End User Computing

Liquidware Announces General Availability of Stratusphere UX 6.0

Grazed from Liquidware

Liquidware, a leading 3rd party provider of platform-agnostic end-user computing solutions, today announced the general availability of Stratusphere UX 6.0, a user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution for physical desktops, virtual and cloud-based workspaces. Stratusphere UX has received a major architectural change with this release, scaling to support the capture of far more user, machine and application metrics and information. The solution has also added features to support application strategy, application visibility as well as support for new end-devices.

"We have put significant resources behind this version of Stratusphere UX," said David Bieneman, CEO and co-founder, Liquidware. "Architectural enhancements and the addition of a Stratusphere Collector Appliance now allow the solution to extend visibility and capture more in-guest details, while also increasing overall responsiveness and reporting." The new architecture of Stratusphere UX will better support enterprise environments with a platform scale increase of 400 percent and increases of 40 percent in interface responsiveness and over 100 percent in reporting time.

The Virtualization Roadmap Begins with the End User

Grazed from VMblog.com. Written by Mike Calwell

Professional football teams spend several hours each week preparing for their next game. Physical conditioning is paramount and key to overcoming a challenging opponent. In addition to practice and workouts, players and coaches also review video of the opposing teams. The key is that they will be much more successful if they know what's coming and how the opposing team likes (or doesn't like) to play the game. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and End-User Computing (EUC) are no different. Understanding end user preferences and expectations up front help to create a more efficient and reliable VDI. 

The world has been a-buzz about VDI for several years. For VMware, this journey accelerated in 2007 with the acquisition of Dunes Technology. Dunes Technology gave VMware its initial brokering and provisioning framework. In the beginning and for several years thereafter, it was all about brokering a virtual machine.

The State of Cloud Computing vis-à-vis End User Companies

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Jyoti Trehan.

Cloud computing is yet another buzzword that has been metamorphosing constantly. In other words, it continues to grow but the evolution has been very zigzag. A few decades ago, IBM used to offer its mainframes to banks, utilities and other industries on a rental basis and the billing used to be metered. Even today IBM is doing the same thing with much success thanks to the amazing performance of its mainframe servers. However there are various new forms of cloud computing that have made it a common household word.


Salesforce is the company that showcased to the world more than a decade ago what SaaS could do. Having said that, SaaS, with multi-tenancy and metered billing model at the heart of it, is more applicable for product and services companies that offer per use services over the net. A lot of verticals, for better or worse, are not comfortable with the fact that the data lives somewhere outside of their brick and mortar structure...