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Zen Internet Celebrates a Year of Cloud Success

Grazed from Zen Internet

Zen Internet’s cloud services enjoyed significant success in 2015/16, with full year results showing a 144% growth in revenue. The company also announced a series of major milestones in the development of the business.

There were important advances for both Zen’s internal Zen Cloud and its Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings. The company attained AWS Advanced Partner status early in the year, and remains one of only a handful of companies outside London able to offer customers that level of expertise.

The year also saw a substantial investment in Zen’s own Zen Cloud service, improving both hardware infrastructure and the customer portal. Customers now get better performance from an even more reliable and cost-effective storage platform, along with a more intuitive management portal.

Oracle: Cloud Success Relies On Cultural Shift

Grazed from TechWeekEurope. Author: Ben Sullivan.

This is according to Oracle, which claims that the befuddlement is down to a majority of companies’ overall IT spend being driven by individual business units versus traditional IT departments, making it difficult for organisations to fully benefit from the cloud services they’re subscribing too. Another part of the problem, claims Oracle, is that most organisations are continuing to fund their IT investments without aligning to revenue potential.

Cultural transformation

These claims are from Oracle’s ‘Putting Cultural Transformation at the Heart of Cloud Success’ report. The findings reveal businesses should rethink their IT funding models and undergo a cultural transformation in order to fully exploit the benefits of cloud computing. One third of respondents said an inappropriate IT funding model is inhibiting their business. One third also believe their company’s IT culture is unfit for the cloud computing age...

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Ensuring Cloud Computing Success

With more and more companies migrating to the cloud, it’s time to talk about the risks of doing this. Before you start to panic, just stop and listen for a minute. Cloud computing is still infinitely safer than what you were doing before, there is no doubt about that, however as with airplanes being the safest way to travel, they still occasionally encounter problems and have to land on the Hudson River.

I just want to make everyone aware of the potential risks so that they know how to combat them, because knowledge is the best defence and any reputable hosting company like Umbee Cloud Hosting will be able to combat and neutralise any threat better than Rambo and a horde of angry locals, anyway...

Understanding How Cloud Adoption Leads to Enhanced Business Success

Grazed from AllCovered. Author: Editorial Staff.

If your business has yet to switch to cloud computing, you should carefully consider doing so. There are many benefits to be gained, with the primary one being enhanced business success. Whether your company is small or large, cloud computing will still be of benefit. Here’s a closer look at five of the top reasons you should consider implementing cloud adoption practices.

Less downtime when unforeseen events take place

When you have adopted cloud practices, you’ll be provided around-the-clock support for your cloud activities. Whether it be uploading transactions to the cloud or responding to customer inquiries, cloud vendor support enables you to perform your daily functions without fear of something going wrong. If an issue was to arise, your cloud vendor can use IT services to fix it remotely...

Three’s a crowd: Is your cloud primed for success?

Grazed from DigitalNewsAsia.  Author: Martin Bishop.

IN an effort to capitalise on the benefits of cloud computing, early adopters turned to multiple cloud vendors to satisfy their various infrastructure needs. For instance, you may have been working with a customer relationship manager (CRM) specialist for hosting your customer insights, and a private cloud expert for financial data.
This approach delivered initial gains as IT leaders found their way in the cloud, but it is not conducive to long-term success.  Working with a variety of vendors can create complex environments that are hard to control, manage and integrate, while it can also lead to organisational silos, preventing collaboration and the easy transfer of data, limiting performance and the services delivered...

Planning key to cloud success

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Max Cooter.

Successful cloud implementations need careful planning, with flexibility and the timing of the switch important considerations. The whole notion of cloud implementation has changed in the past five years. From being seen as a large and daunting manoeuvre to be undertaken only by the boldest of CIOs, the cloud has found its way to the heart of mainstream computing.

There has also been a change in the drivers for the move to cloud. Initially largely focused on trying to save money, the cloud was touted as a quick way to reduce costs. But that way of thinking has gone out of the window as companies begin to realise other advantages from cloud...

Microsoft, Oracle and Ovum urge IT teams to drive cloud success

Grazed from Author: Roland Moore-Colyer.

Improved governance and training will be core to the future of cloud adoption, helping overcome security and inefficiency problems inherent in many cloud migrations, according to a panel of cloud experts. At a Westminster eForum event cloud specialists from Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec joined an Ovum analyst, and several lawyers and academics to discuss the next steps for cloud computing.

The participants explored key cloud issues such as security, compliance and the efficiency of cloud computing. The panel presented a consensus of opinion that would-be cloud adopters need to work out the best way to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud and establish a level of governance over data security rather than wholly rely on cloud providers...

Cloud Computing Instrumental in Success of SMBs

Grazed from MidsizeInsider. Author: Sue Poremba.

Adopting cloud technologies has been a boon for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), according to a new report from Techaisle discussed in a Channel Partners article. "Eighty percent of SMBs in the U.S. say cloud computing contributes to business growth," the article states; "More than 40 percent of SMBs said that business agility and new capabilities are driving SMB cloud adoption," the article added.

This is a change from the past, when SMBs turned to cloud adoption primarily as a way to cut costs. IT-related costs are still helping to lead SMBs toward the cloud, especially in the case of smaller businesses that have moved applications to the cloud because of the opportunity to acquire technologies and applications that would otherwise have been too costly or would have required too much IT staffing. Lower costs, however, are no longer the predominant reason for SMBs turning to cloud computing...

Five tips for success in public cloud

Grazed from CRN. Author: Mark Randall.

Cloud computing services have rapidly increased in popularity over recent years – and so has the number of cloud-based products and services on the market. Providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer innovative, flexible, scalable and powerful cloud platforms. Here are some lessons that are relevant to any channel partner looking to capitalise on cloud demand.

New computing paradigm

A key benefit of cloud computing is the ability for organisations and consumers to ‘self-serve’. This is exceptionally powerful because it provides users with direct access and control to functionality in services such as AWS. The complexity is still there, however, so self-service can just mean it’s easier to make mistakes. Cloud surveys such as CloudCheckr’s show that many organisations are not managing their cloud environments correctly to ensure security, performance and availability. A lack of skills, experience and understanding is to blame...

Cloud computing: the (open) secret of success

Grazed from CIO.  Author: Editorial Staff.

“One out of five organisations have discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation. It allows them to serve customers in new ways and re-imagine their business models. It can help surface valuable insights from their data and transform how they make decisions. It enables them to tap expertise from across their entire ecosystem.”

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And it is wonderful. Trouble is, it’s no secret any more. It’s a well-established way of delivering IT services and its called cloud computing.  However that didn’t stop IBM - in a just-released white paper 'Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation’ - talking up cloud computing as if it had discovered some hitherto unknown panacea for all the woes of the IT world...