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Datrium Announces DVX 3.0 with Split Provisioning

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Datrium announced Datrium DVX 3.0 with Split Provisioning, a fundamentally new and different method of scaling converged infrastructure for private clouds.  DVX with Split Provisioning is the industry's first server-powered converged infrastructure system to fully separate scaling of host storage speed and persistent capacity to simply and incrementally match resources to evolving tenant requirements. The new software provides scaling from 1-128 Compute Nodes, or up to 200 gigabytes per second (GB/s) IO bandwidth, and from 1-10 Data Nodes, or up to 1.7 petabytes (PB) of capacity, in a single composable pool. Datrium will demonstrate its DVX platform with Split Provisioning at the VMworld conference in Las Vegas, Aug. 27-31, booth #618.

Unlike Open Converged Infrastructure, Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) approaches maintain persistent data on every server and are limited to 2 or 3 simultaneous server failures before users experience a data outage. As a result, HCI users tend toward smaller clusters, across which servers and workloads should be homogeneous. According to Gartner, "in today's world, most hyperconverged deployments are in the range of 8 to 16 nodes.", so rackscale deployments need multiple clusters, each of which needs configuration and administration.  Gartner has concluded that "...many mainstream enterprise IT directors do not yet trust SDS in HCIS solutions to deliver multipetabyte capacity at scale for Tier 1 mixed workloads that require low latency.".

How Converged Infrastructure Is Impacting Cloud and Business Demands

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New kinds of workloads, user demands and infrastructure technologies are affecting how data center providers deploy and utilize various critical resources. Organizations across all verticals are changing the way they control and distribute resources, which includes looking for more efficient ways to create a scalable data center ecosystem. With global data center IP traffic expected to grow threefold during the next five years, new kinds of data center technologies have to be implemented to create cloud-ready scalability.

Indeed, cloud computing is no longer in its infancy. In fact, organizations have evolved from private to public to hybrid cloud platforms—and combinations thereof. Moving forward, the cloud model will give end users even more services and benefits. Gartner recently stated that cloud technology is now being used for anything that can be reasonably hosted on virtualized x86-based servers...

VCE partners with global integrator ecosystem to drive converged infrastructure adoption

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Organisations are embracing the speed and simplicity of VCE converged infrastructure as the foundation for next-generation cloud technologies and turning to partners who can help them leverage and build IT platforms that can quickly deliver business value. Increasingly the enterprise market is realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

Driving this massive transformation and adoption of cloud services are the large global System Integrators and Service Providers. These technology experts have the ability to transform legacy infrastructure into modern service-based portals. Indian IT majors who play in the global System Integrator space have contributed significantly to the adoption of innovative IT, with converged infrastructure vastly simplifying the move to hybrid cloud...

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Cloud Computing: VCE Unveils New Converged Infrastructure Portfolio

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VCE is ramping up its converged infrastructure portfolio with the launch of several new platform and software innovations, including a choice of using either VMware (VMW) NSX or Cisco Systems' (CSCO) ACI for their systems.

VCE’s new lineup includes several new solutions, most notably the company’s VxBlock Systems family of converged infrastructure solutions, according to the announcement. VxBlock can be customized with a choice of either Cisco Application Infrastructure or VMware NSX for software-defined networking functionality, according to the announcement. Additional setups are expected to be announced later this year...

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How converged infrastructure can improve cloud deployments

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Over the next few years, the majority of IT infrastructure will be delivered through converged offerings that bring together compute, storage and networking. Converged infrastructure is a positive response to IT’s demand for greater agility, simplicity, and scale. Converged infrastructure provides economic, technical, and business benefits over traditional, often siloed servers, storage, and networking resources.

With it, vendors integrate hardware, software, storage, and networking with infrastructure management software to support the deployment of new applications. The next step is to provide interfaces that align more easily with legacy systems. This report will help CIOs, systems administrators, IT directors, cloud architects, and business decision-makers understand the value of converged infrastructure and virtualized systems...

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