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Secura Partners with HyTrust to Offer Robust Virtual Machine Level Data Encryption as a Service

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Secura announced a partnership with workload security specialist, HyTrust, to offer HyTrust DataControl virtual machine level encryption to customers as a service on flexible, monthly terms.

Fully managed by Secura, HyTrust DataControl can be delivered as either a stand-alone solution or as part of Secura's comprehensive Web Protect online security suite.

Many data encryption technologies will only encrypt on a platform level, or premium license editions of software would need to be purchased to access encryption, making them expensive options to implement, with lengthy minimum contract terms.

DataControl allows encryption at rest to be applied on a per virtual machine basis, so only those specific parts of a platform that hold sensitive or regulated data need to be encrypted, making it incredibly cost-effective for businesses to implement and protect their data.

Cloud Computing: In an era of relentless data breaches, IBM focuses new mainframe on ‘pervasive’ encryption

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IBM will debut the newest in its decades-long series of mainframe computers for mainstream transaction processing Monday, this time focusing in particular on better protection of more data wherever it resides. The IBM Z features what the company calls “pervasive encryption,” providing the ability to encrypt all data in an application, database or cloud service.

Computer hardware in general and large mainframe-style computers have taken a big hit in the dawning era of cloud computing. But most large transaction systems such as credit-card processing, airline flight purchases and automatic teller machine systems still run on them. IBM said the Z represents the “most significant system overhaul” in more than 15 years...

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Cloud Computing: Data Encryption - Your Customers Need It

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When Target suffered a massive data breach in late 2013, hackers gained access to the company’s network and filched valuable credit and debit card information belonging to millions of the retailer’s customers. Intruders had burrowed their way into the corporate network by compromising the security of a third-party vendor working with Target - in this case an HVAC refrigeration contractor called Fazio Mechanical Services, which monitored the chain’s climate systems.

The spectacular circumstances surrounding the breach attracted obvious notoriety. But the incident also stoked wider concern among cloud administrators about data security, especially pertaining to situations in which third parties also have access to corporate networks. To be sure, companies can always adopt tactical approaches tailored to their individual situations...

Server General to Offer Data Encryption Service to CenturyLink Customers Through Its Cloud Marketplace

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Server General​ , the leading provider of data-­at­-rest encryption service, announced that it has joined the CenturyLink Cloud Provider Program. Customers who store their sensitive information in a database or file server hosted within CenturyLink's cloud will now be able to encrypt it quickly from within their management console. The service helps to address compliance and data breach challenges.

"We are taking the pain out of encrypting data," said Raj Sharma, Founder of Server General. "30 minutes --­ that's all it takes for a customer to go from placing an order to getting their data encrypted." Customers have the option of storing their encryption keys within a global and fully managed cloud key locker or in a secure appliance deployed within their own network.