For Facebook, Now Is the Time for Infrastructure Spending

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10 Forces Driving Your Potentially Agile Data Center

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If your data center costs are out of control, it's time to consider moving to an agile data center. Agile is a buzzword that's tossed around a bit too much these days, but learning what it really means will translate into significantly higher profits for your data center's shareholders. An agile data center uses efficient hardware, better design, fewer employees and better tools. It also has less wasted space. You might think that the only driving force behind moving to an agile data center is the need to save money. It's a good reason, but it isn't the only one. There are 10 driving forces behind the move to agility in the data center. Are you there yet?

Takeaways From the Facebook and Foursquare Outages

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IBM Turns Back on Juniper to Buy Blade Networks

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ABB Invests in On-Demand Data Center Power

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Now Online: Yahoo’s Chicken Coop-Inspired Data Center

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BlueLock and VMware Partner on New Cloud Services

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Cloud hosting and managed IT services provider BlueLock announced its partnership with VMware last week at VMworld. The announcement coincides with the beta availability of a new cloud service, called VMware vCloud Datacenter Service.

According to BlueLock, it is one of three companies offer the vCloud Datacenter Service beta.