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New Cloud Security Solutions Are Reshaping the Landscape

Security has always been an essential part of cloud services and services that rely on cloud infrastructure. The cloud offers ways to store digital information for an extended period of time, but as we store more information, the need for better security measures and experienced data recovery experts also increases. A number of cloud service providers and SaaS companies are starting to introduce new, better security solutions to meet that very demand.

It is interesting to see these new solutions creating a big impact on the market. They're not only making the cloud a more secure environment but are also reshaping the industry like never before.

Microsoft's Take on Cloud Security

The latest iteration of Microsoft Azure showed just how important security is as an element of cloud-based services. Microsoft revamped Azure's security measures and introduce new features that many experts believe will be the standard of future implementations and solutions.

Veritas Helps Users Stave Off Data Capacity Gap With Expanded Cloud and Virtualization Support in Backup Exec 16

Grazed from Veritas Technologies

Veritas Technologies, a leader in information management, today announced Backup Exec 16, a significant update to its unified backup and recovery solution for mid-market organizations. Data in this market segment is expected to rise by 33 percent in the next three years, according to a recent survey. With budgets remaining flat and business expectations increasing for rapid deployment and return on IT services, mid-market companies are seeking more powerful, flexible, and trusted data protection solutions.

Efficient use of available resources will be crucial to avoid business disruption. Backup Exec 16 helps businesses address critical data protection challenges, covering all critical data across cloud, virtual and physical systems – regardless of where it resides. Organizations can also leverage the most current and scalable Microsoft infrastructure with Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016.

Cloud Computing: The Future of Backup and Recovery

Grazed from TechFeatured. Author: Editorial Staff.

There has been an expanding growth in the need for provision of security features for data, especially now that data is getting stored and shared on the cloud. This market is growing tremendously providing services to the data archiving segment which includes companies who store a great deal of sensitive and confidential information on their computer systems.

The need for protecting such data is vital and must not be lost or accessed by data thieves and hackers. Malicious use of company data can cause companies to suffer devastating losses in financial terms, reputation, and so many other facets of doing business. The question then becomes: why retain such a massive volume of information whereas it would be easier to do away with the information (managing all the data invokes cost implications)...

Cloud Computing: Improving Data Backup & Recovery #2 IT Priority (Infographic)

Grazed from SilverPeak. Author: Mike Laverick.

A study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group found data backup and recovery to be the second most important IT priority for organizations over the next 12 months. The survey, conducted on behalf of Silver Peak, also revealed how critical data is perceived to be to an organization’s success.

Limited bandwidth, congestion, and latency due to distance make replicating data across a WAN or to the cloud challenging. These factors can lead to an increase Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure costs and significantly affect total cost of ownership (TCO) for offsite data protection and disaster recovery. Silver Peak addresses these challenges to help storage professionals meet recovery point objectives (RPOs), increase geographic distances between datacenters, and reduce bandwidth expenditures normally associated with WANs...

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Cloud computing advantages bring disaster recovery to the masses

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Alex Barrett.

Disaster recovery used to be the province of the rich and famous: Only the most deep-pocketed organizations could afford the equipment, effort and expertise needed to put together a comprehensive DR plan. In the past decade, though, virtualization has lowered the bar to disaster recovery. By running a hypervisor at a remote site, organizations can eliminate the need for exact hardware replicas at the DR site, greatly reducing costs and overhead.

Now, the public cloud has pushed DR one step further, using cloud computing advantages to remove the need for a dedicated remote location and hardware altogether. Further, the cloud's pay-for-use model reduces monthly charges, prompting organizations to pay for protection only when they need it. Soup-to-nuts cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings, meanwhile, can also reduce the amount of on-staff expertise needed to pull off a DR initiative...

CloudSigma Advances Data Recovery in the Cloud with Snapshot Management Technology

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Jonathan Dolby.

CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its solid-state drive (SSD) storage offering with highly-granular, affordable snapshot management technology to improve data protection and access in the cloud. CloudSigma’s Fully Integrated Snapshot Management Technology Grants Customers Seamless and Affordable Storage Management in the Cloud

Zurich, Switzerland – January 6, 2014 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its solid-state drive (SSD) storage offering with highly-granular, affordable snapshot management technology to improve data protection and access in the cloud. Now, customers can seamlessly and cost-effectively incorporate enterprise storage strategies into their cloud infrastructure while meeting complex compute requirements...

Asigra Receives ChannelPro Magazine All-Star Award for Cloud-Based Data Recovery

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Joe Austin.

Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, today announced selection by ChannelPro Magazine as a 2013 All-Star technology vendor. All-Star vendors, distributors, and membership organizations were selected by ChannelPro Magazine readers as the most partner-friendly in the channel today.

The ChannelPro All-Stars is a professional guide created by the channel for the channel to serve clients in the computing marketplace. Comprised of vendors, professional associations, and distributors, the All-Stars guide highlights the partners ChannelPro readers go to for IT solutions and business development programs to help them thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment...

Non-IT Barriers to Cloud Computing Adoption

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According to an article in, a new report from 451 Research, in conjunction with the Uptime Institute and the Yankee Group, indicates that while cloud computing adoption is becoming more common, a number of barriers to entry still exist. 83% of the respondents participating in the study said they faced significant roadblocks when deploying projects. But what surprised me most about the results of the research was that, according to the article, IT roadblocks have declined while non-IT roadblocks have increased by 68%.

Some of the more prevalent non-IT issues cited by respondents centered on people, processes, budgets, time, politics, security challenges, contractual agreements and change management issues. Each one of the challenges cited here is significant when taken individually; when taken together, they can absolutely crush an initiative...

Cloud recovery challenges

Grazed from ITWeb. Author: Martin May.

Data backup, storage and recovery processes are fundamental services in almost every business. Recent changes in the IT environment, notably the arrival of cloud computing technologies, are responsible for significant advances in traditional data management patterns. Representing one of the most important shifts in computing today, cloud technologies provide greater levels of provisioning and automation, while helping organisations become more flexible and responsive to change.

The cloud has also made a significant impact on companies’ ability to better allocate their computing resources in order to improve application performances, boost efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Companies are under increasing pressure to ensure data backups are performed efficiently and sensitive business data is held in a secure storage repository. Recovery has to be effected faultlessly and reliably against elevated benchmarks for speed, accuracy and completeness...

Sidera, ContinuityX Partner to Deliver Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Managed Services

Grazed from TalkinCloud.  Author: Chris Talbot.

Sidera Networks will be providing the high-performance network connectivity needed for customers' growing needs in cloud, disaster recovery and managed services. Sidera is collaborating with ContintuityX Solutions, a provider of managed networking, data center, applications, cloud and disaster recovery services, to connect ContinuityX's data centers in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto to provide stronger disaster recovery and cloud services.

Business continuity has been top-of-mind for a lot of east coast companies the last few months as they've had to contend with hurricanes that have at times taken down data centers. Thankfully, during Hurricane Sandy, cloud data centers fared quite well, but some of the business continuity plans included shifting customer data to data centers farther inland...