Cisco bulks up branch routers for cloud

Grazed from Network World.  Author: Jim Duffy.

Cisco is fortifying its ISR branch routers to give users more options when accessing cloud services and backing up primary links.

Cisco is expanding its ISR 4000 series devices with four more modular platforms that support hybrid WAN capabilities – the ability to turn up Internet and wireless 3G/4G links as backups or ancillary connections to primary MPLS circuits. The company is working with Vodafone to enable that European carrier to offer a 4G plus wired managed service bundle based on the ISR 4000s, Cisco officials said at the Interop New York exhibition here this week...

Cloud Computing: IBM And HP Are Looking At Diversification, But Where Should You Invest?

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Hardware giants like International Business Machines (IBM) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) are diversifying into more areas to propel growth given the slowing personal computer market. Cyber security and cloud computing are among the most talked-about markets in IT solutions growing at a rapid pace.

The products such as mobile communications, cloud computing, and security solutions are being focused upon by IBM since they are higher margin markets with higher growth products. Acquisitions and partnerships are considered as the ideal ways to step into such markets. IBM’s rock-solid cash position has enabled it to make a few acquisitions and its established brand image has enabled it to enter into agreements with leading players...

Imperva goes to the clouds against rivals F5 and IBM

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Shlomo Kramer, the Israeli entrepreneur who made his name by co-founding the world’s second-largest security networks maker, is seeing investor support vanish for his latest cyber venture.  Imperva Inc, the Redwood Shores, California-based company that builds security systems for data centers, sank 44 per cent last week after scaling back its first-quarter revenue growth outlook to a third of its previous forecast.

Almost all of the declines came in a single day, April 10. The rout erased US$584 million (RM1.9 billion) of market value and sent the stock to a 20-month low.  Imperva, one of six Israeli online-security firms that Kramer has founded or financially backed over the past two decades, is facing growing competition from global powerhouses including International Business Machines Corp and F5 Networks Inc, Kramer, who is also the chief executive officer of Imperva, said the company missed its sales projection as competition for larger deals delayed orders, according to an April 9 statement...

Cloud Computing: IBM mainframe, tech's 'dinosaur', turns 50

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The IBM mainframe, the drab-looking refrigerator-size machine that was once the symbol of computer technology, turned 50 this week. It’s been portrayed as a technology dinosaur, out of place in an era where computing is about being small, fast and mobile. But in half a century, the mainframe has remained one of IBM’s IBM -0.25% most successful flagship products.

In fact, a decade ago when the mainframe celebrated its 40th year, Big Blue even embraced the ‘dinosaur’ label, unveiling the latest version with a catchy, defiant code name: ‘T-Rex.’ But that was when IBM was viewed as the tech giant on a comeback trail, bouncing back from setbacks in its competition with newer, more nimble rivals, as it recast itself as an IT services and software powerhouse...

Cloud Computing: Dell Announces New Networking Solutions Including the Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch

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Dell recently announced new networking solutions to help customers deliver faster results, maximize efficiency and modernize and transform operations in scale-out and cloud-based environments. New products introduced include the Dell Networking Z9500, an energy-efficient, highest density per rack unit, and only pay-as-you grow 10/40 GbE data center core switch available today.

The new Active Fabric Controller and efforts to accelerate Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions into the sector through industry consortiums and collaboration with industry partners such as Red Hat also can help customers transform and modernize data center infrastructures...

Cloud Computing: EMC Redefines Data Protection with New Products

Grazed from The Var Guy. Author: Michael Cusanelli.

EMC (EMC) has announced several new products and technologies to add to its data protection and cloud computing portfolio, designed to aid IT companies in protecting their infrastructures while adding support for cloud environments and data protection as a service delivery. Chief among these releases are the company’s Data Protection Suite, Data Domain Operating System and VPLEX and RecoverPoint products. All three focus on storage protection for enterprise users and utilize EMC’s latest in data protection and disaster recovery.

“Over the past few years we've delivered numerous integrations that, together with a workload-agnostic protection storage platform as an anchor, provide a protection storage architecture. Today, we are announcing products and new integrations that enable customers to deliver a complete spectrum of data protection and availability capabilities as a holistic, consumable service,” said Guy Churchward, president, EMC Data Protection and Availability Division, in a prepared statement...

Cloud Migration vs. Server Replacement

Grazed from Responza. Author: Sunni Campbell.

There are some old servers out there reaching the end of their lifespans and its important to consider the pros and cons of jumping to the cloud instead of performing a one-to-one replacement. Here we investigate some of the exciting benefits of moving to the cloud. We touch on security, backup, maintenance, and technical architecture strategy – major factors that should be contemplated when considering any changes to your IT environment. Here are some starter questions to get you thinking:

• Is your hardware older than five years and out of warranty?
• Do you have many users working remotely either from home or in satellite offices?
• Is your organization changing or growing rapidly?
• What are your security needs?...

SanDisk Announces New CloudSpeed SATA SSDs

Grazed from StorageReview. Author: Lyle Smith.

SanDisk has announced four new additions to its CloudSpeed Serial ATA (SATA) line: the CloudSpeed Extreme, CloudSpeed Ultra, CloudSpeed Ascend and CloudSpeed Eco SSDs. These new CloudSpeed SSDs are specifically designed to provide business-critical performance for the mixed-use, read and write-intensive application workloads that are becoming more and more important in today’s enterprise data centers and cloud computing environments.

SanDisk combines its flash management Guardian Technology Platform with the new SSDs as well as its memory technology to become the first vendor to ship 10 full drive writes per day (DWPD), 19nm-based enterprise SATA SSDs, which gives customers longer-lasting drive operation at a better value. With the new CloudSpeed nomenclature, the drive families align more closely with the SAS-interface Optimus drives...

Nvidia Launches Pascal, A GPU For The Cloud

Grazed from Cruxialcio. Author: Antone Gonsalves.

Nvidia has introduced its next-generation GPU platform, which is expected to significantly increase the speed of high-performance systems used in cloud computing and scientific research. Called Pascal, named after 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal, the upcoming platform has a couple of proprietary technologies that move data much faster between the GPU and memory chips and the computer's main processor, called the CPU.

GPUs are best known for rendering graphics in online gaming or videogames. However, the specialized design of the chips also makes them much better than CPUs at processing large blocks of data found in cloud-computing, machine learning, analytics and scientific research...

Nvidia shows off high-end game cards, cloud graphics offerings

Grazed from TheChicagoTribune. Author: Noel Randewich.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang debuted new and upcoming graphics technology on Tuesday including a $3,000 high-end component for PC game enthusiasts and a cloud-computing partnership with VMWare. With the personal computer industry losing steam and the chipmaker's move into mobile facing relentless competition, Nvidia is heavily promoting its graphics technology for a wider range of applications, including cars and data centers.

At the company's annual graphics technology conference in San Jose, Huang wowed close to 3,000 attendees with souped up chips for machine learning and a self-driving Audi, powered by an Nvidia processor, that drove onto the stage during his presentation. Huang announced a new version of Nvidia's high-end Titan graphics card, its top of the line offering for die-hard PC gamers...