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Cloud providers protect the security & stability of cloud infrastructures by limiting app management in public cloud services

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Public cloud computing providers offer subscribers as much flexibility as they can, but their first commitment is always to the security and stability of the cloud infrastructure. This means limiting the degree to which subscribers can manage hosted applications.

Blocking application patches

One of the ways service providers limit the degree of application management is by blocking subscribers from installing application patches. Organizations often outsource applications to cloud service providers in order to free themselves from the burden of managing the application. Many administrators are all too happy to walk away from their patch management chores...

Cloud System Management Software Market 2019 - New Research Report at

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One key trend in this market is the emergence of cloud system management software. In recent years, many large- and medium-sized organizations have become increasingly aware of the significance of cloud system management software solutions and their impact on productivity.

The System Management Software Market can be defined as the management of distributed systems including computer systems in an enterprise. System management involves multiple tasks such as requirement analysis, purchasing, distributing, configuring, and maintenance of the equipment and software with service updates. In addition, it helps to determine problems and its solutions so that the objectives are fulfilled on time. System management is sometimes referred to as management information system (MIS) or information systems. Database management and network management are also a part of system management, which works equally with the process...

VMware Releases vRealize Code Stream, Cloud Management Updates

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VMware announced the release of several new cloud management offerings and an update to vRealize Suite 6, including vRealize Code Stream 1.0, a new solution designed to accelerate application releases. Code Stream 1.0 promises to streamline development and DevOps processes by automating the software release process, according to the announcement.

The solution also allows developers to track artifacts and reinforce policy across release stages, while the bundled JFrog Artifactory software allows users to easily manage development environments. In addition to Code Stream, VMware’s updated cloud management solutions include:..

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ProfitBricks Launches New Cloud Data Center Management Tool

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ProfitBricks, the price/performance leader in cloud computing IaaS, has once again raised the bar for cloud computing infrastructure and data center management by releasing a completely new version of its unique Data Center Designer.

In response to today's increasingly complex cloud infrastructure provisioning and deployment processes, the new Data Center Designer (DCD) is a complete rewrite of ProfitBricks' game-changing visual management tool, enabling even easier design and management of cloud computing infrastructures. Included with all ProfitBricks cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) accounts, the new DCD further reduces design and management overhead with faster performance, streamlined tools, more intuitive visual representations and comprehensive account information...

Amazon Lambda takes the administration out of cloud computing

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At its AWS re:Invent cloud computing conference today, Amazon announced AWS Lambda, a way of performing computing in the cloud in response to events without the need for virtual machines, compute instances, or any kind of administration. The usual model when performing computation in cloud services is to create some kind of a persistent application, such as a Web server on a virtual machine.

Sometimes the developer manages everything on the VM. Sometimes aspects of this are abstracted away—Azure's Web roles, for example, leave management of the base operating system and server up to Microsoft, letting developers focus solely on the Web content—but those persistent deployments, with their time-based billing, have become the basic model of cloud computing...

HP Unfurls Mobile Device Management Service in the Cloud

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Now that it’s become fairly routine for IT organizations to manage smartphones and tablets via the cloud, starting this week Hewlett-Packard is looking to apply that concept more broadly via the new HP Touchpoint Manager service that can manage workstations, tablets, PCs and smartphones running Android, iOS or Windows.

Aimed at small to medium businesses, a subscription to the HP Touchpoint Manager service is available for free for the next six months to any organization that signs up for a basic server agreement. A professional version of the service with additional functionality is available for $5 per user, per month for the first six months...

SysFera-DS Version 5.0 for HPC and Cloud Management Directly Visualizes Results, Shortening Simulation Time

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SysFera has introduced a new version of its high performance computing (HPC) and Cloud management software, SysFera-DS version 5.0, featuring immediate visualization of simulation results without downloading and opening results within applications—to gain a significant boost in productivity. As well, for the first time, HPC administrators can create custom web pages for applications improving their ability to tailor the interface to their clients’ research and analysis needs. These new capabilities, along with significant enhancements to the web interface, promote user-friendly features and tighter applications’ integration, so engineers and researchers can run jobs more quickly and preview results faster.

On display next week in SysFera’s booth #3726 at the SC Conference in New Orleans, LA, SysFera-DS v5.0 boosts HPC and Cloud management with its new, better integration with simulation applications. Users gain faster access and more visibility to their output data. Results are previewed from the web browser, eliminating file search and download time regardless of the type of image their simulation creates for output...

Bracket Computing bridges local servers, cloud capacity

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Stealthy startup Bracket Computing made its debut last month with more than $85 million in backing for its radical virtualization technology, which allows businesses to move computing workloads from cloud to cloud more easily. The vision is to help organizations process applications wherever it makes the most sense from a cost or resource perspectives.

The approach could also be used to bridge operations between on-site servers and those hosted in a cloud service. "When you have a million servers at your disposal, you have the appearance of an infinite resource," said Bracket CEO Tom Gillis. "Our question to ourselves was: can we build a layer that could present applications with highly reliable and secure performance?"...

Porticor delivers protection of OpenStack computing with cloud key management security

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Porticor, a leading cloud data security company delivering the only cloud-based key management and data encryption solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, today announced that its latest Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD) release supports the OpenStack cloud operating system, securing datacenter information across compute, storage, and networking resources.

The Porticor Virtual Private Data system is the industry’s only solution combining patented split-key encryption and homomorphic key management technologies with data encryption to protect critical data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. OpenStack customers can now leverage the Porticor technology for key management and data encryption in a pure OpenStack deployment, or in a hybrid environment, such as across a private VMware cloud, OpenStack and Amazon Web Services...

Cloud Computing: Splunk Enterprise 6.2 - Diving into Operational Logs

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I've followed Splunk Inc. for quite some time and have always thought that its approach to exploring and analyzing data found in operational and machine logs to be clever and, potentially, quite useful. The company recently launched its newest edition of its enterprise product, Splunk Enterprise 6.2.

The idea is to make it easier for IT and business analysts to search through mounds of data, find patterns and glean useful and actionable insight. Splunk makes it possible for analysts to discover previously hidden relationships in their data, regardless of whether it's being created and stored on-premises, off-premises or in a cloud service provider's datacenter...