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GigaSpaces Plans Spinoff of Cloudify Division to Focus on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management and Network Orchestration

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GigaSpaces Technologies announced today that it will spin off Cloudify, its orchestration and cloud management platform business unit, into a new company focused on the fast-growing market for management and orchestration of cloud applications and network functions virtualization (NFV).

Planning for the move began in 2016, driven by strong growth of the Cloudify product line in core enterprise cloud markets, as well as success in entering the carrier network orchestration market. It allows the new Cloudify entity to dedicate engineering, product development, marketing and customer support activities to the cloud market segment. GigaSpaces, with its long-standing track record in the in-memory computing market, will continue to capitalize on its technology investments and innovation in its XAP and InsightEdge product lines.


Cloudify Releases 4th Iteration of Orchestration-First Cloud Management Platform

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The latest version of Cloudify open source multi-cloud management software-Cloudify 4-ships today, with new features that present a direct threat to legacy cloud management platforms (CMPs) used by enterprises since the earliest days of cloud. These legacy CMPs-such as RightScale and CloudForms-are showing their age now that orchestration-first approaches like Cloudify have matured, adding CMP features and enhanced performance in the latest version. Cloudify 4 is available for download here.

Orchestration-First CMP

CMPs were built to satisfy central IT demands for control, and PaaS platforms were built to satisfy casual developer demands for ease of use. Orchestration platforms, by contrast, were built to satisfy power user demands for advanced automation and lifecycle management.

Cloudify 4 takes an "orchestration first" approach to cloud management, bringing the key capabilities of all three approaches into one platform. The new version expands the number of potential users to include not just power users, but developers who prefer PaaS-like features such as a simple, one-click portal and integration with CI/CD processes.

Cherwell Announces Availability of the Orchestration Pack for Microsoft Azure

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Cherwell Software, a global leader in IT service management (ITSM) solutions, announced today the availability of the Orchestration Pack for Microsoft Azure on the Cherwell mApp Exchange. Available at no cost to all Cherwell customers, the Orchestration Pack for Azure works seamlessly in tandem with Cherwell Service Management, Cherwell's award-winning ITSM platform, enabling its customers to better manage Azure workloads and VMs.

This Cherwell Service Management Orchestration Pack for Azure enables customers to automate and streamline the service request, provisioning, and change processes for Azure virtual machines (VMs). Users can easily procure and modify Azure VMs using an intuitive self-service portal, and IT departments can apply policies and processes for creating and maintaining VMs. Plus, because requests and changes live within Cherwell Service Management as the system of record, IT teams can track and document the path of work, improving governance while enhancing communications and services to their business users.

dinCloud Springs for New Data Center Features

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dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud, today announced enhancements to its IT as a Service cloud orchestration platform, dinManage. Through this console, dinCloud customers can manage network and security parameters as needed across dinCloud's suite of enterprise offerings including hosted workspaces and hosted virtual servers.

"Our goal with all of our cloud offerings is to empower our customers by giving them more direct control of their infrastructure," said Walid Elemary, vice president of product development, dinCloud. "Continually adding features and functionality that allow our customers to perform functions directly, and without the assistance of dinCloud support, provides them with a deeper sense of security, and the ability to easily clean up rights and roles, based on their system utilization."

What Egenera's Cloud Orchestration Service Means For The Channel

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Looking to provide solution providers with a way to defray the costs associated with managing hybrid cloud computing environments, Egenera today unfurled a white-label cloud orchestration service for the channel. Based on management software that Egenera originally created to manage converged infrastructure, Egenera CEO Pete Manca said the Xterity cloud orchestration service is designed to enable solution providers across the channel to become provider of cloud management service without having to incur any capital costs.

While Egenera plans to continue to sell software for managing converged infrastructure on premise, Manca said that work that was initially done by one of the company's partners in Ireland demonstrated how the company's software could be applied to managing hybrid cloud computing environments...

Cloud Computing: Docker Launches New Orchestration Tools

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Docker is expanding its "batteries included but swappable" open source ecosystem to empower developers and system administrators to launch and manage portable distributed applications.

The San Francisco-based open source platform provider has released three new orchestration tools that are designed to help developers and system administrators create Dockerized apps...

Deploy an IBM BLU Service on SoftLayer Cloud in One Click

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Nowadays, if you're a huge technology company and you're not venturing into the cloud, you're living in the past. So it’s not surprising that many companies are investing heavily in cloud across the board. This is also true for IBM, that decided in 2013 to acquire SoftLayer for approximately $2B, like many others such as HP who invested just as largely in their Helion play, and this is only one example of many.

SoftLayer, which was at that time, the world's largest privately held cloud computing infrastructure provider, served thousands of customers. Today SoftLayer (under the auspices of IBM) maintains a global cloud infrastructure platform spanning 16 data centers (and counting…) all over the world, and only intends to expand this reach to serve their strategic plans and penetration into the cloud market...

Cloud Computing: Jelastic Announces Docker Integration to Provide the Most Advanced Orchestrated Application Delivery

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Jelastic, Inc., the first company that combined unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) into one solution, has announced integration with Docker using Parallels Cloud Server. The collaboration will allow service providers to enable continuous application delivery, fully elastic scalability and integrated orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud.

This is the first industry solution that combines Docker´s application delivery approach and Parallels containers, fully managed via Jelastic PaaS. Docker, Jelastic and Parallels Cloud Server are complementary to each other. Docker addresses application assembly, delivery and portability; Jelastic provides orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud and Parallels Cloud Server offers container and storage infrastructure performance and availability...

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New Open Source Effort Provides Free Cloud Orchestration as a Service

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Orchestration can bring benefits to many parts of IT, but its potential may well be greatest of all in the highly complex world of cloud computing. While there are numerous cloud orchestration tools available today -- both proprietary and open source -- a new contender recently emerged that aims to provide a universal and open source solution.

Specifically, GoGrid-sponsored hopes to advance the open data services ecosystem with a free orchestration service, software library and community. Essentially, the effort aims to do for entire clouds what virtualization did for servers by delivering a range of complex, “full-stack” solutions. Users, in turn, can then easily deploy complex applications in a single cloud, across multiple clouds, on-premises or any combination in between...

GoGrid Head Sets Eyes on Open Cloud Orchestration Engine

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GoGrid founder and CEO John Keagy is hoping to bring together companies interesting in open source cloud that feel threatened by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an open cloud orchestration engine. His project, which was recently unveiled, has been dubbed—more or less following suit with most open source cloud projects that have been launched over the last few years.

CRN broke the story about Keagy's latest project, which it noted has been in progress and under wraps for several months. According to the article, Keagy has been slowly courting other major technology vendors in the hopes they'll join the project to create a universal orchestration engine designed for clouds. And it's clear he has AWS in his target sights...