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Cloud job roles soar - but salaries not accelerating with it

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

If you’re looking for your next break in the cloud computing industry, be warned: salaries are slowing down while job postings soar. That is the verdict of Experis, a professional IT resourcing provider, whose latest Tech Cities Job Watch looked at the challenges and opportunities in the UK technology job market.

According to the research, which utilised Innovantage’s recruitment software to analyse more than half a million employer websites, the number of cloud roles almost doubled (97.73% increase) between Q216 and Q217, but salaries for permanent roles only went up 2.7% on average. For contractors, day rates have stubbornly remained at £481 year on year...

The Most In-Demand Cloud Related Jobs

With most IT infrastructure, down to software app development and installation, moving to the cloud, the types of jobs in demand to support this are changing. Let's look at the top seven most in-demand cloud related jobs. And know now that not all of them require an advanced degree while providing job security, good pay, and often, the ability to work from home.

Cloud Architects

Cloud architects compile enterprise requirements and then determine the right set of technologies and software to build a cloud service, whether public, private or a public/private hybrid. They determine how to deliver the cloud services someone needs from virtual desktops to virtual servers.

Three In-Demand Skills for Cloud Computing Jobs

The cloud computing market is continuing to grow and expand at a huge rate, with more and more businesses each day making the transition over to the cloud. With no signs of it slowing down any time soon, the demand for IT professionals with cloud computing skills is steadily on the incline. The cloud computing market already offers around 18 million jobs worldwide according to statistics, with cloud IT professionals with security skills being the most sought-after thanks to security being the main concern for many businesses who migrate over to the cloud. If you are an IT professional who wants to take advantage of this growing market, here are just some of the most in-demand cloud computing skills.

Encryption and Security

How to Get Ahead in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is growing rapidly, so the number of jobs available in the sector is on the increase. For anyone looking to get ahead in tech, looking for a job in cloud computing could be the way forward. So how can you ensure you have the right skills to progress in your chosen career?

The tech world is vast and varied. There are thousands of different jobs in tech, so it is important to select the right career path if you have a specific job in mind. Clearly this is easier said than done if you are still in education, but the skills you learn at the start of your career will play a big part in where you eventually end up. 

The Best Route into Cloud Computing

For many people, the most obvious route into an IT career is via a university degree and, perhaps, a post-grad qualification. There is no doubt that a good degree from a recognised university will help your cause, but a degree is not the be all and end all, particularly in a specialised field such as cloud computing.

Strike while it's hot: Create your own cloud career opportunities

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: David Linthicum.

According to Wanted Analytics, there are 3.9 million jobs in the United States affiliated with cloud computing today, with 384,478 in IT alone. The median salary for IT professionals with cloud computing experience is $90,950. Globally, there are 18,239,258 cloud computing jobs, says Wanted Analytics, with the plurality in China (40.8 percent).

The growth in the United States has been fueled largely by enterprises seeking cloud talent to get their migration projects on track. Both cloud architects and developers seem to be in high demand. How do you cash in? First, always look at new and emerging trends, such as cloud, big data, and the Internet of things...

Where Cloud Computing Jobs Will Be In 2015

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Louis Columbus.

There are 3.9 million jobs in the U.S. affiliated with cloud computing today with 384,478 in IT alone.  The median salary for IT professionals with cloud computing experience is $90,950 and the median salary for positions that pay over $100,000 a year is $116,950.  Globally there are 18,239,258 cloud computing jobs, with the majority being in China (40.8%).

These and other key insights are from WANTED Analytics, the leading provider of data analytics on the workplace. The company currently maintains a database of more than one billion unique job listings and is collecting hiring trend data from more than 150 countries...

Amazon sues former employee for taking Google cloud job, in new test of non-compete deals

Grazed from GeekWire. Author: Todd Bishop.

Amazon is suing a former Amazon Web Services strategic partnerships manager, Zoltan Szabadi, alleging that his new job at Google Cloud Platform violates the terms of a non-compete agreement that he signed when he originally joined Amazon. The suit will be closely watched in the tech industry as a new test of the standard employment agreements that Amazon and some other large tech companies require employees to sign when they’re hired, restricting their activities if they leave.

The case also underscores the growing rivalry between Amazon and Google in the cloud. “Szabadi was directly and integrally involved with the marketing of Amazon’s cloud computing business to its partners and resellers, and played a significant role in developing Amazon’s business strategy and direction in this area,” the suit says. “Szabadi was involved in developing, implementing and managing Amazon Web Services’ strategy for many of its partners, and was the first point of contact for most partners who were considering working with Amazon.”...

Where The Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs Are

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Louis Columbus.

Using analytics to better understand the cloud computing job market is fascinating. One of the most advanced companies in this area is Wanted Analytics, who aggregates job postings from over 500 job boards and maintains a database of over 600 million unique job listings. They specialize in business intelligence for the talent marketplace, providing insights into how one company’s salary range compares to competitors for the same position, also calculating the difficulty to hire a given type of candidate.

They’ve developed a unique Hiring Scale to accomplish this. I recently had a chance to test-drive their analytics applications. Using the parameters to analyze all cloud computing jobs that pay $100,000 a year or more for the analysis, I ran several queries. Key takeaways include the following:...

Where the tech jobs are: in the 'clouds'

Grazed from The Orlando Advocate. Author: Editorial Staff.

The sky is the limit for cloud computing as it continues to drive job growth - garnering interest from Main Street, Wall Street, corporations and governments. A 2012 Microsoft-commissioned report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicated that spending on cloud services will generate nearly 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015. In the past decade, cloud computing pioneers such as Amazon, Salesforce, Google and Apple-have developed comprehensive cloud services, platforms and applications. Now, traditional businesses of all kinds - even those that don't operate in the technology space - are incorporating cloud services more frequently, laying the groundwork for cloud-related career paths that are rich with opportunity and growth.

In fact, a related study from the Sand Hill Group suggests that cloud computing - driven by the 21st century surge in mobile computing, social networking and big data - may generate more job growth in the coming years than the Internet itself did during the 1990s...

Cloud Jobs to Increase by 7 Million But More Training is Needed, Report Shows

Grazed from Midsize Insider. Author: Willie Pena.

The unstoppable migration toward cloud computing is creating a massive demand for IT workers trained in cloud computing and related technologies, such as virtualization, according to a new report issued by IDC and Microsoft. The report also shows that there is currently a dearth of workers possessing the necessary skill set required to fill these cloud jobs in the U.S.

Cloud-Ready Workers in Demand

InformationWeek reports that IDC predicts 7 million jobs will be created in the cloud computing industry in the next three years. In its study, IDC also states that there are currently 1.7 million open cloud jobs worldwide which remain unfilled due to a lack of cloud-based training, experience, and certification among IT workers...