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CliQr Technologies Announces Advisory Board to Revolutionize Cloud Computing

Grazed from CliQr Technologies. Author: PR Announcement.

CliQr Technologies, the leader in enabling businesses to move, manage and secure applications on any private, public or hybrid cloud, today announced its advisory board. The six advisory board members will shape the company's direction and strategy in an innovative cloud computing industry.

"We're pleased to announce these highly qualified appointed members to our advisory board because of the unique background and knowledge they each bring to the table," said Gaurav Manglik, CEO and co-founder of CliQr Technologies. "With years of expertise in their respected fields, each member will make a positive and insightful impact to CliQr. We are equally honored that despite the numerous opportunities associated with cloud management solution providers, these individuals saw the value and innovative nature of the CliQr platform and its ability to take the cloud to the next level."...

Is Cloud Computing a Threat to Older Tech Companies?

Grazed from CtPost.  Author: Editorial Staff.

In 2012, the Informational Data Corporation (IDC) made some pretty bold predictions regarding the development of a new high-tech industry in the convergence of social networking, -- cloud-based computing and data storage.

The IDC suggested that many industry giants may scramble to maintain relevance, while some startups would gain leadership positions in what some anticipate will be the technology industry's fastest transition ever.  Today's major players may be in trouble if they don't prepare for change...

Good-bye PC maker Dell and hello cloud company Dell

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Ted Samson.

Back in May, "Mad Money"'s Jim Cramer declared Dell's stock dead, citing the company's inability to compete with the likes of Apple in the ever-shrinking laptop and PC market. That very day, the company's stock dropped significantly -- and continued to do so for most of the remainder of 2012.

That price drop may be one of the best things to happen to Dell in recent memory in that it has put company founder Michael Dell in a position to inexpensively bring his company private as soon as today. By going private, Dell removes itself from the scrutiny of shortsighted, consumer-fixated Wall Street analysts who are sometimes too dazzled by the new and shiny to see beyond the next quarter...

Big Data and cloud computing empower smart machines to do human work, take human jobs

Grazed from WashingtonPost. Author: Editorial Staff.

Art Liscano knows he’s an endangered species in the job market: He’s a meter reader in Fresno, Calif. For 26 years, he’s driven from house to house, checking how much electricity Pacific Gas & Electric customers have used. But PG&E doesn’t need many people like Liscano making rounds anymore. Every day, the utility replaces 1,200 old-fashioned meters with digital versions that can collect information without human help, generate more accurate power bills, even send an alert if the power goes out.

“I can see why technology is taking over,” says Liscano, 66, who earns $67,000 a year. “We can see the writing on the wall.” His department employed 50 full-time meter readers just six years ago. Now, it has six...

Preparing for the Future: Intel Futurist Says Cloud Is Key

Grazed from GovTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

Government agencies are often slowed down by the bureaucracy, creating challenges for pushing forward new ideas that could improve IT operations. In a keynote speech presented at Defining the Cloud for Government, a conference held Wednesday, Jan. 30, in Sacramento, Calif., Brian David Johnson (pictured above), Intel’s futurist and director of future casting and experience research, said it’s crucial for government agencies to think well into the future when planning technology implementations. According to Johnson, cloud computing and big data will figure prominently into that future.

During opening remarks, Carlos Ramos, secretary of the California Technology Agency, said the agency plans to move some applications into a private cloud because he believes cloud computing is the future. He added that government is so reliant on technology that policies and programs “don’t have a prayer” without the use of the cloud. But how can governments look a decade or more into the future?...

Interoute claims CloudStore is "game changer" for cloud computing

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Cloud service provider Interoute has announced the launch of CloudStore, an enterprise app store which doubles up as a compute and storage facility, hosting OS and databases, as well as business apps. Interoute, known for its virtual data centre and owning Europe’s largest cloud platform, is further focusing its efforts on the enterprise – understandable, given that’s where most of its client base lies – but featuring a much more rounded product than just hosting apps.

Counting Microsoft, RedHat and Ubuntu among its cast list, the Interoute CloudStore integrates several assets, with its integrated network, compute storage platform underneath a layer of appliances, from which secure platforms can be built. The store also comes with an online knowledge centre, designed to help enterprises choose a bespoke model to suit their business needs...

Cloud Computing: Amazon Startup Contest Winners Strut Stuff

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Charles Babcock.

The setting was Dogpatch WineWorks in San Francisco, a site where customers produce their own barrels of wine. But a different kind of ferment gripped the venue Jan. 24 as 120 developers, bloggers and analysts gathered there to see which mobile application producers Amazon Web Services selected as winners of this year's Global Startup Challenge.

Before the winners crossed the stage in WineWorks' large meeting hall, attendees sat through a presentation by Simone Brunozzi, senior AWS technology evangelist for the Bay area, on the many technical assists and services that Amazon provides developers building mobile apps in the EC2 cloud. They ranged from its AWS Mobile Software Development Kit to its DynamoDB database service...

Cloud and business technology trends to watch in 2013

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

In 2013, IT buyers will be looking for increased stability and better ways to prepare for the next five years in their business cycle, according the the latest market study by Ovum. "The fact that we live in very uncertain times makes investment decision-making even more difficult. With continuing instability across the global markets and even in locations with historically robust growth - such as China and India - the outlook for IT services in 2013 is unpredictable," said Jens Butler, principal analyst, IT Services at Ovum.

Ovum believes that business leaders will be looking for greater reliability in their IT usage and - as a consequence - seeking stability, capability and accessibility among their external service providers...

IBM Q4 2012 Earnings: Cloud Computing, Smarter Planet Solutions And Business Analytics Drove Significant Profits

Grazed from DazeInfo. Author: Abhishek Singh.

IBM Q4 2012 earnings report is now globally available. The company has reported a GAAP net income of $5.8 billion for Q4 2012, up 6% from the same quarter of the previous year. On the other side, its Non-GAAP net income was $6.1 billion in Q4 2012. Last year, the company outstandingly performed in BRIC countries–Brazil, Russia, India and China. Really, Q4 2012 was one of the best quarters for the company over the last couple of years.

IBM Q4 2012 Earnings:
IBM has reported revenues of $29.3 billion in Q4 2012, down 1% from $29.5 billion in Q4, 2011. The company’s earnings per share were $5.39 in Q4 2012, up from $4.71 billion in the last year. Furthermore, the company’s net income for the year, ended December 31, 2012 – was $16.6 billion, increased from $15.9 billion from the prior year. In addition, operating (non-GAAP) net income was $17.6 billion in Q4 2012, up 8% from $16.3 billion in 2011...

Cloud Computing May Increase Internet Access

Grazed from Courthouse News.  Author: Philip A Janquart.

The Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services has proposed that "inclusive Cloud and Web computing" be a priority for the federal Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) and Centers.  In the United States, people classified as "disabled" are accessing the World Wide Web 23 percent less than the rest of the population, according to the National Broadband Plan and a 2010 Federal Communications Commission report.

"One reason for the disparity is that the Web infrastructure is not set up to address disability access issues seamlessly across all of its functions," the Department of Education's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services explained. "Additionally, software and devices (e.g., computers, smartphones and tablets) used to access the Web are often inaccessible for people with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities have limited access to technical assistance with selecting, setting up and using appropriate technologies."...