Cloud Generation

Keeping up with generation cloud: Choose your technology wisely

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

As enterprises turn to public cloud services and managed service providers to meet their IT needs, colocation providers have seen their customer base gradually diminish. Infact, managed service providers now bring in five-times more revenue. Colo providers are aware their traditional business models are no longer relevant and that they need to give enterprises what they want: the cloud.

But incorporating cloud into their provision in such a saturated market won’t be simple. To have any chance of success, colo providers need to carve out what differentiates them from their competitors and implement the right technology to underpin their offering. But where do they start? Service providers who got into the cloud game early seemed, at the time, to be more visionary...

Dynamic Hybrid: The new generation of cloud

Grazed from Author: Editorial Staff

Your business may use various IT infrastructures to store, access and manage data and IT resources - perhaps a primary common server in combination with some web-based services and cloud-based storage. You may not be aware, however, that a new generation of cloud-based platforms can integrate these services.

According to the IBM Centre for Applied Insights, it's estimated that around 61 per cent of businesses will be using a 'hybrid cloud' environment to facilitate their data needs by the end of 2014. Essentially, a hybrid cloud combines internal and external cloud solutions with your traditional environment, giving your business the flexibility to move quickly, while also making full use of the IT resources you already have...