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Denodo Achieves Strong Year-End Momentum Marked by Overwhelming Demand for Its Cloud Data Virtualization Platform

Grazed from Denodo

Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, continued its strong trajectory in 2017 as evidenced by a 61 percent increase in year-over-year revenue. The company achieved strong growth in licenses, including a significant increase in the number of cloud customers which grew 179 percent over the previous year. Customer acquisitions from around the globe added to Denodo's profitability, as the number of new organizations leveraging the award-winning Denodo Platform rose 67 percent.

Interest from strategic technology and consulting experts reached an all-time high, which was witnessed by the 106 percent increase in new partner agreements signed. The company also expanded its geographic footprint by opening new offices in France and Singapore.

Denodo Introduces New Cloud and Self-Service Data Discovery Tools

Grazed from Denodo

Denodo, a provider of data virtualization software, is releasing Denodo Platform 6.0, further accelerating its “fast data” strategy. “It’s a major release for us,” said Ravi Shankar, Denodo CMO. “There are three most important changes that nobody else is doing in the industry. This, we hope, will change how data virtualization, and in a broader sense, data integration will shape up this year.”

The three key areas of focus include moving data in real time, introducing the platform on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, and redesigning the solution’s search self-service data discovery and search capabilities.