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4 Industries That Can Truly Benefit From The Cloud

The cloud, a virtual space where programs, documents, and other information is stored safely, is becoming more and more widespread. Many companies can use it, but it is particularly useful for some industries which can use the cloud to streamline their processes, giving their customers a better service and optimizing profits. The following industries are examples of this new way of working. 


Being able to make a profit in the hotel industry is becoming harder as time goes on due to cost comparison websites that show customers how to get a better deal. It means that this particular industry needs to come up with innovative ways to increase their customers' satisfaction while reducing their outgoings. The cloud can help the hotel industry with this by allowing individual hotels to keep in touch with other pricing structures in real time and adjusting their own accordingly. 

5 Industries Highly Impacted by the Cloud

Article Written by Avery Phillips

The term "industry cloud" is telling of what many industries think of the cloud. It is becoming so much of a part of the industry that they are shaping it to move vertically instead of horizontally. In other words, the cloud system has been customized to fit the needs and operations of a specific industry - and worldwide spending on industry cloud is only expected to grow. 

The benefits of the cloud are too valuable to not make the switch, in fact, there is a substantial chance that your company has already. The benefits may be known, but just how are they transforming leading industries? 

Read below for an analysis of industries significantly impacted by the Cloud.   

Amazon’s Cloud Computing Numbers Surprise Technology Experts and Market Analysts

Grazed from UncoverCalifornia.  Author: Jonathan Clifford.

Online retailer Amazon shared the revenue and profit numbers for its cloud service for the first time and the numbers have caught market analysts by surprise. The Amazon Web Services division has registered revenue of more than $6 billion and profit over $1 billion. The cloud computing market is big but till data Amazon had not shared the details of its cloud venture.

Just when some analysts had started questioning Amazon’s ability to grow quarter on quarter, Jeff Bezos has thrown in a positive surprise for everyone. Investors are happy and many rating agencies will surely rerate Amazon stock in the coming days...

Telstra Global joins Cloud Industry Forum

Grazed from Business Cloud News. Author: Jonathan Brandon.

Carrier services provider Telstra Global on Wednesday announced that it has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), a non-profit industry body working towards the development of a common code of practice for cloud service providers.

Established in 2009, the Cloud Industry Forum aims to help improve accountability and transparency among cloud service providers, and acts as a focal point for standards development related to cloud computing among other industry consortiums, international standards organisations and public sector groups...

Cloud Industry Forum launches cloud management special interest group

Grazed from CloudPro. Author: Jane McCallion.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has launched a second Special Interest Group (SIG), this time focusing on cloud operations and management. The move comes a little over a week since the industry body, which aims to promote trust, security and transparency in the cloud computing sector, launched an SIG to focus on cloud security issues.

CIF claims the new SIG - which will be chaired by Lee Fisher, Abiquo’s vice president of products - has been set up in order to help both cloud providers and end users develop better cloud strategies. These should, the organisation says, properly define service goals and success criteria, plot migration paths for legacy technologies and processes and identify agnostic and ‘future proof’ technologies...

Retail: The next industry to be disrupted by the cloud?

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Euan Harris.

I watched with interest recently an interview with NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson on Bloomberg TV. During the interview Nelson stated his belief that retail wasn’t dead and that Apple had shown the way to all retailers with regards customer experience. Nelson also stated that in his mind, retail would be the next industry to be “disrupted by the cloud”. In this blog I will examine some of the reasons why retailers might look to the cloud for business management systems that help to grow their business.

Customer Experience

Retailers are faced with a battle on two fronts, being squeezed by the need to cut costs at the same time as customers are demanding an increasingly better experience. They expect an ‘omnichannel’ shopping experience where they can interact with a brand through any channel and receive a consistent experience across the board. They want to be able to shop anywhere, on any device and be able to receive merchandise anywhere, hence the rise of offerings such as ‘click and collect’...