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Cloud Computing: The story of Yamaha should terrify HP, Dell, Cisco, and anybody else who sells hardware

Grazed from BusinessInsider.  Author: Julie Bort.

"Cloud computing is going to change everything whether you like it or not," Vimal Thomas, vice president of Yamaha of America tells us. "Get in front of it before it starts landing on top of you."  Thomas ought to know. He completed an unprecedented project to move nearly all of the company's 200 computer servers to Amazon's cloud, Amazon Web Services, getting rid of his company's data centers and saving $500,000 a year in the process.
Nearly every company is using public cloud computing services like AWS these days (Microsoft, Google, and IBM also have similar services).  This is a market that will grow 21% year over year to $32 billion in 2015, and account for about one-third of all IT infrastructure spending, according to IDC...

Cloud Computing: How Hewlett-Packard plans to split in two

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Jonathan Vanian.

Hewlett-Packard is officially set to split in two. The tech giant filed regulatory documents Wednesday that confirmed its long discussed plans to spin off its printer and personal computer business in November. “Today, I’m more convinced than ever that this separation will create two compelling companies well positioned to win in the marketplace and to drive value for our stockholders,” HP CEO Meg Whitman said in a statement. “Since we announced our plan to separate in October, we’ve made significant progress and remain on track to complete the separation by the end of the fiscal year 2015.”

HP HPQ 1.11% , along with legacy tech companies like IBM IBM 0.29% , has seen its business slump over the past few years as the market for personal computers continues to decrease. Additionally, new rivals like Amazon AMZN -0.58% dominate emerging enterprise technologies like cloud computing...

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Cloud Computing: Microsoft Mission Is to Help Everyone 'Achieve More,' CEO Says

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Pedro Hernandez.

CEO Satya Nadella is setting a new agenda ahead of its new fiscal year and the imminent, high-profile launch of Windows 10. More shakeups may be on the horizon.  Microsoft has a new mission statement as the tech giant prepares for the release of Windows 10 and the start of a new fiscal year, CEO Satya Nadella announced to employees in an internal email this week.

"Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. I'm proud to share that this is our new official mission statement," wrote Nadella (pictured) in the email obtained by GeekWire. "This mission is ambitious and at the core of what our customers deeply care about. We have unique capability in harmonizing the needs of both individuals and organizations."...

Why it makes sense for Microsoft to buy hot cloud startup Docker

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

If Microsoft is not weighing a bid to buy hotshot container startup Docker, perhaps it should be. The idea, talk of which cropped up late last week, is intriguing and a purchase would be a bold move by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who is trying to position the company’s Azure cloud as the cloud-of-choice for businesses, but as part of that effort also a first-class home for containers and for open-source software.

Docker is an open-source container technology that lets companies package up applications in a lightweight way so that they can run on different sets of infrastructure with minimal tweaking. To confuse matters, Docker is also a venture-capital-backed startup, once known as DotCloud, that is commercializing this technology and is reportedly valued at over $1 billion...

Oracle heads for the cloud

Grazed from AFR. Author: Stewart Oldfield.

Larry Ellison's Oracle is trying to transition from a mature data management software vendor into the world's biggest play on cloud computing, a sector which could triple its revenues over the next five years. Off a relatively small base, Oracle's cloud computing revenues are growing at 30 per cent a year, while the traditional on-premises software licence business on which the company was built is going backwards.

Given Oracle has a market capitalisation of US$190 billion ($233 billion) and a forward price-to-earnings multiple of more than 15, the market appears to be backing Ellison's vision of becoming the global leader in cloud computing. To his credit Ellison, 70, was one of the first to see the threat/opportunity posed by the internet and cloud computing to big enterprises' IT demands...

CDW Outlines Cloud Computing Ambitions

Grazed from ITbusinessEdge. Author: Mike Vizard.

As part of an effort to provide a set of managed IT services in the cloud, CDW has announced that it will now manage implementations of the Microsoft Azure cloud on behalf of its customers. Best known as a multi-billion dollar reseller of IT hardware and software, CDW in recent years has expanded its service portfolio to include managed services for IT hardware and software installed on premise.

Now Stephen Braat, vice president of cloud and managed solutions for CDW, says the company is expanding the scope of those services to include the cloud. While not committing yet to providing managed services for clouds other than Microsoft Azure, the company does have plans to support multiple cloud computing platforms via its network operations centers (NOCs), Braat says...

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Microsoft looks to empower IT in the cloud

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Sharon Gaudin.

Microsoft is working to help its enterprise customers move their data, apps and operations to the cloud – specifically the hybrid cloud. At its first Ignite conference in Chicago today, the company unveiled Microsoft Azure Stack, a collection of the company's hyper-scale public cloud technologies that it uses for its own data centers.

The new Azure Stack software makes both the Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software available so enterprises can use it in their own on-premises clouds. Microsoft also took the wraps off what it's calling the Microsoft Operations Management Suite, a group of hybrid tools and software focused on managing enterprises' workloads, regardless of where they are – on the Azure platform, Amazon Web Services, Linux, VMWAre, Windows Server or OpenStack...

Study Finds Only 41 Percent Of Feds Consider Cloud Part Of Overall IT Strategy

Grazed from BSMinfo. Author: Christine Kern.

A study by Meritalk finds, despite a majority (62 percent) of federal agencies in 2010 that reported they would move to cloud-based computing within five years, in a recent poll, just 41 percent of Feds see cloud as an integral component of their overall IT strategy. This latest study demonstrates that, despite the potential savings of $18.9 billion annually, federal agencies are dragging their feet in the migration to cloud services.

In the 2010 survey, just 5 percent stated that they did not intend to ever migrate to cloud services, while 19 percent predicted a shift within two years. Despite the best efforts of cloud vendors, 89 percent of federal agencies polled report being apprehensive about moving IT services and applications to the cloud, and only 51 percent have utilized cloud-only for a limited number of specific applications...

Bridging the cloud-benefits-to-cloud-strategy gap

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

Outsource surveyed 150 senior IT and management decision-makers, 110 in Australia and 40 in New Zealand. Forty six percent of respondents said that cloud had CEO and board support.Respondents represented avariety of industries including banking and financial services, education, government, other professional services, retail, transport, insurance, utilities, resources, and entertainment.

However this board support has not so far lead to the same level of adoption. Only 13.3 percent of respondents’ organisations were using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with full senior management approval...

Financial Firms in Search of a Cloud Strategy

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Nathan Eddy.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent in the financial sector, though many respondents of a recent survey claimed to have less than 50 percent of a solidified, concerted cloud strategy, with controls and security being main concerns. According to the worldwide survey of more than 100 professionals conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and sponsored by CipherCloud, 61 percent of respondents believe a cloud strategy is in the formative stages within their organization, with 39 to 47 percent planning to use a mix of in-house IT, private and public clouds, and 18 percent planning to use private clouds.

None of the respondents has plans to be hosted mostly in a public cloud, according to the report. "Primarily the top security concerns were more focused around data protection," Luciano Santos, vice president of research and member services at the Cloud Security Alliance, told eWEEK. "Data confidentiality, data governance and data breach were the top-ranked security concerns identified by the financial institutions that participated."...

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