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IDC Launches New Cloud Primary Research Targeted to Get Inside the Minds of Cloud Buyers, Developers, and Service Providers

Grazed from IDC

International Data Corporation (IDC) has launched an end-to-end research solution that provides customers with a complete understanding of the buyers and consumers of cloud products and services across the entire cloud ecosystem.

Extending beyond how the enterprise is sourcing the cloud, this research delves into developer and service provider trends through large sample sizes that go deep in areas including customer preferences in software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and managed cloud services.

DOD's Vision for a Commercial Cloud Ecosystem

Grazed from FedTechMagazine. Author: Nicole Blake Johnson.

There was a time when Defense Department officials balked at the idea of integrating commercial cloud services with military networks, let alone hosting sensitive data in a contractor-owned facility. But those sentiments are evolving, along with the options DOD is considering for developing a commercial cloud ecosystem for its users.

The department is exploring two private cloud deployment models that would put commercial cloud technologies in DOD data centers or adjacent to them, the Defense Information System Agency noted in a request for information last month. As the entity charged with tracking how DOD operates cloud connection points and what technology is operating across the network, DISA is exploring those models' viability and whether they warrant a request for proposal to industry...

Cloud Computing: Apple seeks to lure you into a more unified digital ecosystem

Grazed from Calgary Herald. Author: Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla.

While devoid of any earth shaking hardware announcements, the revelations made at last week's World Wide Developer's Conference all point to improving Apple's key strengths and further linking their mobile, desktop and cloud ecosystems. The introduction of new product areas and functionalities make Apple products even more indispensable by putting them at the centre of the new CarPlay, HealthKit, and HomeKit initiatives.

Continuity is a key differentiator

Apple may be battling Android on the mobile front and its user-base is still way behind Windows adoption on the desktop category, but the recently announced iOS 8 for mobile and OS X Yosemite have key advantages for users that have iPhones and iPads as well as Mac desktops or notebooks. These are features no PC or smartphone maker can offer...

Customers say ecosystems are top priority when choosing PaaS providers

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Jessica Scarpati.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers love to crow about how many development languages they support or how feature-rich their platforms are, yet customers have other priorities in mind when deciding which PaaS provider to use. Businesses select their current PaaS providers primarily for their various ecosystems of partners, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) that build commercial applications on top of their platforms, according to a new TechTarget survey.

"Customers are saying now, 'I'm not just looking at Salesforce as an app provider, but I'm also looking at them as a platform provider, and I want to use their whole ecosystem.," said Adam Selligman, vice president of developer and partner relations at, whose PaaS portfolio includes and Heroku...