Cloud Resiliency

Law and Order: How The Cloud Can Provide Your Police Department With Ironclad Failover

Police are increasingly relying on digital infrastructure. The problem is that if that if it fails, lives could be at stake. Here's how the cloud can help.

In January, Canadian police were hit with a major network outage that prevented them from accessing critical resources required to do their jobs. The outage, it is reported, started around 11:30 PM ET on Wednesday, January 18, and continued until 3 PM ET on the 19. Evidently, the whole thing originated with a router failure which also impacted "mobile computer workstations in RCMP police cruisers and two other crucial internal RCMP databases," according to CBC news.

This is not the first such outage suffered by the organization - their networks have reportedly gone down "more than a dozen times since last spring," reports CBC.

Cloud Computing: Veritas Ups Resiliency Factor In Datacenter Space Race

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Adrian Bridgwater.

There is something of a space race on in the datacenter market. Hardware vendors now think they are software vendors. Well-known ex-PC manufactures now bill themselves as Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) specialists — and cloud computing specialists are busy reshaping their offerings as it turns out that ultra-hybrid multi-cloud multi-vendor cross-platform is the only way to run a cloud.

There is no real cloud

It’s all change and some say that there is no real ‘Internet’ or ‘cloud computing’ anyway. The web is in fact a distributed hypermedia system of data nodes interrelated via defined interaction criteria that live in datacenters. The cloud is just a collection of various data nodes in that same system with bits of software management intelligence sprinkled around...

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Built to fail: System resiliency is not relegated to the cloud

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

Advances in software architecture over the last eight to 10 years have led to more complex and dynamic software architectures in the form of distributed systems. Despite this progress, today’s software applications, web-based or not, continue to still either provide a slower response or become completely non-responsive too often.

Utilising software like Chaos Monkey, which challenges a software application’s distributed systems by taking random instances offline, allows developers and system architects to test their designs well before the unexpected, yet inevitable system failure does occur. With this, we aim to show how to design applications that contain an Agile-friendly framework to gracefully handle component failure in a distributed system to minimise downtime...

DARPA developing resiliency in the military cloud

Grazed from DefenseSystems. Author: John Edwards.

As DOD begins sending its most sensitive information into the cloud, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a new generation of resilient cloud services that are designed to maintain and support military objectives during a cyber attack.

According to DARPA, a traditional perimeter defense focus can't sufficiently secure existing network enclaves. The approach is even less likely to provide reliable security in cloud environments, where a massive concentration of homogeneous hosts on high-speed networks lack internal checks and rely on implicit trust among hosts within limited perimeter defenses...