Cloud Management

Panda Cloud Systems Management Now Allows Management of Windows, Mac and Linux Devices, As Well as Tablets and Smartphones

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Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the addition of significant enhancements and new features to Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM), its remote management and monitoring solution designed to help organizations manage, monitor and support all types of devices on their computer networks, both in the office and on the road.

The new features incorporated in Panda Cloud Systems Management include printer management via SNMP, which allows IT administrators to configure monitors and alerts to control printer status, track toner and paper usage, etc. This feature will extend to routers and switches in future releases...

Amazon Cost Explorer Provides Deeper Insight Into Cloud Spending

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Amazon Web Services has introduced Cost Explorer, a tool for managing spending on its cloud computing platform. It features reporting, analytics, and visualization tools to help Amazon users track and manage their costs. Pre-configured views and filters give customers control over how they view their spending and also offers an opportunity for further cost cutting through optimizing, right after the recent big overall price cuts.

Cost Explorer is integrated with the AWS Billing Console launched in November. It will be a welcome addition, as it’s not always transparent for some customers as to how much they’re spending, where the spending is coming from, and ways to cut those costs – unless they use third party tools...

Bright Computing Achieves Cloudera Certification for Bright Cluster Manager

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Bright Computing, a leading provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, today announced that Bright Cluster Manager® is now certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5. Bright and Cloudera will continue to work together to enable enterprise customers to deploy and manage big data projects with ease.

Bright Cluster Manager enables customers to build and configure a complete cluster on bare metal. Eliminating the complexity involved with installing, configuring, and managing a cluster enables customers to lower their operating expenses, and reduce system down time. "Cloudera Enterprise 5 is a leading choice for organizations that need an enterprise-grade solution to handle their data analysis," said Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, founder and CEO of Bright Computing...

Cloud Management Dashboard ECmanaged continues innovation

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Today, ECmanaged, the award winning multi-Cloud and IT management tool released an upgraded version of its SaaS application and website. New features include a multilingual user interface, a fully programmable autoscaling feature, and the ability to set different user levels for security purposes as well as additional automated management features.

“User-friendliness is our aim. Providing ECmanaged in French, Spanish and other languages is a logical step that will provide ECmanaged a competitive advantage compared to unilingual American solutions” says Juan Carlos Moreno, CTO of ECmanaged. “In addition we have rolled out some key Cloud management features that distinguish us even more from our competitors.”...

ProKarma Partners With Scalr to Offer Cloud Management for Enterprise Private and Hybrid Clouds

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ProKarma, a global IT solutions company, today announced a partnership with Scalr, providers of the leading open-source enterprise cloud management platform, to deliver private and hybrid cloud management to its cloud computing customers. Scalr's open source Cloud Management Platform(CMP), offered as either a hosted or on premises solution, provides a single pane of glass management portal that enables both an enterprise's IT operations staff and developers to provision and manage application environments across the most popular clouds, including Amazon EC2, Google CE, OpenStack and CloudStack.

"We are pleased that ProKarma has added Scalr's Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to their enterprise cloud computing solutions," said Sebastian Stadil, chief executive officer, Scalr. "Together we can provide ProKarma customers with private and public/private hybrid cloud solutions that deliver the flexible infrastructure and platform capabilities they require."...

Feds & The Cloud: Management Approach Must Evolve

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Sean Rhody and Kevin L. Jackson.

Cloud computing has introduced a new model of acquiring hardware and software. In reality, you aren't acquiring anything physical, and much of the value of moving to the cloud is driven by the transition from using physical resources (hardware, software, and labor hours) to the consumption of online services (infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service) that deliver similar functions.

While the technical aspect of this change seems to capture all the headlines, the financial and governance aspects are just as important -- but end up on the back burner. Unfortunately, the necessary changes in management policy, acquisition processes, and organizational behavior rarely get the planning they deserve or get executed properly in advance. This disconnect can quickly derail any cloud transition...

Why Virgin Management is all in on cloud computing

Grazed from TechPageOne. Author: Dennis Smith.

In a Computer Weekly article, Archana Venkatraman discusses why Virgin Management opted for an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform. We’ve seen similar successes with other companies. There are several common threads among cloud computing adoptions that ensure successful outcomes, including cost, scalability, and capability.

As with many IT projects, simply deploying on existing infrastructure is seldom an option. Upgrades are usually needed, which can include increased server bandwidth and storage capacity, and new/additional software licenses. When a change is underway – as was the case with Virgin Management during office relocation – it becomes an opportunity for IT teams to identify new ways to optimize their resources. Cloud computing represents a significant opportunity to offload new or existing workloads...

How the cloud has transformed IT management

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The cloud is transforming IT management, whether organisations are building their own private cloud infrastructures or moving their data and apps onto external public cloud networks. This HP white paper examines what is happening as a result of this transformation and some of the issues we need to overcome in order to extend the cloud's central role further.

IT losing corporate control

Traditional IT departments are losing corporate control of their data through cloud services. At first, this was a gradual shift, but is now a seemingly widening sea change in the way a whole organisation connects to the IT department. The rise of mobile and remote working, the BYOD movement and the uptake of cloud services - including 'self-service' on-demand functions like HR - have fed into this relationship change, and the bottom line is that the IT department will have to adapt otherwise it will end up as a non-entity in some quarters of the business world...

Private cloud management in 2014 - A year of true hybrid cloud

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Every year Forrester publishes our overall cloud computing predictions which occasionally includes one or two private cloud predictions. With current private cloud self-reported adoption at 33% and 55% prioritising building an internal private cloud in 2014, we thought it was time to create a report that focuses just on this deployment type.

This year we published a separate report that features our private cloud predictions across pricate cloud management and infrastructure. The report covers the full descriptions and what I&O professionals should do about it. I covered the management predictions, while my colleague Rich Fichera, covered the infrastructure trends. This year we predict:...

BYOD and its Impact on Mobile Management Policies, Part I

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a user-led as well as user-centric phenomenon that is being embraced by CIOs in droves. They understand the new workplace reality is that the knowledge worker is now mobile; therefore, CIOs are mandating IT to make information available on external mobile devices. According to research firm Gartner, in 2013 mobile phones overtook PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

As employees ever-more mobile, they increasingly are relying on their mobile devices to meet a wide spectrum of interests and needs. And their ability to utilize smartphones and tablets to do their jobs anywhere is resulting not just in increased employee productivity but also greater organizational agility...