Disaster Recovery

Key Benefits of Cloud-based Disaster Recovery You Should Know

According to the 2016 Cost of Data Center Outages report, partial unplanned shutdown has cost organizations $499,800 while total outages cost a staggering $946,788, or an overall average cost of $740,357. Downtime means lost of revenue and business disruption which could severely damage reputation. What is even worse? The possibility of losing that valuable data forever.

Cloud-based disaster recovery provides organizations a way to secure data, recover, and even implement a failover in the event of a disaster, whether man-made or natural, by storing and maintaining electronic data in a cloud environment. While an organization may survive and recover data after a disaster by utilizing traditional data recovery resources, there are specific benefits to business that a cloud-based disaster data recovery service can provide.

Don't fail from failovers: The difference between Failover and Disaster Recovery

Don't fail from failovers: The difference between Failover and Disaster Recovery

It won't only happen to others.

Imagine your IT systems go out.

It's time to spring into action.

But wait - your backups are unavailable, locked in a storage room at another site, and you have employees who now aren't able to work. Stress levels rise and profits drop.

Zerto to Give Sneak Peek of New Zerto 7 IT Resilience Platform at HPE Discover 2018

Zerto, an industry leader for IT resilience, is giving HPE Discover 2018 attendees the first look at Zerto 7 IT Resilience Platform this week. The preview will show the GUI of its flagship software product - to be released in 2019 - and how it will integrate with HPE storage solutions as part of the HPE Complete Zerto Solution as well as growing plans for future product integration. The ongoing partnership provides customers with the ability to converge all backup for short- and long-term use cases into one platform, available directly from HPE and its resellers.

Since the partnership began, HPE and Zerto have continued to deepen their relationship through co-development, co-selling and co-marketing initiatives. HPE Complete's engineering team is continuously working on validating integrations of its products with Zerto and has so far done so for ProLiant, 3PAR, Nimble, MSA and Simplivity. In addition, a number of HPE sales and management teams across the globe have completed Zerto training which is enabling the teams to thrive in three core areas: competitive replacement, multi-cloud and hybrid IT, and DR/BC.


Druva Cloud Platform Brings Advanced Disaster Recovery and Governance Capabilities to AWS Workloads

Druva, Inc. today announced significant updates to Druva CloudRanger, Druva's data protection solution for AWS workloads, including the industry's first advanced automated disaster recovery, legal-hold, and file level search. Part of Druva Cloud Platform, these enhancements enable businesses utilizing AWS cloud environments to protect against unplanned events, better manage the lifecycle of their data and respond rapidly to compliance and legal data inquiries.

As enterprises continue to migrate application workloads to the cloud, ensuring disaster recovery and managing underlying data governance has become a critical need. Traditional on-premises systems have become too costly and complex, and fall short in addressing cloud architectures. Emerging cloud-based systems, however, are not immune to system corruption, user errors, outages or malicious attacks and can be difficult to manage for compliance or legal needs given the distributed nature. With Druva CloudRanger, enterprises are now able to ensure business continuity, minimize production environment impact and meet increasing compliance regulations across their AWS workloads through a single solution.

"The needs of today's businesses, increasingly taking place in the cloud, have surpassed the capabilities of yesterday's on-premises systems," said David Gildea, vice president of product and general manager, Druva CloudRanger. "With growing data footprints, Druva CloudRanger automated disaster recovery, governance, and deep level searches bring AWS users powerful control and manageability in a scalable, reliable SaaS solution. These enhancements will ensure enterprises achieve both business continuity and reduce the risks of their data in the cloud."


Sneak Peek at Vembu BDR Suite V4.0 Features and Enhancements

Written by David Marshall

Back in May, Vembu announced its latest release of their flagship offering, Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.1.  The release included a Standard Edition, designed for small businesses, which helps keep the cost of the product affordable for everyone. But the company isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

Vembu BDR Suite, you might remember, is a comprehensive solution, designed to protect critical data across hybrid IT environments.  The backup and replication suite can protect physical servers and workstations, supporting critical workloads for your organization.  In addition to physical, it also handles Virtual (VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V workloads) and Cloud (SaaS applications). 

As we approach VMworld Europe next week, expect to see more backup vendors talking about new features and enhancements, and upcoming new releases.  But prior to the start of the show, we've got a sneak peek at some of the new features and enhancements that you can expect to see within Vembu BDR Suite v4.0. 


There are a few new features concerning the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, including:

Spiceworks Study Reveals One in Four Companies Never Test Their Disaster Recovery Plan

Grazed from Spiceworks

Spiceworks announced the results of a new survey examining how companies are preparing for disasters across North America and Europe and the financial impact of outages within their organizations. The results show that while 95 percent of organizations have a disaster recovery plan in place, 23 percent never test their plan. Among those that don't test their plan, 61 percent cited inadequate time, 53 percent cited inadequate resources, and 34 percent said disaster recovery is not a priority in their organization. The findings indicate a lack of testing and coverage gaps within disaster recovery plans may be leading to service outages in many organizations. 

"Even the best laid disaster plans can go awry, especially if no one bothers to test them," said Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks. "Ideally, a company's disaster recovery plan should evolve and improve over time as weaknesses are exposed during testing and an organization's needs change. However, the results show testing is often infrequent or not taking place at all, leaving many organizations vulnerable when disaster strikes."


Rackspace Launches Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service for Zerto

Grazed from Rackspace

Rackspace today announced it is broadening its existing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for on-premises, colocation and multi-cloud environments. By leveraging Zerto's industry-leading disaster recovery (DR) software, Rackspace will provide managed services for all aspects of disaster recovery planning, testing and management with custom recovery service level agreements (SLA). Rackspace DRaaS for Zerto is another example of how Rackspace is fulfilling its strategy to deliver modern IT as a service for its customers by offering unbiased expertise, an unrivaled portfolio of cloud services, and agile delivery of IT the way customers want. This new offering will provide customers with a lower cost alternative to traditional DR solutions that helps them minimize downtime and service interruptions. With Rackspace managing the disaster recovery process, customers can focus on their core business.

Zerto leads the IT resilience industry with its DR capabilities based on continuous data protection to provide resilience for critical workloads and support for multi-cloud platforms. Rackspace has partnered with its customers for more than 20 years to enable faster disaster recovery of critical IT infrastructure, while saving them the cost of building and operating expensive secondary recovery sites.

Datrium Eliminates Storage Management and Backup to Increase Productivity of App Users and Efficiency of IT Staff

Grazed from Datrium

Datrium, the self-protecting enterprise cloud company, today announced that customers are using Datrium DVX performance at scale to increase application speed and accelerate their business processes. IT staff are becoming more efficient as they can now eliminate storage management and eliminate backup, dramatically reducing datacenter administration overhead while deploying new infrastructure faster. As a result, Datrium customers are achieving a 617% 3-year ROI and a fast payback of only 5 months.

By migrating to a hybrid cloud paradigm, leading enterprises are driving out the inefficiencies of legacy infrastructure products. The major decision-making factors in this strategy were not just performance, availability, flexibility, and security, but the critical sum of these parts along with lower costs that delivers optimized ROI.

This impactful financial outcome was validated by IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice.  IDC interviewed ten large Datrium DVX customers, with an average of 41,800 employees and average revenue of $12 billion. In addition to outstanding ROI and payback metrics, IDC discovered that gross end-user productivity increased 6% while 3-year cost of operations dropped 54%. The velocity of new deployments increased - 67% faster deployment for new storage - with an 85% shorter data recovery window, making businesses more agile in the growing real-time economy.

Micro Focus Launches New Data Protection Solutions for Virtualized and Hybrid IT Environments

Grazed from Micro Focus

Micro Focus launched Data Protector Express and Data Protector Premium - the latest editions of its enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solutions. As organizations embrace Hybrid IT, DevOps, and Predictive Analytics their resulting IT environment requires an advanced data protection system to address the new security, availability, cost, and data governance needs. Built-on an adaptive architecture that combines analytics, automation, and built-in security, these latest solutions meet the most demanding data protection and compliance requirements for global enterprise hybrid IT environments.

"There is really no room for error when it comes to protecting corporate data, and there is a very finite budget and set of resources for doing so," said Balaji Venkatraman, senior director, PM and R&D at Micro Focus. "Our customers face this challenge on a daily basis as they work through daily location and storage challenges, outages, breaches, data theft and more. Those considerations define our latest Data Protection solutions - they ensure that customers have the security, speed, control and flexibility to protect data wherever it resides within a hybrid IT environment and at a lower TCO than ever before."

Zerto Debuts Disruptive Backup Technology at VMworld

Grazed from Zerto

Zerto, an industry leader for IT resilience, today announced it will be showcasing how it is replacing cumbersome legacy and periodic backup solutions with best-in-breed continuous data protection (CDP) at this year's VMworld in Las Vegas. Presenting a preview of the Zerto 7 IT Resilience Platform at booth #1148, Zerto will demonstrate how its recently announced platform, built on CDP, is disrupting the market by converging backup, disaster recovery (DR) and cloud mobility solutions into a single, scalable platform. Attendees will be able to sign up for early access to Zerto 7 and test their IT resilience maturity level via a new benchmarking tool developed from research gathered by Zerto and IDC.