Cloud Identity

Saviynt and Identity Methods Provide Increased Access to Cloud Identity Governance and Security Solutions

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Saviynt, a leading Global provider of Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions, has announced today a strategic partnership with Identity Methods. This partnership will enable Identity Methods to develop their cloud offering, by integrating Saviynt’s cloud products seamlessly with Identity Methods’ existing product set. This will help ensure organisations are able to manage their applications, data and infrastructure, along with their identity lifecycle, profiles and access rights, in a secure manner from experts within the industry.

 With Saviynt’s growing foothold across Europe and Identity Methods’ presence within the UK, this latest partnership will provide greater scope to extend the footprint, both across and outside of the UK. This partnership provides Identity Methods’ customers and prospects with access to the most complete set of Identity Management and Cloud Security solutions, across multiple platforms and enterprises.

SecureAuth Unveils Cloud-based Identity Service Using Adaptive Access Control

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SecureAuth Corporation, the leader in adaptive access control, today announced the release of SecureAuth Cloud Access delivering adaptive and multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and automated account management for thousands of applications. SecureAuth Cloud Access is a multi-tenant, cloud-based identity service that eases enterprise SaaS adoption, enabling IT teams to respond to business demands for agility while improving security. Offering a cloud service is a major expansion of SecureAuth's product portfolio, which includes SecureAuth IdP, an on-premises identity and access management solution.

SaaS application adoption is significantly increasing and with it comes increasing business expectations to access any application from anywhere on any device. If IT teams discover new "grass roots" SaaS apps, it's often after a purchase has already been made. End-users then have many accounts to manage, leading to security risks and a negative user experience. At the same time, the continuous drumbeat of major breaches has left many organizations scrambling to improve security. Organizations are seeking solutions that can help them reduce risks in their environment, deliver a better experience for their end-users, and adapt to the complexities of existing infrastructure and processes.

Cloud Computing: Identification-as-a-service provides benefits, says MorphoTrak executive

Grazed from BiometricUpdate. Author: Rawlson King.

Cloud computing provides many benefits including ease of use, time savings, security, convenience, versatility, and scalability. For these reasons, cloud computing has become an emerging offering in the biometrics industry, and according to Frank Barret, Director of Cloud Services at MorphoTrak, LLC, it enables a new service paradigm known as “identification-as-a-service.”

MorphoTrak has developed its own identification-as-a-service solution entitled Morpho Cloud. Barret describes the service as a secure and flexible offering for the public security market that incorporates multi-biometric modalities such as friction ridge biometrics, facial biometrics, and iris recognition...

Managing Consumer Identities in the Cloud

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Cloud environments have created situations that allow users, customers, consumers, and employees to access Public, Intranet, and Extranet applications from different locations, devices, and as different personas. The focus of all the Internet and enterprise front-end applications today is to enhance the user experience. In addition, with advances in mobility and BYOD, the line between public and private becomes a deep shade of gray.

At the same time, organizations are leveraging SaaS applications, such as Google Apps and DropBox, for their internal business communication and collaboration. This opens up challenges in providing a universal identity for the user, while at the same time retaining the flexibility to segregate access depending on the scenario...

Cloud Computing: Dropbox for Business Becoming More Secure with Unified Identity Services

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Centrify Corporation, a leader in Unified Identity Services across data center, cloud and mobile, today announced the availability of Centrify for Dropbox for Business, an easy-to-deploy cloud service that offers the industry's most comprehensive solution for Active Directory-based single sign-on (SSO), access control and mobile management. Centrify eliminates password sprawl with Active Directory-based SSO for Dropbox for Business across users' various choices of computing and mobile devices, while giving IT centralized control over access to hosted applications and resources. Centrify is a preferred SSO and identity management partner for Dropbox.

"We're excited to partner with Centrify to offer single sign-on and integration to Dropbox for business customers of all sizes across the world," said Ari Friedland, head of business development for Dropbox for Business. "We're leveraging the SSO industry standard, SAML, and working with Centrify to let our customers leverage their Active Directory identities for Seamless access to Dropbox, with one less password to remember and maintain."...

Cloud Computing: Identity - the great enabler of what’s next

Grazed from VentureBeat.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Much like Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law have fueled the utility of computing and networking industries over the past few decades, I’ve observed something else about the forward-moving nature of networking that seems to be rooted in some sort of universal law. Computers are driven to increasingly complex forms of networking to improve intelligence, efficiency, and productivity. Once networked, they never go back. Like life itself, computing is evolving into a higher form organism. With each new inter-connection, the whole system becomes smarter and more powerful. And we’re not just talking PC to PC, or smartphone to smartphone, it’s everything in between, including servers and APIs that connect people and things, consumers and enterprise.

Networking hates friction

While computing is driven to network, one of the biggest problems it introduces is how to secure each domain (e.g. protecting stuff behind the firewall), while simultaneously enabling transactions between the domains. It’s this last statement where we still have a massive problem today...

CloudAccess Unveils Integrated Version of Identity and Access Management

Grazed from Author: PR Announcement., a leader in unified security solutions from the cloud, announced the release of the latest version of CloudIDM/AM which features a unique and seamless integration between enterprise identity management and access control (single sign on/access management) from the cloud.

“We’ve taken the next evolutionary step to integrate the key capabilities of provisioning, multi-factor authentication and role-based workflow management with an advanced single sign on for SaaS and legacy applications and manage it all from the cloud,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo...

Ping Identity, Box and PhoneFactor Host Washington, D.C. Cloud Identity Summit

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Ping Identity®, The Cloud Identity Security Leader™, today announced that is has joined Box and PhoneFactor to host a special local edition of the Cloud Identity Summit in Washington, D.C. The third of a six-city tour, the Washington, D.C. event will take place on Thursday, November 1, offering IT managers and security professionals the opportunity to explore the role of identity as the new perimeter. Experts from leading practitioners and vendors in identity security will discuss the ways cloud computing, mobile devices and social networking challenge common identity management.

Attendees will hear how cloud identity security can help organizations leverage the Cloud to attract and retain customers, engage with business partners and dramatically improve employee productivity. The Washington, D.C. edition will feature a complete lineup of Cloud identity best practices and insights, including:...

SailPoint Helps Companies Proactively Mitigate Risk While Adopting Enterprise Cloud

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As enterprises accelerate their adoption of cloud computing, they must cope with the challenges of managing a hybrid IT environment where some applications reside on-premises and some reside in the cloud. Adding to the complexity of this evolution, business units are gaining more autonomy to buy and deploy applications -- which can often house sensitive, corporate data -- without consulting or involving the IT organization. Based on a recent survey, Gartner predicted that 35 percent of all application spend will originate outside of IT by 2015, and that 50 percent of companies will have mission-critical data in the cloud by 2016. While more and more companies are now reaping the benefits of cloud computing, they are increasingly struggling to ensure that proper IT controls are in place to address the potential risks.

"Cloud applications give business users the freedom and autonomy to procure and use software, but they make identity management more complex and difficult for the IT organization," said Jackie Gilbert, VP and GM of SailPoint's Cloud Business Unit. "As we worked with customers to address cloud identity management requirements, we realized that one of the biggest challenges with delivering governance and control for cloud applications is doing so in a way that does not impede the business. The right identity management strategy allows organizations to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements while also providing valuable services to the business. This helps IT align with the cloud's core value propositions of convenience and simplicity for the business."...

Cloud Identity Provider SmartSignin is Finalist for the 2012 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance)

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SmartSignin is a finalist for the 2012 CATAAlliance Cloud Computing Innovation Award, which will be presented at this year's CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala in Ottawa. The winner will be selected by a committee consisting of members of CATA’s Board of Directors and industry experts. Voting by CATA members and subscribers through an on-line voting poll is also taken into consideration. Voting takes place later today, at Winners will be notified by May 8th.

Founder and CEO, Mayukh Gon expressed excitement at being nominated for this prestigious award. “This is great news for us and I would like to thank the CATAAlliance for recognizing the innovative nature of our offering and the importance of securing identity at a time when data security and privacy is breached on a daily basis. I think consumers deserve protection for their online identities, passwords, and most importantly their privacy. I wanted to give users a simple way to take charge of their own security and privacy. SmartSignin is the only Identity solution for consumers and enterprises that delivers convenience enhanced by robust security. Our cookie-less architecture, token free authentication, and patented Smart-Key algorithm developed in a Joint-venture with the University of Toronto, ensures no single point of weakness.”...