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Talend Releases New Advanced Cloud and Big Data Training for Developers

Grazed from Talend

Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, today announced new courses designed to help advance developers' skills with cutting-edge cloud and big data technologies. Available immediately, the new courses are based on practical exercises that maximize employees' expertise with tools for data mapping and data preparation in the cloud. The new courses demonstrate Talend's commitment to cultivating a skilled workforce that will thrive in the new information age and help further companies' digital transformation initiatives.

"Keeping pace with modern technologies is challenging for companies of all sizes. While innovation fuels powerful business opportunities, it also creates skills gaps in areas such as cloud and big data--where the demand for skilled workers is especially high," said Carrie Anderson, VP of Enablement at Talend. "Data-driven companies need to develop their workforce to keep pace with rapidly evolving market needs and emerging technologies. Thus, training courses that give developers hands-on experience with the latest cloud and big data tools help give companies a competitive advantage."

The Linux Foundation and edX Announce Free Open Source Cloud Infrastructure Course

Grazed from The Linux Foundation and edX

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced its newest massive open online course (MOOC) is available for registration. The course is an Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies and is offered through edX, the nonprofit online learning platform launched in 2012 by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The course is free and will begin this June.

Registration is now available for this free cloud training course.

This is the second edX MOOC offered by The Linux Foundation. Its first course, Intro to Linux, has reached more than 500,000 students globally and continues to grow in registrations.

ComputeNext Launches Cloud Training Program for Channel Partners

Grazed from TalkinCloud.  Author: Nichole Henderson.

Cloud services brokerageComputeNext launched a new training program for the channel, calledCloudEd, which aims to help cloud resellers migrate wary customers to cloud-based solutions.

Created by ComputeNext’s director of channel development Dan Moore, CloudEd offers video tutorials for channel professionals partnering with the ComputeNext platform as well as an optional, free general cloud certifications provided by CompTIA...

Intelisys Cloud Services University releases a new certification track focused on cloud computing

Grazed from ChannelPro.  Author:  Editorial Staff.

Technology services distributor, Intelisys Communications Inc., has released the second certification track from Intelisys Cloud Services University (iCSU), available from

The key focus of the iCSU Cloud Computing Solutions Professional Certification Track is to provide understanding of the cloud from every angle, including virtualization strategies, big data, application management, desktop-as-a-service, data migration strategies, and cloud storage architectures. Participants will learn about the different types of cloud silos available, and what workloads make sense where, gaining the knowledge they need to be the voice of clarity for their customers...

Your future cloud computing skills: AWS + Google + Azure + ecosystem

Grazed from CloudAcademy.  Author: Editorial Staff.

2014 will be the year of cloud computing.  During the last year we heard about cloud in different situations, often referring a change in how companies and people access and store data. From what I see this change is almost completed.

If I look at the number of services that I use on a daily basis, more than 80% of them are storing and computing data in a cloud computing infrastructure. I cannot even say what is the last time that I used a licensed-software on my PC/Mac. Everything runs on a browser: invoices, payrolls, bank, docs, files.  We have already switched to a Cloud model for all of our data and daily operations...

OpenStack 101: The cloud is now in session (online!)

Grazed from PistonCloud. Author: PR Announcement.

Over the last year, Piston has been training users on the setup, administration and management of OpenStack from our home city of San Francisco. This two-day course has been a great way for us to share our expertise and hear about how companies are using OpenStack inside their organizations, but holding it here in San Francisco meant that access was limited to those with the time and budget to travel.

I’m happy to announce that Piston’s training program is now available online, and our first course, “OpenStack 101,” is scheduled for August 28th. We’re accepting registrations now. This three-hour interactive instructor-led course will cover everything from the basics of cloud computing to a comprehensive look at the components of OpenStack. Students will have hands-on access to OpenStack clouds powered by our software, Piston OpenStack...

Fusion PPT Announces Cloud Computing Architect (CCA) Certification Program

Grazed from PRWeb. Author: PR Announcement.

Fusion PPT, a recognized cloud computing strategy and technology firm, announced today that the company has released its new Cloud Computing Architect (CCA) certification program. The certification is open to Information Technology professionals and experienced architects looking to solidify their skills, stand out to employers, and maximize their earning potential.

Fusion PPT’s CCA credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for cloud computing architects. Globally recognized and demanded, the CCA demonstrates that applicants have the experience, education, and competence to lead and direct complex Cloud Computing Architecture projects...

Cloud Computing: Eucalyptus Open Sources Services & Training

Grazed from Sys Con Media.  Author: Maureen O'Gara.

Eucalyptus, the open source private cloud platform partnered with Amazon to give people hybrid clouds, has found selling support and professional services, the usual way an open source company makes money, isn't working as a business because would-be customers are too tight-fisted.  As a result it didn't grow as much as expected last year.

So it's regrouping. It's open sourcing its services and training, CEO Marten Mickos said, to focus on its product business, where it's seeing early indications of large cloud implementations and the potential for a big business thanks in part to its alliance with Amazon, whose APIs are the recognized cloud standard...

Cloud Computing Skills Sorely Needed in Workforce

Grazed from CMSWire. Author: Anthony Myers.

IDC consulting has produced a cloud-based worker study for Microsoft, and the focus is on how new skill sets are still not prevalent enough in the workforce. More cloud-ready, if you will, workers are needed to fill many positions as businesses continue to shift to the cloud.

Job Growth

A similar study was conducted last year by IDC, also for Microsoft, on how many jobs the cloud will help produce. The numbers are impressive, but now that we know there is a huge demand for cloud-based workers, it seems those fully trained people are in short supply...

TrainSignal Releases VMware vCloud Director Organizations Training

Grazed from PRNewsWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

TrainSignal, the global leader in professional computer training, announced the release of their VMware vCloud Director Organizations training course.

These vCloud Director videos provide value to end users who need to set up and maintain vCD Organizations. When vCloud Director is implemented to manage infrastructure in virtual datacenters, the ability to remain agile often depends on scalability via cloud computing. This vCloud training course shows vSphere admins how to construct robust network infrastructures within vCloud Organizations, and how various tools can be used to meet specific needs...