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EMC Expands Cloud Management Ambitions

Grazed from TalkinCloud.  Author: Michael Vizard.

In one fell swoop this week EMC transformed into a force to be reckoned with in the cloud management space with the launch of new hybrid cloud services and the acquisition of three separate companies.

The EMC acquisition list included The Cloudscaling Group, a provider of a cloud operating system that spans public and private clouds; Maginatics, a provider of global namespace services; and Spanning Cloud Apps, a provider of a backup and recovery service designed specifically for software-as-a-service applications...

Cloud Cruiser 4 Provides Real-Time Visibility, Reduced Costs

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

Cloud Cruiser has launched version 4 of its solution for hybrid IT consumption-based service delivery. The aptly named Cloud Cruiser 4 builds on previous versions' features with the ability to track usage and costs with real-time visibility, greater financial control and hard cost savings of up to 10 percent of an annual IT budget.

Cloud Cruiser, which focuses on enabling hybrid cloud environments by providing IT with a centralized delivery service, traditionally plays in the cloud services provider market. It's a set of features and functionality that cloud services providers are interested in, said Deirdre Mahon, CMO of Cloud Cruiser, in an interview with Talkin' Cloud...

5 Tips To Adding Value To Hybrid Clouds With Cloud Management Platforms

Grazed from BSMInfo. Author: Pete Johnson.

The data center world was changed forever by the virtualization revolution – and that change has only accelerated with the cloud computing technology that followed. Over the last 18 months the market has settled on the notion that any sizable organization that has enough workload diversity benefits the most by using both public and private cloud in a hybrid model.

Throughout this evolution, VARs and MSPs have had to ask themselves hard questions about where value can be added. The world of simply delivering hardware does not exist anymore - other aspects of the value chain have to be explored. As businesses begin to adopt hybrid cloud and all the flexibility it promises, a new class of products that help them do so effectively is emerging - and this is the perfect place for VARs and MSPs to play in because of the huge potential for added value on an ongoing basis...

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The new cloud darling: How cloud computing transforms field service management

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Dave Hart.

If I asked you to name a multi-billion dollar market that’s getting a long overdue cloud makeover, would field service management be at the forefront of your mind? It should. This $15 billion industry has only just begun to dip its toe into the huge pool of possibility thanks to software as a service, the tablet and smartphone revolution, and senior management’s recognition that service is indeed strategic.

Add to this the commercial insight into addressable revenue-generating opportunities and the resulting top line growth, and you’ve got a new cloud darling. Service businesses represent around 70% of the world’s economy, yet to date, only about a third of the world’s large service businesses currently use field service management solutions...

Unified cloud computing management sparks agility

Grazed from TechPageOne.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Business agility. It’s the true driver of cloud computing adoption — and it trumps efficiency, cost and the other things people talk about.  For example, when marketers sign up for Typepad online, they do so because the technology enables them to solve problems on their own timetables — not those of a centralized IT organization.

Likewise, when developers start virtual machines in the Amazon cloud because it takes six weeks to get similar resources from central IT, they do so because they need the virtual machines now — not because of how much less expensive the public cloud might appear...

How AWS CloudFormation helps streamline cloud resources

Grazed from TechTarget.  Author: Dan Sullivan.

Deploying and configuring AWS resources can be time consuming and error-prone. If you ever had to configure an application stack using someone else's janky documentation, you will appreciate AWS CloudFormation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation allows developers to capture the state of existing platforms, tailor them to additional requirements and redeploy them as needed, in an automated way. It is designed to streamline the process of managing resources, such as storage, servers and security controls...

Managed AWS: Fusing managed services expertise and AWS power

Grazed from CloudComputingNews. Author: Editorial Staff.

Those who implement cloud computing in general, and AWS in particular, are often confused by the role that managed services providers play. Cost and simplicity are driving the movement to leverage AWS through managed services providers as enterprises look for more ways to consume AWS services. These services are easier to mix and match with existing applications, and provide a better and more effective way to leverage AWS.

Managed services providers can place a well-defined layer of infrastructure, management, and governance between the cloud provider, in this case, AWS, and those who consume AWS as a managed service. Managed service providers get enterprises on-boarded quickly to AWS, and avoid initial issues that many enterprises encounter when going directly to AWS...

Dell tackles cloud market with 'multi-cloud' management approach

Grazed from Author: Roland Moore-Colyer.

Cloud is one of the biggest trends in the IT industry, driving revenues for major technology brands and changing the way organisations manage their IT infrastructures and processes. As such, virtually every major technology firm has its approach to adopting the cloud, and Dell recently outlined its cloud strategy at the company's 2014 Solutions Summit attended by V3.

However, unlike other tech giants, Dell's approach, according to Nick Hyner, EMEA director of Cloud Services at Dell, is to act as a facilitator of cloud adoption for enterprises, rather than provide its own cloud services. This might come as a surprise as Dell – a manufacturer of servers and a provider of cloud-ready tools, with vast resources at its disposal – might be expected to set up its own service similar to that of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Cloud...

SNIA announces Cloud Data Management Initiative (CDMI) V1.1

Grazed from SNAI. Author: PR Announcement.

In case you missed it, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) recently released their version 1.1 of its Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification. Highlights of CDMI version 1.1 include:

  • New functionality to ease CDMI implementation with other cloud API’s (e.g. AWS S3, OpenStack Swift, etc.)
  • Expanded cloud data services along with backwards compatible to earlier versions among other enhancements.

Check out the full specification here.

Speaking of SNIA and CDMI, check out this pod cast post of CDMI in a conversation with Wayne Adams and David Dale of SNIA.

Piston Delivers Secure 'Management Free' Private Cloud Software

Grazed from Piston. Author: PR Announcement.

Piston Cloud Computing, Inc. today announced a new release of Piston OpenStack™, a software product that automates the orchestration of an entire private cloud environment on x86 servers. Companies building web, mobile, and big data applications use Piston’s secure and cost-effective Amazon Web Services (AWS)-like capabilities to bring new products to market faster.

By managing a group of servers as a single pool of elastic and scalable computing resources, Piston OpenStack improves datacenter efficiency thereby accelerating the application development process. In conjunction with today’s product news, the company also introduced a simple-to-use Piston OpenStack TCO calculator that estimates the total cost of ownership of a Piston private cloud and allows customers to compare it to their AWS bill...