer...

Cloud computing: Security threats and next-generation firewalls

Grazed from NetworkAsia.  Author:  Sharat Sinha.

Cloud computing encompasses an increasingly broad array of uses from applications to data services, virtualization, software and platform as a service. However, instead of viewing the cloud as the utopia IT architecture for all enterprises, the cloud is in fact one of multiple options towards a more efficient, responsive and available IT infrastructure. Rather than an immediate migration, there’s still a lot to do in terms of data center consolidation, segmentation, securing your virtualized infrastructure, and safely enabling data center applications.

Within Asia Pacific, and as reported by CNC Data and the Synergy Research Group, corporate spending on cloud and data centre infrastructure reached almost US$10 billion in 2012, a 21 per cent increase from 2011. The adoption and expansion of cloud, mobile, and wireless technologies have also created new and different threats to the network, therefore increasing the scope of the IT security products market...

Teambox On-Premise Delivers "Behind-Your-Firewall" Cloud Collaboration

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In theory, the cloud makes communication easier than ever by allowing users to connect with one another from anywhere. In practice, the picture can be more complicated, especially in situations where security or regulator concerns constrain the ability to work in the cloud. But the channel is responding with solutions for leveraging the cloud without violating data policies, as a new collaboration platform from Teambox shows.

The software, called Teambox On-Premise, is designed to reconcile data privacy and security concerns with demand for cloud-based collaboration by allowing organizations to run collaboration software on their own hardware and behind their own firewalls. It's the latest addition to Teambox's line of collaboration, workflow management and file sharing applications, and the company bills it as the channel's "only behind­-your-­firewall collaboration solution."...

Firewalls in the cloud era: They improve the cloud and the cloud improves them

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Wieland Alge.

Firewalls will always be required as they are the sole devices that analyse and control communication of data and applications. Firewall technology ensures networks are running the way we want them to. As a result I came to the conclusion that the question is not ‘will on-premise firewalls disappear’, but ‘how will firewalls be influenced by cloud technologies?’. In order to address this we have to look at some of the history.

Enter Unified Threat Management

10 years ago the first perimeter architectures consisted of a fast packet processor (the firewall) and a battery of content scanning servers. Each server was dedicated to a specific task (a duty) such as locating spyware or virus scanning. Each was from a different vendor and each was managed separately – it was genuinely best of breed and from a pure performance perspective it was ideal...

Cloud Computing: Huawei unveils world’s first Terabit firewall

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Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, unveiled its USG9500 series, the world's first high-end firewall with Terabit throughput, in the Huawei Cloud Computing Conference 2012 (HCC 2012).

Huawei has more than 10 years' of experience in firewall technologies. Huawei firewalls have evolved from Gigabit basic firewalls to 10G and 100G firewalls with functions such as NAT, VPN, UTM, anti-DDoS and CGN to meet the rising security requirements of enterprises. In recent years, the Huawei firewalls have witnessed a rapid business growth in product range to include low-end, mid-range and high-end devices to meet the needs of different enterprises, including the world's biggest carriers and famous companies...