Cloud Readiness

The attractiveness of the cloud

Grazed from MoneyWeb.  Author: Sasha Malic.

In order to enable organisations to compete effectively in this demanding marketplace, chief information officers (CIOs) are looking for increasing levels of performance from their infrastructure. At the top of their lists are ways to make infrastructure more dynamic, resilient and to take advantage of virtualisation, which itself is changing the traditional computing model.

Cloud computing offers a way to achieve many of these goals and is increasingly becoming part of corporate strategies.

As a model for consuming and delivering infrastructure, the cloud enables self-service, different sourcing options and significant economies of scale. It’s also clear that organisations will use a combination of private and public clouds to achieve their goals...

Canada Cloud Network Launches Social Cloud PR Service

Grazed from Sys Con Media.  Author: 

The Canada Cloud Network (CCN), a new industry consortium intent on establishing Canada as a world leader in the field of Cloud Computing, is pleased to announce their formal launch and the immediate availability of membership services including ‘Social Cloud PR’.

Founded by Neil McEvoy, a long-time Cloud Computing entrepreneur from Scotland, the CCN is based on a three year program of analysis of Canadian innovation best practice reports, utilizing them to build a ‘Canada Cloud Roadmap’ – A product innovation strategy for Cloud services that can be sold globally.

‘Social Cloud PR’ is an integrated mix of social media marketing with traditional PR. The CCN has a team of highly experienced senior executives from the worlds of high-tech PR, marketing and sales, that can be called upon for press release creation and publishing, blogs and more...

Cloud Transition Doesn't Come Without Some Rain, New Survey Finds

Grazed from Midsize Insider.  Author: Doug Bonderud.

Read anything about cloud computing, and you'll get hype--hype if you're a consumer ("the cloud lets you store photos, talk to anyone, anywhere and there's never a chance anything could be lost!") and certainly hype if you're a manager or CEO ("instant ROI, easy to migrate, growing fast!)." But the nitty gritty is just as you'd expect: A cloud transition is difficult, made more so by the "silver bullet" promises many providers offer. That isn't to say the cloud can't drive change or significantly shift the way a company does business--it can. Instead, IT admins at midsize business need to articulate their concerns to management higher-ups and know exactly what they're getting into before signing on with a provider...

Attorneys try to keep up with the cloud

Grazed from Thomson Reuters.  Author: Leigh Jones.

Attorney ethics authorities are scrambling to keep pace with the technology of cloud computing, a method for storing volumes of client documents that can be cost-effective to use but vulnerable to hacking.

Bar associations in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Iowa recently issued guidelines for lawyers who use the cloud, and the American Bar Association is considering a proposal to modify its model ethics rules to address cloud computing. Dozens of bar groups across the country are training attorneys on how to use the cloud without tripping over their ethical duty to maintain client confidentiality...

Cloud computing bringing IT industry to 'disruptive' inflection point, says HP’s Meg Whitman

Grazed from  Author: Graeme Burton.

Cost-conscious CIOs who are being forced to do more with less are driving the adoption of cloud-enabled services, according to HP CEO Meg Whitman. These changes are not just in mainstream software-as-a-service usage, but also in areas such as databases, storage, security and transactional software.

Whitman was speaking to customers at HP's Software Universe event in London. Whitman's strategy for HP is centred on three main areas that customers are most focused on: cloud computing, information optimisation and security.

"From the CIO standpoint, information technology is becoming more complex and CIOs are under a lot more pressure to do things faster and less expensively," she said...

Interop Channel Summit: Cloud Means Change Is Gonna Come

Grazed from CRN.  Author: Jack McKarthy.

Cloud computing is forcing all technology companies to adapt their business in some way. At Interop Monday in Las Vegas, several solution providers and vendors outlined their game plans for succeeding in the channel during this time of upheaval.

From cloud solution provider GreenPages Technology Solutions to networker Extreme Networks, and from data monitoring company Gigamon to networking and storage company Netgear, all showed how they are moving in new directions.

At an all-day event called "The IT Channel Summit: Capitalizing On Disruptive Technologies," these companies outlined a common theme -- companies that resist change will not succeed. The event was sponsored by CRN, a unit of United Business Media, which also owns Interop operator TechWeb...

Cisco Study Reveals Many IT Professionals Have Ways to Go in Getting Their Networks Ready for Cloud Migration

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

As the role of cloud computing is growing significantly in its ability to deliver business applications, many IT decision makers are facing challenges with their existing network infrastructure to support the migration of their business applications to the cloud. An international study announced today by Cisco CSCO -1.97% revealed that without the proper cloud migration strategy, more than one third (38 percent) of IT decision makers would rather get a root canal, dig a ditch, or do their own taxes than address network challenges associated with public or private cloud deployments.

These research findings provide insight into the current state of cloud networking and the chasm between IT expectations and network realities. The survey also examines the experiences of IT professionals regarding the level of difficulty and time required to update their networks and migrate their applications to the cloud...