Nutanix, Google collaborate in the cloud

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Enterprise cloud computing company Nutanix has announced a strategic alliance with Google Cloud which the companies say will address technology opportunities for building and operating hybrid clouds combining cloud architectures and scalable public cloud environments. The two companies have also agreed to collaborate on Internet of Things (IoT) use-cases marrying real-time edge intelligence with core cloud computing.

“Hybrid Cloud needs be a two-way street,” said Sudheesh Nair, president, Nutanix. “The strategic alliance with Google demonstrates our commitment to simplify operations for our customers with a single enterprise cloud OS across both private and public clouds - with ubiquity, extensibility and intuitive design.”...

Lifesize Enhances All-in-One Collaboration Platform With Integrated Group Chat Across All Devices

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Lifesize, a global provider of award-winning audio, web and video conferencing technology, today announced that it has expanded and enhanced the free chat functionality in its Lifesize Cloud service. By improving 1:1 chat and introducing group chat, Lifesize Cloud now aggregates the critical features for collaboration and meeting productivity into one easy-to-use application.

Lifesize group chat extends the conversation beyond the conference room, helping teams continue brainstorming, problem solving, and addressing questions more efficiently. And when the team wants to gather face-to-face, Lifesize chat instantly escalates to a video call with just one click. To keep projects moving forward, users can participate in chats in multiple meeting rooms, return to a previous chat session, or review their chat history.

Better collaboration now a key cloud benefit

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In 2010 research firm Gartner placed cloud computing at the “peak of inflated expectations” in its famous hype cycle. How quickly things have changed! Companies that held off embracing cloud now find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as those that were early adopters become mature users of cloud services and start to get some strategic benefits, beyond those initially identified for cloud.

That’s the conclusion of a new report from the Harvard Business Review Cloud: Driving a Faster, More Connected Business. “As cloud services have matured and adoption has increased, research has consistently shown that using cloud has enabled companies to act more quickly and to collaborate more easily,” it says...

Collaboration and agility shows why enterprise cloud is "worth the effort"

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A new report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services argues that as cloud usage in the enterprise continues to rise, collaboration is now the key benefit ahead of business agility. The research, which had more than 450 participants and was sponsored by Verizon Enterprise Solutions, found 84% of respondents agreeing their organisation’s use of cloud computing had increased in the past year.

72% said their use of cloud increased collaboration options, while 71% argued business agility had been increased. Essentially, the value of the cloud comes from speed as opposed to cost savings, enabling more fluid working relationships between traditionally separate entities. One sign of a growing maturity in the space is that companies are not as quick to espouse the competitive advantage cloud normally brings...

Collaboration now tops list of cloud computing drivers

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With cloud computing maturing, the competitive advantages provided by cloud adoption are declining, but not being in the cloud is turning into a serious disadvantage, according to a new report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. "The benefits are starting to flatten out," says Abbie Lundberg, contributing editor at HBR.

But that's because CIOs and their peers are no longer debating the benefits of cloud as they once did. With 'everyone' now leveraging cloud, you have to use cloud in imaginative ways to get a leg up on the competition. But as one respondent told HBR, cloud computing may no longer give you the competitive advantage it once did, but not using cloud can put you at a significant disadvantage...

Cloud-Driven Competition Compels Company Collaboration

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This was the primary message at February's Boston presentation of the invitation-only Oracle Cloud Roadshow, an eight-city tour of talks on Oracle Cloud developments particularly pertinent to software resellers, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and other enterprises and SMEs. Speakers highlighted both the positive outcomes of increased cloud deployment and the new pain points that have arisen with the democratization of efficiency.

Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director of Massachusetts-based cloud computing consultancy THINKstrategies, delivered a keynote at the event with the running theme of a tale of two cloud cities, frequently referring to the present-day market climate as "the best of times and the worst of times."...

Cloud Computing for Marketing and Collaboration Boosts SMBs

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Recent research shows that SMBs' usage of cloud computing for marketing and collaboration will significantly increase within the next three years. Cloud solutions in these areas can help SMBs realize the cost reductions, scalability and flexibility necessary to sustain their businesses.

SMB Cloud Usage on the Rise

SMBs are increasingly accepting and implementing cloud services, a recent article featured in Cloud Tech revealed. A BCSG survey of 600 European participants across all stages of small business, from micro businesses to pre-startups, found that "64 percent of SMBs are already using cloud-based software, while the average number of applications in use is three." Further, according to Cloud Tech, cloud usage should increase over the next two to three years, potentially driving the average number of applications in use by SMBs from three to seven...

Cloud Computing: Cisco Unveils Enterprise Collaboration Tool

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Building on its previous work in electronic collaboration forms that include audio and video conferencing, Cisco Relevant Products/Services Systems is now offering ways to manage workers’ day-to-day interactions and tasks. The networking giant this week announced the availability of Project Squared, a service aimed at offering an online gathering place for getting work done.

Project Squared is delivered via an app or the Web. It is the latest response to changes in the way people work in 2014, which often involves being on the move with smartphones and tablets instead of in front of computers, according to Cisco. These mobile Relevant Products/Services workers are more at home using instant messaging and find e-mail cumbersome. That development has encouraged a wave of next-generation collaboration tools...

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Cloud-based collaboration takes the travel out of meetings

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Faced with steep budget cuts, Oregon’s Department of Land Conservation and Development needed to find a way to cut the cost of meetings with staff and stakeholders around the state without giving up the benefits of face-to-face communication.

The Department of Land Conservation and Development is a regulatory agency with about 60 staffers scattered across offices at department headquarters in Salem, at the state office building in Portland and at regional offices at Newport, La Grande, Tillamook, Eugene, Medford and Bend. Staff members also must work with local governments, industry officials, land owners and developers across the state...

Amazon Unveils Zocalo for Cloud-Based Collaboration

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Tech giant Amazon wants in on enterprise storage Relevant Products/Services and collaboration. On Thursday, the company announced the launch of a limited preview of Amazon Zocalo, an online storage and sharing service for businesses.

Zocalo, which translates from Spanish into square or place, allows PC, Mac or tablet users to comment on files, distribute them for feedback, and control versions. Administrators can integrate the service with existing corporate directories or audit logs, implement sharing policies, and determine where files will live. Policies can be set to control how users share...